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New Guidelines For All Digital Signature


New Guidelines For All Digital Signature

Digital Signature

Digital Signature

Dear Friend,

New Guidelines For All Digital Signature

(1)     For the purpose of DSC application to CA (paper), all signatures including DSC subscriber and authorized person should be with blue-ink only.

(2)     In case subscriber’s signature is different from that in ID Proof, a physical verification needs to be carried out.

(3)     Photo ID proof and Address proof can be attested only by Banker, Gazetted officer or Post Master. LRA/RA doesn’t allowed from now.

(4)     Email addresses that are included in Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) should be unique. However provisions will be made for issuance of multiple DSC with a single email Id where it is established that these multiple DSC’s are being issued to a unique DSC applicant.

(5)     Power of attorney is not allowed for the purpose of DSC.   digital-signature-for-etending-efiling-ongc-iffco-wbtender-250x250

(6)     For all Classes of certificates, other than identity and address proof, the identity credentials which appear in the certificate, like PAN number, e-mail, mobile number etc should be verified.

(7)     The mobile number of DSC applicant in the DSC application form is mandatory (other than Banking). RA’s should call the subscriber on mobile

provided on DSC the application form and confirm that he or she has applied for the DSC. CA should approve the DSC issuance only after the confirmation of DSC applicant.

(8)     DSC shall be issued only after the application form (with ink signature) and copy of supporting document(s) (duly attested) have been physically received .

(9)     Each applicant for a personal digital signature certificate must provide proof of Identity and proof of address.

(10)  The biometric authentication carried out using Aadhaar e-KYC service to establish identity of the applicant, shall be treated as physical verification of subscriber. The (signed) response from UIDAI should be preserved as evidence.

(11) The normal time period for digital signature is of 3 days.


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