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Self Declaration Form CPE Hours Credit for Unstructured

Self Declaration Form CPE Hours Credit for Unstructured

  • Rules Regarding CPE Hours:-


A. All the members (aged less than 60 years) who are holding Certificate of Practice (except all those members who are residing abroad) are required to:

a) Complete at least 90 CPE credit hours in a rolling period of three-years.
b) Complete minimum 20 CPE credit hours of structured learning in each calendar year.
c) Out of the 90 CPE Credit Hours as mentioned above, 30 CPE credit hours can be completed either through Structured or Unstructured learning (as per Member’s choice).

B. All the members (aged less than 60 years) who are not holding Certificate of Practice and all the members who are residing abroad (whether holding Certificate of Practice or not) are required to:

(a) Complete at least 45 CPE credit hours either structured or unstructured learning (as per Member’s choice) in rolling period of three-years

b) Complete minimum 10 CPE credit hours of either structured or unstructured learning (as per member’s choice) in each calendar year.

C. All the members (aged 60 years & above) who are holding Certificate of Practice, are required to:

a) Complete at least an aggregate of 70 CPE credit hours of either Structured or Unstructured Learning (as per member’s choice) in a rolling period of three years

b) Complete minimum of 10 CPE credit hours being an aggregate of eitherStructured or Unstructured Learning in the first calendar year i.e. 2014.

c) Complete minimum of 20 CPE credit hours being an aggregate of eitherStructured or Unstructured Learning (as per member’s choice) in the second and third calendar years i.e. 2015 & 2016

D. The following class of members are exempted from CPE credit hours requirement:

a. All the members (aged 60 years and above) who are not holding Certificate of Practice.
b. Judges of Supreme Court, High Court and Tribunal
c. Members of Parliament/MLAs/MLCs
d. Governors of States
e. Centre and State Civil Services
f. Entrepreneurs (owners of Business (manufacturing) organizations other than professional services)
g. Judicial officers

Self Declaration Form to avail CPE Hours Credit for Unstructured Learning Activities

For the Calendar Year                   :               2015

Name                                                    :              CA. ABC

Membership No                               :               000000

Address                                               :

Contact No                                         :

E-mail id                                             :               CAABC@GMAIL.COM

Details of Unstructured Learning Activities Undergone:-

Type ofULAsParticulars


  TopicDateRequested CPEHours
Web- based(1) Web-based Learning Modules(2) Viewing of programmes hosted on the web channel of ICAITaxation- Income Tax, Vat, Service Tax and otherAudit etcThrough andWhole of the year10 Hours
Self-learningSelf-learning Modules and Courses(1)Audiotapes/videotapes.(2) Correspondence courses.(3) Computer based learning programmesTaxation- Income Tax, Vat, Service Tax and otherAudit etcWhole of the year 
Home studyReading and Individual Home StudyTaxation- Income Tax, Vat, Service Tax and otherAudit etcWhole of the year 
Discussion onTechnicalIssuesGroup or Bilateral Discussion on Technical Issues   
Acting as FacultyActing as visiting faculty or guest faculty at various Universities/Management Institutions /Institutions of National Importance   
TeleconferencingProgrammesParticipant in CPE Teleconferencing Programmes with supervision of the POU   
Questionnaires/JournalsProviding solutions to questionnaires /puzzles available on Web/Professional Journals

Self Declaration Form CPE Hours Credit for Unstructured


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