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Financial Reporting was the first paper of CA Final students and it was very sad to see all the students as they were depressed after coming from the exam.Every student had the same complain regarding the financial reporting paper, that the paper is lengthy. Maybe that is what motivated Bhagwan Lal sir to pen down an open letter to ICAI asking to go lenient on the students at the final level,since they have already been under a lot of pressure.Read the whole letter here written by Bhagwan Lal Sir to ICAI,


CA Bhagwan Lal

“I ( CA Bhagwan Lal ) have received many observations from may 2015 CA final exam students about the quality of financial reporting paper. As per students opinion, paper was ok so far the thoroughness is concern. But it is so lengthy that is is impossible to complete in 3 hours.

Then I decided to write the paper myself in exam condition. I was surprised to see that it took 4.17 hours to complete 6 required questions as per exam . I am a teacher from last 19 long years teaching accountancy to IPCC and final students on an average 6 to 8 hours daily . I was an IPCC and final rank holder of ICAI in my exams

If a daily practitioner like me ( CA Bhagwan Lal ) requires 4.17 hours then it is unfair to expect it from fresh first time students. Please do not expect from all students to be a SUPERMAN. Financial reporting is first paper . Its performance impacts all other subsequent papers. I agree that to pass we do not require all 6 questions to complete. But it is easy to be said by you and me who are well settled in life. Think from students point of view.

  1. They have already spend 6 months for CPT ,1 yearin ipcc and 3 years of articleship minimum, if all passed in first attempt.
  2. Expectation pressure of family to be bread earners.
  3. Own ambitions to excel in life. And some many other factors like girlfriend’s last warning to settle etc. It is not about one more attempt only , it is the frustration from self which hurts the students, sometimes for life.

They reduce their expectations from life forever. I think ca final students deserve better treatment than this. After all they are future of our profession. Please make the entry as tough as you wish at CPT or IPCC level but do not frustrated final students. They have already suffered a lot. They need your helping hand nothing else. I am proud of my ICAI, no personal complain.

I just want to see our CA profession full of joyful and enthusiastic persons and not a bunch of lifeless creatures.

Regards CA Bhagwan Lal

Therefore we hope ICAI will be lenient with its marking this time to all final level students.



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