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Panjab University Bcom Model Question Papers

Panjab University Bcom Model Question Papers

Panjab University Bcom Model Question Papers

Panjab University Bcom Model Question Papers : The Model Question Papers for PU Bcom 2017 is made available by Panjab University along with the PU Bcom 2017 prospectus from April 6 onwards. Candidates seeking admissions to the B.A./B.Com.LL.B. (Hons.) Five Years Integrated Courses offered by Panjab University will find the PU Bcom Model Question Papers extremely useful in their preparation for the Panjab University BA/BCom LLB Entrance Exam. The Model Question Papers of PU Bcom 2017 could be considered as an example copy of the expected question paper for the PU Bcom Entrance Examination 2017. Model Question Papers can also refer to the official question paper copies from previous years’ PU Bcom Entrance Exams.

Candidates can use the Model Question Papers to not only test their preparation levels for PU Bcom 2017 but also to understand the types of questions that could be asked. Information on the Model Question Papers for PU Bcom 2017 can be viewed by candidates on this page and candidates can also download the PU Bcom 2017 Model Question Papers here as and when it is released by Panjab University.

PU BA/BCom LLB candidates can see and download the sample paper of PU Bcom 2017 from this page as soon as it is released by Panjab University.

Candidates can improve their speed, practice the questions they find difficult and improve their English proficiency by answering as many sample papers of PU Bcom as they can. This will increase the possibilities of them getting a good result in Panjab University Bcom Examinations.

Panjab University Bcom Model Question Papers



(i) In order to incorporate an element of continuous assessment of students, the Colleges will conduct two mandatory House Tests in theory papers – one in the month of September/October and the other in December/January every year.

(ii) (a) For September Test, there will be only one paper of one hour’s duration in each subject, and for December Test, there will be paper/s on the pattern of annual examination conducted by the University. There will be a Special Test for those students who could not fulfil the conditions of eligibility. It will not be held to provide an opportunity to all students to improve their earlier score.

Those students who are exempted by the Principal of the College from appearing in the House Test/s in September and/or December/January will also be allowed to appear in the Special Test; this Test will determine their eligibility for admission to the examination as well as their score for Internal Assessment.

(b) With a view to meet the grievance of students, if any, on account of scores obtained by them, the answer-books will be shown to them. Difference of opinion on the issue, if any, will be sorted out with the help of respective Heads of departments as well as the Principal of the College.

(iii) Whereas the September House Test will carry weightage of 40 per cent, the December House Test will have weightage of 60 per cent in each subject/paper. The total weightage for both the Tests taken together shall be10 per cent of the total marks in each theory subject/paper.

The weightage of 10 per cent marks shall be added to each paper of B.A./B.Sc./B.Com./B.C.A. I, II and III Year which will, henceforth, carry weightage of maximum marks allotted to each paper. A candidate will have to pass in theory and practical/s separately.

(iv) The record of marks secured by the students in the two House Tests will be sent by the respective Colleges so as to reach the office of Controller of Examinations latest by 15th March, failing which the result of the students shall be shown as ‘RLA’ and the entire responsibility for this would lie with the Principal/s of the College/s.

(v) The Colleges will continue to forward the internal assessment of the students for Practicals. Projects and similar other activities, wherever applicable, to the Controller of Examinations, as usual, so as to reach his office latest by 15th March.

Panjab University Bcom Model Question Papers


(i) Each theory question paper will be set out of the marks allotted to each theory paper and 10% marks of the maximum marks of each paper will be internal assessment.

(ii) For private candidates, who have not been assessed earlier for internal assessment, the marks secured by them in theory paper will proportionately be increased to maximum marks of the paper in lieu of internal assessment.

(iii) It will not be mandatory for the students to separately pass in the internal assessment.

Model Question Papers are the best resource to practice for any examination. Solving the mock version of the real question paper not only gives you ample practice but also familiarizes you with the exam pattern, which eventually increases confidence.

Whether it is board or any competitive examination, students have to focus on a number of subjects including important ones like PAccountancy, Mathematics , Business Studies, Finance. Here are the several ways in which sample papers/mock tests can boost your exam preparation and scores.

Panjab University Bcom Model Question Papers

In this article we have created a list of tips that students should follow in order to use Model Question Papers to their advantage for exam preparation.


The most important thing while practicing or revising for any exam is that you should be regular in practice. Solve at least two papers in a day; after studying any topic try to solve the exercise question below every chapter because that’s the best revision one could get. There are several distractions while solving mock papers, since you know it is not the real exam. But one should be focused and make it a point to complete the given paper within the stipulated time frame. Solving papers will improve your problem solving speed, ability and accuracy.


Model Question Papers are prepared keeping in mind the actual paper. Hence, they should be dealt with utmost seriousness. When you take up the paper, give it your best shot. By solving the paper you’ll realize your preparation level, and your strengths & weaknesses.


One of the most important points that students should keep in mind while solving the Model Question Papers is they should know the entire syllabus. Without knowing the course you won’t be able to do complete justice the test paper, because the paper is based on the entire course. If you don’t know the syllabus thoroughly you won’t be able to solve the paper correctly.


After every attempt at a Model Question Papers, make sure you have had enough revision. It also means you have made mistakes and learnt from it. It will help you revise and strengthen those topics, which you were not sure of. This will ensure you are well-prepared for your next attempt.


If you are thorough with the topics and every concept, it’s time to work on your timings i.e. the time taken in completing the test each time. This will help you know how much you’ll need to complete each question type and how much you can attempt in one attempt.

Panjab University Bcom Model Question Papers

Rules For Final Examination

1. Examination in each subject for B.Com will be of 3 hours duration.

2. There will be no objective type questions.

3. Students are required to have the knowledge of the developments in the subject up to 6 months before the examination.

4. Use of non-programmable calculators by the students in the Examination Hall is allowed. The calculators will not be provided by the University/College to the examinees.

5. Tutorials classes will be held as notified in the Scheme of Examination for the session 2014-15 and 2015 onwards.

6. The following categories of the students shall be entitled to take the option of History and Culture of Punjab in lieu of Punjabi as compulsory subject:

(a) Students who have not studied Punjabi up to Class 10th.

(b) Wards of defence personnel and Central government employee/employees, who are transferable on all India basis.

(c) Foreigners.

7. 20% marks in each paper will be internal assessment based on the following parameters:

a. Mid-Semester Test : 50%0

b. Academic Activity : 30% (Seminar, Project &Assignments)

c. Attendance : 20%

Panjab University Bcom Model Question Papers

The question paper of each subject covering the entire course shall be divided into three sections :

Section A (20 marks)

This section will have 6 short answer questions from the entire syllabus. Students are required to attempt 4 questions from this section. Each question will carry 5 marks; the total weightage being 20 marks.

Section B (30 marks)

This section will consist of essay type/numerical questions from Unit I of the syllabus. The candidate will be required to attempt two questions out of four questions. Each question will carry 15 marks; the total weightage being 30 marks.

Section C (30 marks)

This section will consist of essay type/numerical questions from Unit II of the syllabus. The candidate will be required to attempt two questions out of four questions. Each question will carry 15 marks; the total weightage being 30 marks.

Panjab University Bcom Model Question Papers

Important Note :

In all numerical papers the paper setter is required to set numerical questions as follows:

Section A : Four numerical questions out of six questions.

Section B and C : At least two numerical questions out of four questions.

Panjab University Bcom Model Question Papers

To download Panjab University Bcom Question papers check here

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Panjab University Bcom Question papers 

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Panjab University Bcom Model Question Papers

To download Panjab University Bcom Syllabus copy pdf check here

Bcom Syllabus 1

Bcom Syllabus 2

Panjab University Bcom Model Question Papers

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Panjab University Bcom Model Question Papers

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