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Para jumbles – CSEET

Para jumbles – CSEET

Para Jumbles are basically jumbled paragraphs. You are provided with a paragraph but the sentences are not in the right sequence. You have to rearrange the sentences so that they turn out into a meaningful paragraph.

Key skills required

  • Understanding the topic of the paragraph : You should be able to understand what is being talked about in because it will help in establishing link with other sentences of the paragraph.
  • Understanding the information flow : The next thing which is very important is the to identify that the information should be in a flow and to understand what exactly the paragraph is trying to convey.

A pre-requisite to both the above skills is to possess the qualities of good reader.

Sample Questions

Direction (1-5): The sentences given in each question, when properly sequenced, from labelled with a letter. Choose the most logical order of sentences from among the given choice to construct a coherent paragraph.

  1. a. People who start up their own business typically come from two extreme backgrounds: One is the business family background and the other is a steady professional family background.
  2. Typically, people from different background face different kinds of basic problems.
  3. The people from both the backgrounds find it very difficult to establish and manage an enterprise.
  4. Starting up and managing a small business is no joke.

(a)   d b c a

(b)   b a c d

(c)   d a c b

(d)   c d a b.

  1. a. venture capital is recommended as the ideal source of financing for a successfully small business.
  2. Several companies including start-ups have been funded by dedicated venture funds during this decade.
  3. Despite this, an average Indian entrepreneur understands and appreciation of venture capital concept has been woefully inadequate.
  4. In the Indian context, though venture capital has been a relatively late entrant, if has already made a reasonable impact.

(a)   a b c d

(b)   a d b c

(c)   a c b d

(d)   a d c b

  1. a. Progress in diagnosis, in preventive medicine and in treatment, both medicinal and surgical, has been rapid and breath taking.
  2. Much in medicine which is not taken for granted was undreamt of even as recently as 20 years ago.
  3. Presently small pox has been eradicated, poliomyelitis practically banished, tuberculosis has become curable and coronary artery disease surgically relievable.
  4. The dramatic surge in the field of molecular biology and research by immunologists and geneticists has succeeded in controlling parasitic disease like malaria and river blindness that affect millions of people round the world.

(a)   b d c a

(b)   b a c d

(c)   b c a d

(d)   b d a c

  1. a. Instead, many deaths and injuries result from failing objects and the collapse of buildings, bridges and other structures.
  2. Earthquakes almost never kill people directly.
  3. Fire resulting from broken gas or power lines is another major danger during a quake.
  4. Spills hazardous chemicals are also a concern during an earthquake.

(a)   c a b d

(b)   d a c b

(c)   d c a b

(d)   b a c d

  1. a. The Winchester or hard disk drives can store much more data than what can be stored on a floppy diskette.
  2. Hard disks come sealed and they cannot be removed or changed likes floppy diskettes.
  3. Often floppy disk system is used in conjunction with the Winchester disk system.
  4. This makes for an ideal system for secondary storage.

(a)   c a b d

(b)   c b d a

(c)   b a c d

(d)   a b e d


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