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Reasons behind incomplete task

Reasons behind incomplete task

I thought through some of the reasons why we as human beings fail to finish our tasks? Why is it that we don’t finish our own tasks, leave aside the tasks given by anyone else to us? Why do we cheat ourselves? Here are a few reasons I could think of :

Absence of clarity :- The most important factor to my mind is, why fail to complete a task is lack of clarity. If we don’t know why are we doing any activity, then how can we even think of completing it? Yes, we might start it because it had to be but then to finish it, there has to be an absolute clarity.

No rewards, no motivation :- The human mind and body works faster and efficiently if they can see some rewards at the end of the assignment. Once we know there is a reward, we surely try to finish that job to enjoy its reward. In the absence of any gains or rewards, there is a high probability losing interest to finish the job.

Distraction Kitty :- I define ‘Distraction Kitty’ as a pool of resources distracting you from your goals. This can include anything including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, TV or even people who are in your circle and unable to add any value in your life. All these things and people form your distraction kitty. The more you have in your kitty, the more you are farther from your goals. The less you have in your kitty, the closer you would be to your dreams.

Discipline deficiency :- The most common but powerful reasons to not finish your jobs are when you are discipline deficient. The deficiency of this powerful characteristic leads the brain to believe that the job or assignment it not important and therefore, our brain and body starts to react accordingly. An undisciplined mind cannot help achieve success in life.

Though, there may be many more reasons for not finishing our tasks, what is more important to me is how do you develop the capability or habit to finish the jobs that you have started. Here, I want to provide some practical tips so that you make your journey to accomplish your goals and projects more successfully and joyfully:

Reasons behind incomplete task

(i) Remove negative thoughts immediately:-Whenever you get that urge to not complete your task, immediately try to remove it with something more positive and powerful. Remember the outcome you would achieve and how you would feel once you finish that assignment. The feeling of being happy and contended when the job gets finished is something that should always play in your mind.

(ii) Have a winners mindset:- Remember – “Quitters never win and Winners never quit”. If you have to be a winner, you cannot afford to quit in between the job. You will surely face situations that would urge you to quit and just relax, but remember finishing is always very important for developing  self  confidence.

(iii) Write your Journal to plan:-Writing helps you focus on your goals and by writing and then reviewing them on a daily basis you will be able to train your mind to achieve them and also helps you to plan your day and prioritize your activities.

(iv) Celebrate your wins:-This is the most important thing that you should surely do. After finishing your task, celebrate your win. You should definitely reward yourself in whatever form you can and give yourself a Pat on the back. Small, small wins will help you achieve bigger results.

I thought article “Reasons behind incomplete task”is usefull to you and help in complishing your task and reaching your goal.I have tested these above methods personally and have found them extremely useful. I am not yet 100% successful in achieving my goals, but my aim now is to at least try and do whatever best I can. Wishing you all success in achieving your goal.

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