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Sentence Correction – CSEET

Sentence Correction – CSEET

Sentence Correction

Sentence Correction or Error Spotting is the one of the most scoring area of verbal section. A sentence is the basic unit of language. A sentence is a group of words that have a syntax and convey a certain meaning. A complete knowledge of a sentence and its structure is necessary to spot any error in the sentence and vice versa. In this exercise, one or more sentences are given. You are required to check if there is any error in the sentence or in the marked parts of it. Accordingly, you will choose the option, which is grammatically correct or incorrect.

Sample Questions

In the following questions, a group of sentences about a single topic are given. One or more of the sentence(s) is/are grammatically incorrect. You have to identify the incorrect sentence(s).

  1. I. It began with acquisitions in information technology and related services sector.
  2. In pharmaceuticals, Wockhardt has bought C.P. Pharma of the United Kingdom for $ 10.85 million.

III.   Tata Tea has taken over Tetley of the UK, the world’s biggest tea bag maker, for $ 430 million. IV With the processes, it has become the world’s second largest tea company.

(a)   II and IV

(b)   IV only

(c)   II and III

(d)   I, II and IV

  1. (I) There are two main reasons for that predatory mood.

(II)   Having established a domestic presence, the component makers are now looking foran international presence.

(III)  Second, having improved their productivity, quality and reliability, Indian companies feel more confident about spreading their wings abroad.

(IV) Various other factors are being attributed to this Indian penchant for the takeover game in all sectors.

(a)   I only

(b)   I and II

(c)   II only

(d)   III and IV

  1. (I) Moving one by one step away from the expected with the graphics and photographycan also create reader’s interest.

(II)   Try using a conceptual image or photo to highlight your main message versus very first thing to come to mind when thinking about your product of services.

(III)  Another form of contrast is in the actual design.

(IV) An unusual fold in a brochure or direct mail piece can add excitement.

(a)   I and II

(b)   II and III

(c)   I and IV

(d)   No error

  1. (I) The typeface that you choose for your print project is an important piece of theforemost overall design process.

(II)   First, narrow down your choice by selecting the tone you want to present.

(III)  Typefaces can convey personality.

(IV) For instance, if you are in the banking industry you might choose a classic serif font, such as Garamond, to convey dependability.

(a)   I only

(b)   II only

(c)   III only

(d)   IV only

  1. (I) Readability is crucial.

(II)   Be sure of the font we choose is legible and logical.

(III)  With all of the newest and interesting typefaces available today, it is tempting to pick one that you think looks “cool”.

(IV) This can work if you are going for an edgy look that will appeal to a young audience, but your copy still needs to be easily understood.

(a)   I and IV

(b)   II only

(c)   III only

(d)   II and III



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