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S.P.Gupta and Archana Agarwal Books

S.P.Gupta and Archana Agarwal Books

List of  S.P.Gupta and Archana Agarwal Books:



Book Title



1 The Outlines of MARITIME LAW Dr. S.P.Gupta 2004
2 Professional Ethics, Accountancy for Lawyers & Bench Bar Relation Dr. S.P.Gupta 5th edition, 2013
3 Moot Court, Pre-Trial Preparations and Participation in Trial Proceedings Dr. S.P.Gupta 2nd edition, 2007
4 Statistical Methods Dr. S.P.Gupta 44th edition, revised 2014
5 Globalisation, Economic Reforms and Employment Strategy in India Dr. S.P.Gupta (former Member, Planning Commission) 2006
6 Business Statistics Dr. S.P.Gupta & M.P.Gupta Latest
7 International Organisations Dr. S.P.Gupta 3rd edition, 2012
8 Specific Relief Act G.P.Singh, Revised Dr. S.P.Gupta 8th edition, 2008
10 Business Statistics Archana Agarwal and Dr.S.P.Gupta 9th Revised edition, Reprint 2014
11 Elements of Indian Art – Including Temple Architecture, Iconography & Iconometry  S.P.Gupta & Shahsi Prabha Asthana  2002
12  Cultural Tourism in India  S.P.Gupta, Krishna Lal, Mahua Bhattacharyya  2002
13  Easy Approach to Statistics  S.P.Gupta 8th edition, latest reprint
14  Practical STATISTICS  S.P.Gupta  9th edition, latest reprint
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