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New approach to prepare for CS Professional Exam 2015

New approach to prepare for CS Professional Exam 2015

The pattern of examination is changing all over the world recently.New Knowledge is generated every day and hour.

The new focus is not on what you know but how good are you in applying it to real life situation and how good you are in analyzing a situations and coming up with alternative ways of solving a problem and exploiting an opportunity.

New approach for preparation

1. You must spend time to gain a clear idea of various concepts,principles,method etc. you must also update yourself  on a daily basis by reading Business Newspapers/Magazines,attending webinars etc.

2.Good understanding of various topics of the subject you must do many exercises and examples to gain the ability to solve the problems given in examination paper.

3.You should also learn how such ideas or principles are used in real life and how they affect positive or negative in real life.

4.Express your opinion and suggestions using President’s portal.

5.Finally,it is very important to take as many simulated tests as possible to test yourself.

6. Recent studies have shown that all exams are stressful and it is absolutely important for a student to have a good sleep of six to eight hours on the previous night before the day of an examination. I would add that a day before your week of examination starts, you should have completed all your revisions and simulation tests and allow yourself 24 hours of relaxation. Take on an examination when your body mind is relaxed and refreshed.
7. From the Institute’s side, I would initiate steps to put more resources in your hands so that the diligent student can look to the Student Portal as a one stop shop for all the learning needs to pass the examination. I re-assure the students that we will upgrade the study materials periodically and that the same is and will be available in the soft form in the Students portal.


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