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The main Objectives of business





The main Objectives of  business

Objectives of a business

The main Objectives of business:

There are many Objectives of a business. One of the main Objectives of a business is to create customers. It is for the businesses to create customers or to create a market. It is the customer who determines what a business is. The customer is the foundation of a business and keeps it in existence.We may now elaborate some of the important Objectives of a business:-

  1. Survival:- Survival is the will and anxiety to perpetuate into the feature as long as possible. It is a basic, implicit Objectives of a business. While survival is an obvious Objectives of a business, it gains more value and prominence during the initial stages of the establishment of the enterprise and during general economic adversity. The ability to survive is the function of the nature of ownership, financial strength of the enterprise and so on.
  2. Stability:- One of the most important Objectives of a business enterprise is stability. It is a cautious, conservative Objectives of a business. In a sense, stability is a least expensive and a risky objective in terms of managerial time and talent and other resources. A stable and steady enterprise minimizes managerial tensions and demands less dynamism from managers. It is a strategy of least resistence in a hostile external environment.
  3. Growth:- This is a promising Objectives of a business which is equated with dynamism, vigour, promise and success. Enterprise growth may take one or more of the forms like increase in assets, manufacturing facilities, increase in sales volume in existing products or through new products, improvement in profits and market share, increase in manpower employment, acquisition of other enterprises and so on. Growth may take the enterprise and along relatively unknown and risky paths, full of promises and full of pitfalls.




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