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Respond to a demand notice from Income Tax Department

Respond to a demand notice from Income Tax Department

Income Tax Demand raised on you is uploaded by the AO on the Income Tax Website. The details of the demand can be accessed by the tax payer by logging on The taxpayers can also respond online to these demands.

If you have received an Income Tax Demand – here are the steps to take to respond to ademand notice –

Step 1 Login to with user ID, password, date of birth.

Step 2 Click on ‘E-file’ and go to ‘Respond to Outstanding Tax Demand’.

Respond to a demand notice from Income Tax Department

The following details are now displayed –

Assessment Year

Section Code

Demand Notification Number

Date on which demand is raised

Outstanding Demand amount

Uploaded by

Rectification rights

Response – Submit and View

Step 3 Click on ‘Submit’ for the relevant assessment year. Choose one of the one options mentioned below-

Demand is correct

Demand is partially correct

Disagree with demand

Option 1 When option selected by you is – ‘Demand is correct’. A pop up screen comes up with ‘If you confirm, demand is correct then you cannot disagree with the demand.’ Click on Submit if this is ok with you. A success message shall be splashed on your screen.

Respond to a demand notice from Income Tax Department

If any refund is due, the outstanding amount along with interest will be adjusted against the refund due.

In any other case you must repay the demand immediately. You can read about how to pay your tax demand here.

Option 2 When option selected by you is – ‘Demand is partially correct’ – you need to enter ‘amount which is correct’ and ‘amount which is incorrect’. If you enter amount which is incorrect, you have to mandatorily fill up one or more reasons for it –

Demand has already been paid – and provide the CIN (Challan Identification Number). Also mention BSR Code, date of payment, serial number of challan and amount. You can also add your comments under ‘remarks’. Or if CIN is not available mention that demand has been paid by challan has no CIN. And mention date of payment, amount, and remarks (your comments) if any.

Demand has already been reduced by rectification/revision – Also provide date of order, demand amount, details of AO who has rectified. And then upload rectification/appeal effect order passed by AO.

Respond to a demand notice from Income Tax Department

Demand has already been reduced by Appellate order but appeal effect has to be given by the department – Also provide, date of order, appellate order passed by (details of CIT(A) etc). Reference number of order.

Respond to a demand notice from Income Tax Department

Appeal has been filed and – Stay petition has been filed or stay has been granted by or installment has been granted by – Also provide date of filing of appeal, appeal pending with (details of CIT(A) etc) Stay petition filed with (details of office). If stay has been granted, you have to also upload the copy of Stay Order.

Rectification/ Revised Return has been filed at CPC – the following details are required additionally

Filing Type

E-filed acknowledgement number

Remarks (comments, if any of the tax payer)

Upload challan copy

Upload TDS Certificate

Upload letter requesting rectification copy

Upload Indemnity Bond

Rectification has been filed with Assessing Officer – Mention the date of application and remarks (comments, if any of the tax payer).

Respond to a demand notice from Income Tax Department

Option 3 – If you ‘Disagree with the Demand’ then you must furnish the details of your disagreement along with reasons. The details/reasons are the same as the mentioned above under ‘demand is partially correct’. After submitting a response the success screen would be displayed with the transaction ID.

You can also view the response submitted by you by clicking ‘View’ under the response column and the following details will be displayed – Serial Number, Transaction ID, Date of Response and Response Type.

Respond to a demand notice from Income Tax Department


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Respond to a demand notice from Income Tax Department

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