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CA Final SFM Notes By Ca Mayank Kothari For Nov 2017

CA Final SFM Notes By Ca Mayank Kothari For Nov 2017 Exam

CA Final SFM Notes By Ca Mayank Kothari For Nov 2017 Exam – Strategic Financial Management For CA Final Theory Notes at a place has been Compiled and prepared by CA MAYANK KOTHARI. SFM is one important subject in CA Final where students if fails is due to the theory part. So giving a special treatment to CA Final SFM subject on Theory, These notes are been given to all.These Notes also covers up the important of theory in SFM and it also shows the trend in last 10 terms over the theory questions from all chapter asked in CA Final Exams.

CA Final SFM Notes By <b>Ca <b><b><b>Mayank Kothari</b></b></b></b>

CA Final SFM Notes By Ca Mayank Kothari

Scroll Down and Download CA Final SFM notes and important questions for Nov 2017 Exam

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Strategic Financial Management Notes

SFM Notes Strategic Financial Management (Ca Final) By Dr. Jb Gupta

Strategic Financial Management Notes

SFM Notes Strategic Financial Management By Rajesh makkar

CA Final Best Video Lectures Classes

Subject Title

Authors Names

CA Final Group 1 Financial Reporting and AS

Amresh Jain

CA Final – Financial Reporting & Accounting Standard

M K Jain

CA Final Ind AS

CA Raj K Agrawal 

 CA Final Strategic Financial Management

Ramakar Jha 

CA Final Group 1 – Strategic Financial Management – SFM (English)

Badri Narayanan

CA Final Strategic Financial management

Amresh jain

CA Final Group 1 Paper 4 – Corporate & Allied Laws

 CA Jaishree soni 

CA Final Group 1 Paper 4B Allied Laws

  CA Jaishree soni 

CA Final Corporate and Allied Law

CA Krishnan AKS

CA Final Advanced Auditing & Professional Ethics

CA Aseem Trivedi


Satish Jalan

CA Final Group 2 Advanced management Accounting

Amresh jain

CA Final Group 2 Paper 5 – Advanced Management Accounting

Raj k Agrawal

 CA Final Group II Paper 5B – AMA Operation Research

Raj k Agrawal

CA Final Group 2 – Information Systems Control & Audit

CA Kunal Agrawal


Guru Gupta.

CA Final Group 2 – Direct Tax

Arpit Gupta

CA Final Direct Tax Laws

Arvind Tuli

CA Final Group 2 – Indirect Tax

Arpit Gupta

CA Final Indirect Tax

 Prof Vaidya

 Best Recommended CA Final Group 1 Best Books

Financial Reporting and Accounting standard Best Books

Subject Title

Author Names

Accounting Standards (Vol 1 And 2) 8th Ed

Rajesh Makkar

Ca Final Accounting Standards Made Easy

Ravi kanth miriyala

Financial Reporting (Ca Final)

B D Chatterjee

Beginner’s Guide To Ind As & Ifrs

Illustrated Manual On Ind As & Ifrs (Set Of 2 Volumes)

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Strategic Financial Management (SFM) Best Books

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Author Names

Strategic Financial Management (Ca Final)

Rajesh Makkar

Strategic Financial Management (Ca Final)

J B Gupta

 Snow White Strategic Financial Management For Ca Final

V pattabhi ram and s d bala 

 Strategic Financial Management

Ravi m. kishore 

 Shroff Publishers Strategic Financial Management For Ca Final

A n sridhar 

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Corporate And Allied Laws Best Books 

Subject Title

Author Names

Ca Final Corporate And Allied Laws

Krishnan AKS

Ca Final Corporate & Allied Laws

Tejpal Sheth

Handbook On Corporate & Allied Laws

Kamal Garg

Bestword Corporate And Allied Laws Ca Final

Munish bhandari

Ca Final Combo ( Company Law And Allied Law) For May 2017 Exam

Ca cs ashish gupta

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Audit  Best Books

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Ca Final Professional Approach To Advanced Auditing (In 2 Modules)

Pankaj Garg

Notes On Auditing & Assurance An Easy Approach

Kamal Garg

Taxmann Ca Final Advanced Auditing And Professional Ethics

Tapan Jindal

Ca Final Advanced Auditing And Professional Ethics

Ca vinod kumar agarwal and ca aarti n lahoti

Cch Students Referencer On Standard On Auditing

G sekar & b saravana prasath

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Best Recommended CA Final Group 2 Best Books

Advance Management Accounting Best Books

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Author Names

Ca Final Advanced Management Accounting (Vol 1 3): Cost Management/Operations Research/Theory

Rajesh Makkar

Ca Final Advanced Management Accounting(Set Of 2 Books)

Amresh jain

Problems & Solutions On Advance Management Accounting For Ca Final

Ca K Hariharan

Advanced Management Accounting Ca  Final

M. Ravi Kishore

Taxmann Ca Final Advanced Management Accounting Operations Research

J B Gupta

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CA Final ISCA Best Books

Subject Title

Author Names

 Ca Final Isca Book (Printed) By Ca Kunal Agarwal

Kunal Agarwal 

 Bharat Information Systems Control And Audit (Isca)

 Manoj Agarwal

 Ca Final Information Systems Control & Audit By Dinesh Madan For Ca Final May 2017 Exams & Onwards

 Dinesh madan

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Direct Taxation Best Books

Subject Title

Author Names

 Bharat Professional Approach To Direct Taxes Law And Practice By Girish Ahuja, Ravi Gupta For Ca/Cs/Cma Set Of (2 Volumes)

 Girish Ahuja and Ravi Gupta

 Direct Taxes Law & Practice (Hardbound)

 Vinod K Singania

 Handbook To Direct Taxes

 Bomi F Daruwala

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Indirect Taxation Best Books  

Subject Title

Author Names

 Indirect Taxes Law And Practice (Ca/Cs/Cma)

V S Datey 

 Ca Final Indirect Taxes Combo ( Module 1: Service Tax; Module 2: Central Excise, Customs, Ftp & Comprehensive Issues)

Mohd Rafi 

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Download CA Final SFM notes for Nov 2017 Exam-SFM Notes

CA Final SFM Note

Download CA Final SFM important questions for Nov 2017 Exam-SFM Notes




  • CA Final SFM important questions
  • CA FInal SFM expected questions by Aaditya Jain

CA Final SFM preparation Strategy-SFM Notes

About the subject (Initial thought):

Generally, The judgment of Students. So called tensions are given herein below:-

a) The subject is vast in syllabus and concepts and problems.

b) Question paper is very uncertain.

c) Much of Hard work is required to crack the subject.

Remedies to above tensions

a) When you will start studying, you realized that the subject is more on concepts and vast syllabus becomes quite manageable if you build strong understanding of concepts rather simply solving problems.

b) The size of the syllabus, it is quite vast in general but the syllabus prescribed by ICAI for testing in the examinations is quite less and concise than the general scope of the subject.(so a thorough understanding of the prescribed topics is enough for success in the exam, stuck to study ‘all’ (whole subject as in practice) doesn’t work in exam success )

c) Coming to the scope of subject the inputs should be entirely considered from the study material(ICAI) as well as referring to the class notes and any other reference material if you feel necessary.

Some students have been made a concept that SFM is all about Derivatives, Portfolio, and Capital Budgeting. But there a slight difference if you have analyzed this paper properly. According to me there are lot of small topics which are easier and can be prepared with 100% accuracy in short span of time. Rather than devoting timing on preparing on these said papers (and getting it half correct in exam hall) students can easily cover small topics in a short span of time (and score 40-50 marks with full accuracy). If prepare this paper well, then surely you will awarded with exemption.

Topic wise in order of preference :-

1. Dividend Policy
2. Leasing
3. Merger, Acquisitions and Restructuring
4. Forex Management
5. Financial Services
6. Mutual Fund
7. Security Analysis
8. Derivatives
9. Portfolio
10. Capital Budgeting


While starting, you can go to practical topic like Divined Policy, Leasing, Forex, Merger, Security analysis etc. But never ignore or try to underweight theory part, these cover 20-25 percentage of exam paper in paper 2 “SFM”.

Theory portion play a vital role in this paper. If nothing will work, then surely theory will work in this paper. Weightage of theory portion usually remains 20-30 marks, but generally we found 16 marks of theory in every term paper. So, make your plan accordingly.

I personally recommend you to read theory portion at least one hours on daily basis then only you can able to memories and able to write in exam hall.

CA Final SFM preparation strategy one day before exam

Hope you have prepared well for your exams and you are asking me about your last hour preparations.

  1. Just do not touch the books
  2. Glance through your study notes
  3. Do not discuss with your friends as to what they have studied and what they have omitted
  4. If you feel like studying do study but do not take any tensions
  5. Remember common sense is most uncommon

    But studying with the underlying idea of whatever you study is common sense, except few exceptions, makes It easier to answer out of the box/syllabous questions.

    the book knowledge is superseded by common sensical answers and helps you perform better.

  6. before exams we used to speed read the underlined text.
  7. In speed reading you may not read everything but there is a psychological gratification and you think are better prepared coz u think you have read everything and since you have read the content earlier the highlighted part kind of partly refreshes the whole content.

    For The imp formulaes/rules i made a cheat sheet kind of thing… It was prepared in a manner that i could cover each topic in 2–3mins so effectively you could revise a subject in 30–60 mins.

    On exam day read these cheat sheets and only the topics you are little less confident off? Coz. More then knowledge on exam date you need confidence.

    Ca papers are tricky. But if ur confident and answer. They seem less tricky coz ur calmer and thus think logically which inturn makes it easier to crack.

 Ca Final SFM Notes By Ca Mayank Kothari For Nov 2017 Exam

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