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Preparing for CA versus Becoming a CA

Preparing for CA versus Becoming a CA

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What is more difficult? Preparing for C.A. exams or life after passing C.A. exams? This may sound a bit weird in a sense that you being C.A. students might have heard that once you qualify the “C.A. course”, then all the troubles of your life are gone. But hold on! That’s actually not the end. In fact, it’s the beginning of a life full of struggles, hurdles, troubles, etc.

But these troubles may come to an end once you are placed into a job or once you own a C.A. firm. But before that a Chartered Accountant has to face a lot of adversaries in his/her life. Yes, of course, C.A. requires a lot of preparation. A student with minimal preparation cannot clear the exam. In fact, clearing C.A. requires average intelligence, but a lot of hard work. We cannot compare a monkey quantity with a donkey quantity so preparing for C.A. exams and surviving as a C.A. after completing the course; both are difficult in their own terms.

Let’s compare the struggles before and after clearing CA exams:-

  • This minimum 5-year course is structured in such a manner which involves almost sacrificing your meaningful 5 years to qualify the exams. We sacrifice these years but many CA’s are even seen sacrificing some months or years looking out for a good job or at least a job, in spite of having a vast knowledge in the fields of accounting, taxation, auditing, etc.
  • Preparing for C.A. examination is obviously the most challenging task that a C.A. student has to face but completion of the C.A. course is just the beginning of another war which life is preparing for us. We buy vegetables, we have to peal it, cut it and cook it and then it becomes ready to eat. In the same manner, we get the degree but we have to go through interviews, recruitment, selection procedures etc. Only then we recognize ourselves as a full-fledged working C.A.
  • While we are preparing ourselves for the “CA battle”, we have to undergo a lot of troubles. And then, after crossing this rough road, we pass the C.A. exam with a belief that life now will really be simple. But, life after clearing the C.A. exam is really very tough. Once you qualify as a Chartered Accountant you will see that people now expect more of you. They have even much higher expectations than they ever had regardless of what you are actually experienced in. Let me explain this to you with a small example. You were an article assistant in a firm where you were placed in the accounting and auditing department, having no knowledge of tax filing. Now, you cleared your C.A. final exams, and some of your relatives want you to file their Income Tax returns. You decline because you know nothing about IT filing and your articleship was restricted to auditing and accountancy. And this made your relatives tease you that you call yourself a C.A.
  • After completion of articleship, we think that we no more have to face our boss anymore (If he is a rude one) but when a CA enters into a job, a lot is expected of them and you have to deliver that without excuses. You will find that people (like your colleagues etc.) will push you to the wall, otherwise.
  • While looking out for a firm for articleship, we find that most of the CA firms are willing to admit both- group pass outs. It becomes almost difficult for the single group pass outs to get a CA firm for articleship. But this goes on after completion of the CA course. The fact here is that getting a decent job (i.e. job as per our expectation) is very difficult. There has been a huge imbalance between demand and supply of C.A.s. People don’t even get interview calls without a reference. Reference today has become the lifeline of getting a call and even if you get a reply without reference, it is an auto-generated reply.
  • Looking out for articleship is tough but we think that this is the end of the battle. But surprisingly, there is no full stop to this rough life. Many CAs complain that they go for interviews and in spite of being selected, they are not getting calls. This is really a difficult phase because our “high-end expectations” come to an end.
  • CA is not all about the degree. Your entire life changes as soon as you become a Chartered Accountant. You’ll start realising that a month ago, everything was different, and now that you look back, you’ll realise that a month can do a lot to a person. Suddenly, you being a CA are expected to know everything and provide an opinion on them and that is a difficult position to be in. Also you are expected to maintain a significantly high level of professionalism and that is not an easy task.
  • Students generally think that CAs opting for practice don’t have to struggle much. But many of you don’t consider the dark side of it. For establishing a firm, you’ll have to struggle with the workload, gain repute in the market, expand, look out for clients, and a lot more, and this is a really difficult part of life after becoming a Chartered Accountant. Obviously, if you are able to succeed at this point of time, then you’ll succeed for the rest of your life.
  • People generally say that there are two categories of people. One who struggles first and then reap the fruits for the rest of the life and other who enjoy their life and then struggle after becoming a CA. On a contrary, life after becoming a CA still is full of mess for some CAs. We think that preparing for CA is tough because we are working as well as studying, and our principles give us a very tough time with granting leaves for studying. We don’t even get vacations etc. Students think that after becoming a CA they’ll go for long vacations. But after coming into a job, many CAs are still in the same situation. Many are still seen working for long hours (almost 10-12 hours a day).

Preparation for C.A. requires immense labour, courage, will power, hard work, luck and dedication without which no one can achieve the repute of being a C.A. But life after qualifying C.A. is much bitter. All you need to do is, convert the lemon into candy.

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Preparing for CA versus Becoming a CA

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