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Panjab University Mcom Second Sem Syllabus For 2017 – 2018 Schemes

Panjab University Mcom Second Sem Syllabus For 2017 – 2018  Schemes

Panjab University Mcom Second Sem Syllabus :  Punjabi University organizes examination for all Under Graduate or Post Graduate / Diploma and other courses twice in year using semester system.Students should start their preparation by downloading the Punjabi University UG or PGSyllabus to score good marks in exams. Punjabi University Exam Syllabus is been furnished below by the team of Candidates are requested to go through all the topics in syllabus for better preparation

Panjab University Mcom Second Sem Syllabus For 2017 – 2018  Schemes

Panjab University Mcom Second Sem Syllabus : On this page, we are giving the complete information of Panjab University Second Sem Syllabus 2017. Students check or download the syllabus in PDF format through the link provided below.

M. Com. – Annual System ( 1 and 2 sem Through Correspondence):

Semester – II
M.C.510-II Business Environment
M.C.511-II Information Technology
M.C.512-II Production Management
M.C.513-II Corporate Financial Policy
M.C.514-II Marketing Management
M.C.515-II Research Project
M.C.516-II Workshop on Applied Aspects on Financial Services

Panjab University Mcom Second Sem Syllabus For 2017 – 2018  Schemes

Panjab University Mcom Second Sem Syllabus :

M.C.510-II Business Environment

• Introduction

• Business

• Objectives of business

• Environmental influences on business

• Environmental analysis

• Characteristics of business environment

• Components of business environment

• The micro and macro environment

• Competitive environment

• Porter’s five forces model–competitive anal

Learning Objectives The present chapter aims at:

• Definitions and objective of business

• Examine environment analysis, characteristics components of the organisation. Let us know the micro environment and macro environment

• Understand the competitive environment

• Describe the Porter’s five-force model and its limitations.

M.C.511-II Information Technology

A) Instructions for paper­setter The question paper will consist of five sections A, B, C and D. Sections A, B and C  will have  two  questions  from the respective  sections of  the syllabus and will carry 15% marks each. Section D will have 10­20 short answer type questions which will cover the entire syllabus uniformly and will carry 40% marks in all.

B) Instructions for candidates 1. Candidates are required to attempt one question each from sections A, B and C of  the question paper and the entire section D.  2. Use of non­programmable scientific calculator is allowed.

SECTION A Definition  of  Information  Technology,  Use  of  IT,  Definition  of  information  system,  need of information system, definition of knowledge, Range of application : Scientific,  business,  educational,  weather  forecasting,  and  remote  sensing,  planning,  e­ commerce,  web  publishing, Management Information System,  Decision  Support  System, inventory control, medical, industrial control, banks, railways, etc.

SECTION B Computer Fundamentals: Block structure of computer, Characteristics of computers,  Problem solving  with  computers,  Generation of computers,  Classification  of  computers.  Number  System:  Bit,  Byte,  Binary, Decimal,  Hexadecimal,  and Octal system,  Conversion from one system to the other, Error detecting codes, Representation of  characters, Integers and fractions.  Binary Arithmetic: Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication.

SECTION C Input and  Output  units:  Their functional characteristics,  main memory ,  cache  memory read only memory,  overview of  storage  devices –  floppy disk,  hard disk,  compact disk, tape.  Computer  Networks  and Communication:  Network  types,  Network  topologies,  Network communication devices, Physical communication media, TCP/IP.  Internet and its Applications : E­mail, Telnet, FTP, WWW, Internet chatting.

M.C.512-II Production Management

Production/operations management involves the integration of numerous activities and processes to produce products and services in a highly competitive global environment. Many companies have experienced a decline in market share as a result of their inability to compete on the basis of product design, cost or quality. Most now agree that world class performance in operations, i.e., in product design, manufacturing, engineering and distribution, is essential for competitive success and long term survival. This course considers the operations from a managerial perspective. We will consider key performance measures of operations (productivity, quality and response time) as well as important concepts for improving the performance of operations along these dimensions. At the end of the course students will have a fair understanding of the role Production/Operations Management plays in business processes. Emphasis is given both to familiarization of various production processes and service systems, and to quantitative analysis of problems arising in the management of operations.

M.C.513-II Corporate Financial Policy

A. Long-term Financing 10 1. Bond and Stock Valuation 2. Cost of Capital 3. Determining Appropriate Returns 4. Dividend Policy

B. Performance Analysis and Business Planning 10 1. Financial Statement Analysis 2. Financial Forecasting 3. Business valuation

C. Long-term Investment Decisions 11 1. Capital Budgeting-Evaluation Methods 2. Capital Budgeting-Cash Flow Estimates 3. Capital Budgeting-Risk Analysis 4. Lease Analysis

D. Working Capital Policy 10 1. Cash Management 2. Credit Policy/ Receivables Management 3. Inventory Management E. Exams/Other

M.C.514-II Marketing Management

Marketing Management is a course that examines the role and importance of marketing in the firm and other organizations. We will cover topics such as marketing plans/strategies, marketing research, market segmentation, retailing, advertising, pricing, Internet marketing, etc. You will find the course interesting and informative. Keep on top of the work. All the best.

This course will help you to develop a better appreciation and understanding of the role of marketing in a business organization specifically, and in our society at large.

Specific objectives include:

  • To enhance your knowledge about marketing theories, principles, strategies and concepts and how they are applied;
  • To provide you with opportunities to analyze marketing activities within the firm;
  • To allow you to apply marketing concepts and theories to realistic marketing situations.
At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of marketing in an organization, how marketing relates to other business functions, and the role of marketing in society at large.
  • Do basic secondary research relative to marketing in an organization (e.g., by using Internet search engines, such as Yahoo, Google, etc.)
  • Select, analyze and define a target market for a selected product or service.
  • Develop a marketing plan or strategy for a product or service (e.g., company objectives, marketing objectives, target market(s), advertising, pricing, distribution, product/ service development, evaluation of competitors, contingency plans, budget, etc.)
  • Evaluate/analyze the marketing strategy for an existing product and/or services. Know the basic marketing concepts and theories.

The course will also enhance your achievement of the following curriculum objectives:

  • Written communication skills
  • Technology (computer) skills
  • Understanding of global issues in marketing/business
  • Critical thinking
  • Analytical skills
  • Appreciation of ethical issues in marketing/business

M.C.515-II Research Project

This course provides an opportunity to conduct original research on a subject that interests you. The research project is not a typical term paper built upon hours and hours of library research. Rather it is a fresh, innovative endeavor using primary sources, government documentation, and interviews with decision-makers and practitioners. The completed paper should run from a minimum of 20 to a maximum of 30 double-spaced, typed pages. The project is to focus on original first-hand research. The researcher is expected to move beyond simple examination of secondary sources and to investigate primary and documentary sources, pursue interviews with decision-makers, undertake observation of policymaking in congressional hearings, and initiate direct contact with relevant individuals and agencies concerned with the topic. In addition, the project is to focus on a contemporary accounting, management and financial topics. That is, it should not be a historical essay or a theoretical discourse. To give you an idea of what is expected from you, here are some things that we will evaluate you on:

 Overall quality of research project initiative in seeking faculty guidance

 Research questions/hypotheses clearly defined

 Demonstrated adequate command and application of literature on the subject

 Methodology is good

 Data analysis techniques are good

 Results and conclusions are arrived at and are substantiated by the analyses

 Conclusions are arrived at through analytical techniques rather than biased or editorial presumptions

During the semester we just have limited class meetings. Otherwise, this is an independent study course, or a tutorial. You will be consulting me individually throughout the semester in my office during my office hours. Your grade is based on how well you perform the research process and handing in assignments during the semester, also on the final product, the Research Report or Paper itself. In addition, you might have the opportunity to present your research findings to the faculty seminar on the last week of the semester.

Panjab University Mcom Second Sem Syllabus For 2017 – 2018  Schemes

Panjab University Mcom Second Sem Syllabus :  The controller of the examination of the Punjab University has successfully conduct annual examination for the BA, BSC, BCOM first year, second year and third year at pre allotted examination center. Several exam results has announced on it official link to download and several will soon announced. Student those are appear in examination and searching result here and three are inform that the exam result will soon announced on below mention official result link to download. Student can download their result after announcement at this link through online mode. The semester exam result of this university announced after two or three month of examination. fir latest and more information of Punjab University regarding to Admission, Application Form, Exam Date, Exam Syllabus, Notification, Result, Time Table, Courses, Registration and other please student need to follow official web page of it at

Punjab University Results 2017,

Punjab University BA Result 2017,

Punjab University BSc Result 2017,

Punjab University BCom Result 2017,

Punjab University MA Result 2017,

Punjab University MSc Result 2017,

Punjab University MCom Result 2017

Official Link to Download Exam Result: –

How to Download Punjab University Exam Result 2017

If the any students want to download exam result of the BA, BSC, BCOM, MA, MSC courses of Punjab University follow several steps to make easy way to download result.

Student open official link of this university at Now on home page student go to click on option Examination.
Chose option of Result and click on related result notification to download result.
Fill all required detail and click on option of Submit. Download exam result and take a print out of it for future uses of it.

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