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New service tax rates June 2015

New service tax rates June 2015

This articles provides the new service tax rates.You will also find the best recommended books and video lectures related to service tax below ,check out and start preparing for your exams.

New service tax rates applicable on the various services w.e.f. 1st June, 2015 is as follows:

1. Restaurant – 5.6%

2. Hotel Lodging – 8.4%

3. Vehicle Rent – 5.6%

4. Hall with Catering – 9.8%

5. Catering – 8.4%

6. Building Repairing – 9.8%

7. Civil Contract with Material – 5.6%

8. Building Residential – 3.5%

9. Building Commercial – 4.2%

10. GTA Transports – 4.2%

11. All other Services – 14%

How change in Service Tax rate should be tackled.

Please keep in mind the following and prepare yourself accordingly for new service tax rates:

1. Service Provision is complete till 31.05.2015 and Invoice raised till 31.05.2015 but Payment received on or after 01.06.2015- 12.36% applicable.

2. Service complete till 31.05.2015, Invoice raised on or after 01.06.2015 but Payment is received till 31.05.2015 – 12.36%

3. Service Provision complete till 31.05.2015 and Invoice raised on or after 01.06.2015 and Payment also received after 01.06.2015- 14%

4. Invoice raised till 31.05.2015 in advance and some part of total consideration has been paid till 31.05.2015 but Service Provision is being done on or after 01.06.2015 -12.36% for such part payment, 14% for balance to be recd.

5. Entire consideration received till 31.05.2015 but no invoice raised till 31.05.2015 and no service provided -14%

6. Even if entire service has been provided on or after 01.06.2015 but both payment as well as invoicing has been done till 31.05.2015 then -12.36%.

New service tax rates :




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Author: Michael lang, walter loukota, markus stefaner


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