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Previous Year Rajasthan University Mcom Question Papers

Previous Year Rajasthan University Mcom Question Papers

Rajasthan University Mcom Question Papers : University of Rajasthan is a public and state university and one of the oldest universities in the Indian state Rajasthan, located in the city Jaipur. It was set up on 8 January 1947 as the University of Rajputana and was given its current name in the year 1956. Spread in approximately 2.8529 km² or 1020180 yd² Square Yards on Jawaharlal Nehru Marg also known as the central spine of Jaipur the central campus incubates various Departments, Libraries, Sports Complexes etc.

Rajasthan University Mcom Question Papers : 

University of Rajasthan 2011 M.Com Commerce (previous)/ ADVANCED BUSINESS STATISTICS – Question Paper

Download here Previous Year Rajasthan University Mcom Question Papers in pdf format (Previous) EXAMINATION, 2011
(Accountancy and business statistics)
Compulsory Paper I
Maximum Mark : 100
Attempt 5 ques. in all, selection at lowest 1 ques. from every part.
All ques. carry equal marks.

Rajasthan University Mcom Question Papers : 

part A
1. (a) define the addition and multiplication rules of probability with and example of every case. [ MARKS 5]
   (b) In a randomly opted leap year what is the probability that there are 53 Sunday Or 53 Wednesday. [ MARKS 5]
(c) A issue in statistics is provided to 3 students, whose chances of solving it correctly Are ½, 1/3 and ¼ respectively. What is the probability that the issue will not be solved ? [ MARKS 5]
(d) In how many ways can a vowel and a consonant be opted out of the letters of word

2. (a) A decision issue has been expressed in the subsequent Pay-off table :

Pay-off Table
State of Nature Alternatives
a1 a2 a3
` ` `
E1 3,800 3,720 3,640
E2 3,280 3,240 3,320
E3 2,840 2,880 3,480

What will be the manager’s decision if he uses the subsequent criteria ? [ MARKS 8]
(I) Maxi-max;
(II) Maxi-min;
(III) Mini-max regret;
(IV) Hurwitz criterion with c = 0.7.
(b) The overall pass percentage in certain exam is 70. What is the probability that at lowest 4
Candidates would pass the exam out of a group of six candidates ? [ MARKS 8]
(c) obtain the binomial distribution if the mean is 48 and standard deviation is 4. [MARKS 4]

3. Fit a normal curve for the subsequent data and obtain out theoretical frequencies (µ = 11.57)
[Marks: 20]

Weight (kg) Number of Students
20-30 7
30-40 10
40-50 20
50-60 18
60-70 7

part B

4. (a) A sample of size 10 is obtained to have mean of 3.24 cm. Could it be regarded as a sample
From a large population whose mean is 2.74 cm. and standard deviation is 2.5 cm. at five per
-cent level of
significance ? [MARKS 10]
(b) Will your ans differ in case you test it at 99 percent level of confidence ? [MARKS 5]
(c) What is central limit theorem ? [MARKS 5]
5. Differentiate ranging from the subsequent : [MARKS 5+5+5+5]
i. type I fault and kind II fault ;
ii. Point estimate and Interval Estimate;
iii. Parameter and Statistics;
iv. Null Hypothesis and option Hypothesis.

6 . Set up a 2 way ANOVA table for the data provided beneath. Use coding method subtracting
40 from the provided numbers :
Plots Treatments
P 45 40 38 37
Q 43 41 45 38
R 39 39 41 41

Test 2 hypotheses, 1st hypotheses for treatments and 2nd hypotheses for plots. [MARKS 20]
part C
7. obtain out pattern values on the basis of parabolic curve of 2nd order from the data provided beneath
And forecast the value for 2010 : [MARKS 16+4]

Year Sales
(RS`in crores )
2005 10
2006 12
2007 13
2008 10
2009 8

8. (A) In an exam in which 500 candidates appeared, boys outnumbered girls by 14 %
Of all candidates. Number of passed candidates exceeded number of failed candidates by 300. Boys
Failing in exam numbered 80. compute Yule’s coefficient of association ranging from boys and
Success in exam. [MARKS 15.]
(b) Distinguish ranging from association of attributes and correlation. [MARKS 5.]

9. (a) calculate the 2 regression coefficients using the values of true means of X an Y from the data
provided below, then work out the value of correlation coefficient : [MARKS 15.]

7 6
4 5
8 9
6 8
5 2

(B) What do you mean by partial correlation ? How is it various from multiple correlation ? [MARKS 5.]

Rajasthan University Mcom Question Papers : 

University of Rajasthan 2011 M.Com Commerce (previous)/International Business Operations

June 2011


1. Comment on any four of the following statements. 4×5=20

(a) Basic functions, processes and techniques of international business are essentially the same as those involved in domestic business.

(b) All contracts are agreements but all agreements are not contracts.

(c) The absolute advantage determines the pattern of trade between the two countries.

(d) Free trade is always better than no trade.

(e) Concept of trade in services is not as straight forward as the concept of trade in goods.

(f) Commodity markets are free markets.


Answer any four questions

2. Why do companies engage in international business ? What are the major cultural factors that affect international business ? Give suitable illustrations in support of your answer. 10+10=20

3. What are the major issues in settlement of international trade disputes ? Discuss the role of International Chambers of Commerce (ICC) in this regard. 12+8=20

4. (a) Describe the concept of Transfer of Technology. 5+15=20

(b) What are the various levels of transfer of technology ? Discuss giving suitable illustrations in support of your answer.

5. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of FDI. Also explain the role of FDI in the economic development of the host country. 10+10=20

6. Describe the factors responsible for environmental concern giving increasing importance in the global trade agreements. 20

7. Write short notes on any two of the following : 10+10=20
(a) Terms of Trade.
(b) International Finance Corporation.
(c) Global Trade Point Network (GTPN)
(d) Non-Tariff Barriers.

Rajasthan University Mcom Question Papers : 

University of Rajasthan 2011 M.Com Commerce (previous)/ Paper VII – International Trade and Finance

For those who joined in July 2003 and after
Time: Three hours
Maximum: 100 marks

Rajasthan University Mcom Question Papers : 


4 x 10 = 40 marks
Answer any FOUR questions.
Answer to each question should not be less than a page.

1. Explain factor price equalisation theorem.

2. Explain the effects of Import Quotas.

3. Explain the concept of optimum rates of tariffs.

4. What is meant by balance of payments? Explain its components.

5. Write short note on effective rate of tariff and optimum rate of tariff.

6. List the gains from international trade.

7. Define: Exchange rate. State the differences between fixed and flexible exchange rate.

8. Explain the importance of agreements of TRIPS and TRIMS.


3 x 20 = 60 marks
Answer any THREE questions.
Answer to each question should not be less than 3 pages.

9. Examine: Heckscher-Ohlin theory of international trade.

10. Explain how technological developments influence international trade?

11. Explain how the trade acts as an engine of economic growth?

12. Explain the relationship between Terms of trade and economic welfare.

13. List out the economic effects of tariffs on national income.

14. Draft an essay on Measures to correct balance of payment disequillibrium.

Rajasthan University Mcom Question Papers : 

University of Rajasthan 2011 M.Com Commerce (previous)/ International Marketing

Time : Three hours

Maximum : 75 marks

1. section A consists of EIGHT short answer questions. The candidate has to answer FOUR questions. The answer shall not exceed 1 page each.
2. Section B consists of FOUR questions. Each question consists of either or choices and the candidate has to answer either (a) or (b) from each question. The answer shall not exceed 5 pages each.
3. Section C consists of Case which is compulsory and carries 15 marks.

SECTION A — (4 x 3 = 12 marks)

Answer any FOUR in brief:

(a) Scope of international marketing.
(b) Institutional frame work for international marketing.
(c) International culture.
(d) Free Trade Zones (FTZ)
(e) F.O.B
(f) Transfer pricing.
(g) International product life cycle.
(h) Segmentation in international marketing.

SECTION B – (4 x 12 = 48 marks)

2. (a) How do you enter in international markets? What are the constraints?


(b) What are the legal constraints for international marketing?

3. (a) Find out the international trade barriers for international market. How do you over come them?


(b Explain various international pricing strategies? Which strategy is appropriate in USA market?

4. (a) Write the basis for segmenting international markets.


(b) Evaluate the role of various stages of domestic product life cycle in exporting the product.

5. (a) Establish the role and significance of international marketing reference


(b) What are various sources of finance for international marketing? Write their advantages and disadvantages.

SECTION C – (15 marks)

6. Case Study:


Aruna textile company was a public limited registered in India. It had a total turnover of Rs. 650 rores of yarn and textile of which about Rs. 450 crores was textiles, Its main production line was in the coarse and lower medium cloth, and bulk of its production was sold in the domestic market at prices ranging between Rs. 5 to Rs. 7 per metre.

The company had an option to take export commitments to Canada for a quantity upto 40 to 50 million metres per annum (value Rs. 40 crores) at average realisation of Rs. 6 per metre. However, the cost of production in case of exports was higher by 10% compared to domestic production due to higher rejections during inspection etc.

The Canada contracts are made on an canual basis and prices are fixed for the entire year whereas domestic prices are subject to market forces.

At the time of the contracts are to be made i.e. November of a particular year, the realisations from the export to Canada were at par with domestic (taking into account incentives or marginally lower).

The Export Manager of the Company recommended to his Board that it is worthwhile to undertake the Canada export and gave argument in support. On the other hand, some members of the Company felt that it was not worthwhile exporting on the basis of facts given above, particularly as the earnings were in rupees. The company was exporting through merchant exporters and therefore no special advantages accrued.

What would be your reconineidation and if you recommend remaining in exports, could you logically list out the advantages, short-term/long-term? .

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