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Rejection of ST-3 returns

Rejection of ST-3 returns

Now days we see that Service Tax Returns are being rejected for one or the other reasons. Here are the reasons for why it got rejected.


Returns are being rejected due to some technical errors validated by the system. The following are some technical errors the reasons for which Service Tax Returns are being rejected.

  1. The financial year and period of return selected in upload file does not match with FY and period of return entered in XML File.
  2. STC No. mentioned in ST-3 return does not match with registration data of Department i.e., Wrong STC Reference.
  3. If return type is Wrongly selected i.e., Original or Revised
  4. If a Non-Large Tax Payer has selected as yes in A6.1 and Vice versa
  5. If Category of Registrant is wrongly selected
  6. If rates of Tax is Wrongly entered
  7. Wrong selection of Constitution
  8. If Challan details are wrongly filled in i.e., higher amount entered in challan details against actual amount deposited.
  9. Some technical errors like Tempering of XML file generated before uploading, error at the time of generation XML files etc.

Rejection of ST-3 returns


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