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Professional Codes of Ethics

Professional Codes of Ethics

Professional Codes of Ethics

A code of ethics…prescribes how professionals are to pursue their common ideal so that each may do the best she can at a minimal cost to herself and those she cares about (including the public…). The code is to protect each professional from certain pressures (for example, the pressure to cut corners to save money) by making it reasonably likely (and more likely then otherwise) that most other members of the profession will not take advantage of her good conduct…A code is a solution to a coordination problem.” (Davis, Michael. “Thinking Like an Engineer” pp.153-4).

(For the next section, it may be helpful to look at a code of ethics. Take a look at the National Association for Professional Engineers Code of Ethics. What sections of the code mention the following obligations?)

Individual Professional Obligations:

  1. An individual’s professional obligations are derived from the profession and its code, tradition, society’s expectations, contracts, laws, and rules of ordinary morality
  2. A professional has obligations to his/her

.. Employer
..Other Professionals- relations of collegiality, specific expectations of reciprocity
..Profession as a collectivity
..Society – responsibility to serve the public interest

Upshot: A professional is not a mere hired gun; responsibilities go with knowledge and position.

 Professional Codes of Ethics


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