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Panjab University Bcom Fee Structure With Detailed Break Up

Panjab University Bcom Fee Structure With Detailed Break Up

Panjab University Bcom Fee Structure

Panjab University Bcom Fee Structure : Ensconced in the verdurous lap of the Shivalik foothills, Panjab University (PU), one of the oldest and most prestigious Universities in India, now situated at Chandigarh, the city beautiful, was established at Lahore in 1882. In consonance with the Upanishadic vision of “Asato Ma Sadgamaya/ Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya (Lead me from untruth to truth/ Lead me from darkness to light), it has a long tradition of pursuing excellence in teaching and research in science and technology, humanities, social sciences, performing arts and sports-leading to a true “swaraj ( self-rule)” of ideas, knowledge and action.

The University nurtures noble ideas, creativity, and innovation in its wide-ranging academic programmes covering different fields of knowledge and scholarship. The University is committed to attract and support the best students and faculty, who excel at learning, teaching and research. Panjab University with its Campus at Chandigarh and nearly two hundred colleges in Punjab state and Chandigarh U.T., has long been serving the cause of higher education and addressing the various socialcivilisational needs and aspirations with distinction.

Panjab University Bcom Fee Structure

The glorious “parampara” (tradition/s) of the University established during the period of more than 136 years ago, is a source of perpetual inspiration for the present generation of faculty members and students. By virtue of its history, experience, achievements and philosophy, the University has carved a niche for itself as a premiere centre of learning and research both at national and international levels drawing students from all over the country and different parts of the globe in accordance with the Indian vision of “lokasamgraha (the welfare of the world).” Its faculty includes some of the most distinguished scientists and academicians. Over the years, the reputation of the University has grown as an institution making significant advancement in innovative teaching, research and community outreach.

  • NAAC Accredited A-Grade University with a score of 3.35 out of 4 in the year 2015.
  • Ranked number one amongst Universities in India and Ranked 363 in the Thomson Reuters-powered ‘Best Global Universities Rankings 2016’ by US News and Global Report.
  • Ranked 38 in Asia Times Higher Education Asian University Rankings, 2015 and ranked in the bracket 111-120 in the year 2016.
  • Ranked in the bracket 501-600 internationally in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, 2015-2016.
  • QS Asian Universities Ranking in the bracket 201-250 for the year 2015-16.
  • NIRF 2016: Ranked 12th among the Indian Educational Institutes, 2nd among the Universities.
  • Best University Campus Award-2016 by ASSOCHAM. Earlier, it was awarded Best Government University in India Award-2014 by ASSOCHAM.

Panjab University Bcom Fee Structure


In Chandigarh, the newly built capital of Punjab, a beautiful red sandstone campus was designed for the Panjab University by the eminent modern architects – Pierre Jeanneret under the general guidance of Le Corbusier. Panjab University moved here during 1958-1960. Till the re-organisation of Punjab in 1966, the University had its regional centres at Rohtak, Shimla and Jalandhar and its affiliated colleges were located in the States of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh and the Union Territory of Chandigarh. With the re-organization of Punjab, the University became an Inter-State Body Corporate subsequent to the creation of separate Punjab and Haryana states.

Panjab University Bcom Fee Structure


Panjab University is located in Sector 14 and Sector 25 of Chandigarh, spread across an area of almost 550 acres. The layout of two fibre-connected and Wi-Fi campuses of the University has been conceived to meet the academic, administrative, sports/recreational, residential and other requirements of a growing University.

To make it self-contained, infrastructural facilities like its own Shopping Centre, Health Centre, Bank, Post Office, Swimming Pool, Gymnasium, Sports Grounds, Botanical Gardens, well maintained parks, Open Air Theatre, Guest Houses, Faculty House, Seminar Complexes, Alumni House, Community Centre and a school, have been provided. Besides these facilities, the University Campus has 8 hostels for boys, 9 hostels for girls, 1 Working Women Hostel, 1 International Hostel and 2 Sports hostels.

A cluster of prominent buildings like Gandhi Bhawan, Fine Arts Museum, University Library and the Student Centre form the hub of social interaction. Gandhi Bhawan, Student Centre, the University Library and the Administrative Block are also considered part of the architectural heritage of Chandigarh, being examples of modernism in architecture as it was interpreted by Le Corbusier and those who worked with him.

Fine Arts Museum, with its series of small galleries arranged around a courtyard, each gallery having a hyperbolic paraboloid roof (umbrella shaped), is not only an architectural but a structural marvel as well.


Panjab University Campus at Chandigarh accommodates 77 teaching and research departments/institutes/ centres besides 9 Chairs for research. Furthermore, the university has 193 affiliated and 6 constituent colleges spread over Punjab and Chandigarh besides Regional Centres at Muktsar, Ludhiana, Hoshiarpur and Kauni.

In addition, there is Vishveshavaran and Vishwa Bandhu Institute of Sanskrit and Indological Studies at Hoshiarpur. The academic institutes on the campus and four Regional Centres are grouped under the Faculties of Arts, Science, Languages, Law, Education and Fine Arts, Business Management and Commerce, Engineering and Technology, Medical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Dairying, Animal Husbandry and Agriculture. Most of the departments have their own specialized libraries, and the working period runs for at least 180 days in a year.

The Department of Evening Studies, a multi-disciplinary research centre, offers teaching and research facilities to more than 1000 students. The University School of Open Learning, a multi-disciplinary department, caters to more than 22,000 distance learners and offers 23 traditional and job oriented courses.

Panjab University Bcom Fee Structure

Fee to be charged for Online Application Form for Admission

Sr.No.Particulars Fee to be charged(Rs.)
Candidate can apply for 4 courses only on one Admission Form
01For online application for admission to 1 course300
02For online application for admission to 2 courses400
03For online application for admission to 3 courses500
04For online application for admission to 4 courses600
Candidate intending to apply for more than 4 courses is required to submit another Admission Form
Additional Fee to be charged (Rs.)
01For online application for admission to 5th course300
02For online application for admission to 6th course400
03For online application for admission to 7th course500
04For online application for admission to 8th course600
Candidate intending to apply for more than 8 courses is required to submit yet another Admission Form with the above mentioned additional fee per additional course
50% concession to SC/ST/PwD candidates in application fee


Panjab University Bcom Fee Structure

Fee Structure for the session 2017-18

     1st Sem. 2nd Sem.
Sr. Session 2017-18Tuition Fee Maintenance/

User Charges

 Contribution to Funds Ist installment to be paid at he time of Admission (i.e
Half of Tuition
fee +full Other
ution to Funds)
2nd Installtment
1.Uni.Inst. Of Leagal Studies (UILS)     
 BA/B.Com LL.B(5 yrs Integ. Course)603902647  905541897 30195
2.Traditional Courses     
 B.A./B.Com. ( Evening St.)2700    1847394571421350

Panjab University Bcom Fee Structure

II Departmental Fund

1. L.L.M one year Course 1. Law Review fee 1000/- p.a.
 2. I Card Fee 40/- p.a.
 3. Library and Reading Room fee 3500/- p.a.
 4. Dinner & Social Function Fee 1000/- p.a.
 5. Computer Lab Charges 3000/- p.a.
 6. Legal Aid Fee 150/- p.a.
 7. Visit to other Educational Institute. 2500/- p.a.
 8. Special Lecture Fee 1500/- p.a.
 9. Up keeping Institution Fund 2500/- p.a.
 10. Seminar and Conferences 4500/- p.a.
 11. Law Alumni Fee 1000/-p.a.
 12. Convocation Fee(at Entry Level)1000/-p.a.
 13. Library Security (Refundable)1000/-p.a.
 Dissertation and term fee Charges 
 1. Dissertation fee2000/-
  2. Term paper Fee Extension Fee 
of dissertation after due date
 A) For Six months1210/-
 Extension Fee of dissertation after due date 
 1. For three months750/-

Panjab University Bcom Fee Structure

III Tuition Fee for Foreign Nationals (Whether person of Indian origin) or not and applying for General Category Non- Reserve seats.

  Tuition Fee (p.a.) U.S.$
1.First Degree Courses340

Panjab University Bcom Fee Structure

V Tuition Fee for Professional Courses for Foreign Nationality Students whether person of Indian Origin or
not and applying for General Category Non-Reserved seats.

   Tuition Fee (p.a.)
To be charged in two installments

Panjab University Bcom Fee Structure

Maintenance/User Charges

1. (i) Admission Fee250
 (ii) Admission Fee (LLM one year) Law 2000
 (iii) Admission Fee (B.A/ LLB/LLM UILS/LDH/HSP)1050
2.Dilapidation Fee. 
3.World University Service Fund 
4.Medical Fee 
5.Campus Cleanliness1322 p.a. (All teaching Departments)
6.Service Tax Fee 1 p.m.3012 p.a. (LLM Law)
7.Group Insurance Scheme2122 p.a. (UILS, Ldh)
8.Charges for providing I.T. facilities 
9.Admission form 
10. University Migration Fee
(a) For only those candidates who have passed the lower examination from another University or Board or Council
300 p.a.
11. Registration Fee
(a) From those coming from other University/ Boards /Council.
(b) From Foreign/NRI’s against seats in General Category
(c) From Foreign National/PIO/NRI students, irrespective of  the Lower examination passed by them from a Foreign/ Indian Universities/ Board
150 p.a.

US $ 485

US $ 715

12. Enrolment Fee
(a) (Other than M. Phil)
(b) M. Phil courses
(From those who are not regd. with P.U., Chandigarh earlier)
100 p.a.

250 p.a.

13.Continuation Fee25 per sem (50) p.a.
14.Foreign Students Welfare Fund (Foreign students only)620 p.a.
15.Environment Fee (only for under graduate courses)250 p.a.
16. Re-admission Fee (each time)
With permission of Chairperson
With permission of D.U.I
17. Late Fee
With permission of Chairperson
With permission of Vice-Chancellor


Fees/funds/charges from the students to be kept in separate accounts
1. (i) Library Security (Refundable)
(ii) B.A./B.Com (Evening Studies)
(iii) M.A. (All) (Evening Studies)
250 p.a.

640 p.a.

840 p.a.

2.University Sports Fee & University Sports Dev. Fee (170+40)210 p.a
3.Youth Welfare Fund80 p.a.
4.Students Holiday Home Fund60 p.a.
5.Student Aid Fund50 p.a.
6.Campus sports Fee290 p.a.
7.Student Scholarship Fund80 p.a.
8. (i) Placement Fee (all teaching deptts/ regional centres)

(ii) LLM one year (Law Deptt) .

150 p.a.

1000 p.a

9.P.U. Alumni House & Scholarship Fund20 p.a.
10.NSS25 p.a.
11.Amalgamated Fund 
12.Amalgamated Fund 1460/- For Semester System
1520/- For Annual System
13. Development Fund
(a) Students studying for Professional Courses(b) Students studying for Science Courses(c) Students studying for other Courses(d) Students studying for LLM one year course (Law)(e) Students studying for B.A/ LLB/ LLM one  or two year course (UILS/Hsp/Ldh)(f) UIET

(g) Dr. Harbansh Singh Judge Dental sci. and Hospital

(h) LLB 3 year course Ludhiana and Hsp

(i) M.Sc. Environment Sci. and Industrial Chemistry

(j) Diploma in export Mgt.

2090 p.a.

1290 p.a.

880 p.a.

2930 p.a.

6630 p.a.

1950 p.a.

2960 p.a.

13080 p.a.

1220 p.a.

1810/- p.a.

(a) Library Security (Refundable) 

(b) Library & Reading Room Fee 

(c) Identity Card Fee 

(d) P.U. Law Review Fee 

(e) Moot Fee 

(f) Dinner & Special Function fee 

(g) Legal Aid Fee

(h) Convocation fee (at entry level) 

190 p.a.

50 p.m.

40 p.a.

500 p.a.

125 p.a.

250 p.s.

110 p.a.

1000 p.a.


Departmental charges of Evening Studies
(Parking Fee)
Cycle Scooter Car  

40 p.m.

70 p.m.

To be charged by the specific departments
1. Club Fee (Members only)
Tennis Film 
1210 p.a.

240 p.a.

2.Computer Fee (If computer is an elective subject and not a compulsory subject in a course)  80 per paper if

offered in course

3.Summer Training 740 p.a.
4. Parking Fee
Cycle Scooter Car

40 p.m.

70 p.m.

Panjab University Bcom Fee Structure

1. Tuition fee shall be payable annually in the form of bank draft in US dollars/Pounds, sterling/Deutschmark or equivalent amount in Indian currency payable to the Registrar, Panjab University at Panjab University at Chandigarh along with a bank certificate for encashment of Foreign currency of the like amount.

2. In addition to tuition fees, the students shall pay Registration fee US $ 715 or US $ 485 as the case +all other dues and charges to the Panjab University as payable by other students of the same class belonging to same category in foreign currency or in Indian Rupees as per university Rules and Regulations.

Panjab University Bcom Fee Structure


• That Rs 1 p.m. all the students Registered with P.U as a Service Tax and property Tax levied by the Chandigarh Administration.

• All the students at the time of initial enrolment to Panjab University courses on the campus or in the affiliated Institution shall pay Rs. 20/- towards P.U. Alumni House and Scholarship Fund. The money collected by the Affiliated Institution shall be remitted to the said Fund. 20% of the amount so collected by distributed proportionately for award of Scholarship to the University and College students.

• The other charges of Short-term courses the fix charge will be recovered in full other charges on the monthly basis shall be charged as per the duration of the course per month.

• An extra fees of Rs. 4,940/- p.a. be charged from each student obtaining optional paper (671) Numerical Analysis and computation in M.Sc. Math and pass course at the 2nd year level.

• The fee in 3rd year of M.Sc. in Medical Physics during internship period shall be 50% of the 2nd year.

• Forms complete in all respect for grant of any type of fee Concession (i.e. Student Aid Fund, Poverty Basis, Brother- Sister, Ward of P.U. Employee/Freeship, etc must be received in the University office Accounts Branch-II (Students Section) by 30 November 2017 along with requisite documents. No further intimation/Circular will be issued in this regard. Fee concession forms/refund of fee forms will be available on the P.U. website (

• Three months executive certificate course in Disaster Mgt in Security (kept on hold from the admission 2015) as per syndicate Para 19 dated 08.03.2015.

Panjab University Bcom Fee Structure

Tuition fee will be charged for twelve months in a year (i.e. from July to June)

The tuition fee etc. for the full academic year will be collected by the University Office, through its SBI Extension Counter in two installments as under on specified dates.

The name of the admitted students will be brought on the rolls of the class on production of receipt of full dues paid otherwise their admission shall be held null and void.

Each student is required to pay tuition and other fees in two installments i.e. one at time of the admission and the 2nd during 10th November to 30th November. Students who are absent, or on leave, on the prescribed dates will arrange to deposit their dues for the 2nd installment through someone. The names of such students who will not deposit 2nd installment of tuition and other fees shall be struck off the rolls of the Department w.e.f. 1st December and shall not be allowed to attend the classes.

Their admission forms for the University examinations shall not be forwarded to the University also. Students whose names have been struck-off for non-payment of dues for the 2nd installment can seek re-admission through the Chairperson of the Department concerned within one month from the date of their names are struck off and they shall be required to pay their dues along with prescribed fee with the University. They will be allowed to attend the classes only on production of original receipts to the Department.

After the lapse of this period, re-admission would be granted by the D.U.I. only in very hard and genuine cases, within the same academic year and their admission forms for the University examinations shall be forwarded subject to the condition of completion of lectures. In such cases the students shall deposit their fees along with prescribed re-admission fee with the University and obtain clearance slip from the Student Section of the Accounts Branch (Administrative Block) before they are allowed to attend the classes by the Department and their examination forms are forwarded to the University.

Notes :-

1. Students partly defaulter for tuition and other fees shall be required to clear their dues by 30th January and obtain clearance certificate from the Student Section of the Accounts Branch in the Administrative Block failing which their Roll Nos. for the University examination shall not be delivered by the Departments.

2. All kinds of fee concessions are granted by the D.U.I. and as such no adjustment/exemption of fees can be exercised by the students themselves, though eligible for fee concession he/she may be unless he applies for the concessions and the same is granted by the D.U.I. If a student who has not applied for a fee concession and does not pay fee for a term, he/she will not be considered on rolls of the Department.

Panjab University Bcom Fee Structure

Important Instructions:

Students while depositing their fees, should quote Department, Class and Roll Number. Before leaving the Cash Counter, they should check the particulars given on the receipt. The Office shall not be responsible for wrong adjustment of fees if correct and complete particulars are not given in the receipt.

Students who migrate from any other college to a University Teaching Department shall pay their tuition and other fees along with the charges and security from the succeeding month in which their migration is sanctioned by the University (in the case of Inter-University Migration, from the month of joining the Department), immediately on migration, after consulting the concerned Assistant Registrar in the University Office. Otherwise they shall not be allowed to attend the classes and their admission shall be held null and void.

Panjab University Bcom Fee Structure

SL NO.Panjab University Bcom Admission FormDOWNLOAD LINK
01.Panjab University Bcom Admission Form 1CHECK HERE
02.Panjab University Bcom Admission Form 2CHECK HERE
03.Panjab University Bcom Admission Form 3CHECK HERE

Panjab University Bcom Fee Structure

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