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Nagpur university Mcom Admit Card Download

Nagpur university Mcom Admit Card Download

Nagpur university Mcom Admit Card

Nagpur university Mcom Admit Card : Kindly note that the students that are covered under this online eSuvidha project are those who are admitted to RTM NU affiliated colleges for the first year (Academic session 2011-12) and to the annual pattern courses only. Please note that for all other courses and students including ex-students/old students and external students there is no change in the process of M-CARD, exam form filling to issuance of hall tickets.

The Examinations for Semesters I,II,III and IV shall be held twice a year at Such places and on such dates as notified by the University. The fees for examination shall be as prescribed by the Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University from time to time. Applicant for the examination pursuing are regular course of study leading to the Master Degree in Commerce shall not be permitted to join any other course in this University or any other University simultaneously.

Nagpur university Mcom Admit Card

(i) The Candidate must carry his/her valid Admit Card for the concerned Entrance Test. He/She must occupy only his/her allotted seat as per his/her Roll Number in the seating arrangement made for the concerned Test.

(ii) No Candidate will be allowed entry to the Test Hall after 30 minutes of the start of the Entrance Test.

(iii) No Candidate shall be allowed to leave the Test Hall till the end of the Test.

(iv) There is no provision to provide or permit a „writer‟ in the Entrance Test except for blind candidates, who will be provided „writers‟ on request .

(v) The Candidates shall be checked for any resource materials frequently and at random by the Invigilators and other staff conducting the Test, routinely and also on the slightest doubt.

(vi) Calculators/watch calculators, electronic diary, pager, mobile phones, earphones, alarm clock, digital watches with memory, slide rule, etc. are not allowed in the examination hall. Also, carrying of licensed weapons, fire arms, tools which can be used as lethal weapons are not allowed in the examination hall.

(vii) The Entrance Examination of a candidate shall be cancelled in case of any of the following actions by a candidate: Relevant or irrelevant resource material or loose paper found on his/her possession, or, lying on or around his/her seat, Possession of any unauthorized instrument or equipment as mentioned at (vi) above/document/paper/ information materials or any resource materials, Communication of information in writing or verbally or exchange of Question Booklet/Answer Sheets to and from any other person during the Test period and any other malpractice amounting to obtaining undue advantage, Writing anything in the Admit Card, Carrying of the envelope of the Admit Card into the examination hall, Any alterations or corrections in the entries made by a candidate in Question Booklet and OMR Sheet [Roll Number in words & figures and OMR sheet no. in Question Booklet and Roll Number, Question Booklet no. and Set no. (if any) in OMR sheet] but not duly verified by the invigilator concerned, Non-matching of signature made at the time of Entrance Test with that already done at the time of filling of Application Form.

(viii) The Entrance Examination of a candidate shall be cancelled and candidate shall be debarred to appear from future Entrance Tests in case of any of the following actions by a candidate: Tampering with the Admit Card including that of the photograph, Face not resembling the photograph on the Admit Card, Not occupying the allotted seat, Tampering/disturbing the seating arrangements, Smuggling-out or smuggling-in Question Booklet in part or in full, or Test material, or any resource material connected with the Test, Making any attempt to influence the University authorities directly or indirectly, disturbing or trying to disturb the Entrance Test, Noting down the questions or their answers, Shouting of slogans or creating unruly scene at the examination hall/examination centre/University campus.

(ix) Impersonation is a legally punishable offence. No Candidate will be permitted to appear in the Test without a valid Admit Card. The Admit Card should be presented to the invigilators/other authorized officials for verification. The candidate‟s identity will be verified in respect of his/her details on the Admit Card. If the identity is in doubt, the candidate may not be allowed to appear in the Test. The authorities may at their discretion provisionally permit the candidate to appear in the Test after completing formalities including taking of thumb impression/several signatures for further verification. No extra time will be granted for these formalities to be completed. Similarly, at the time of Counseling, the candidate‟s identity will be verified from the documents available with the University and in case of any doubt, his/her admission will be deferred till final verification. A person found to impersonate a candidate shall be handed over to the Police under an FIR lodged by the University. The candidate in reference shall be debarred from future Entrance Tests of the University. A student or employee of the University if found to impersonate in the Entrance Test will be respectively rusticated or dismissed from the University service. (

x) Suppression/concealment of information: The candidate must ensure that he/she is qualified to appear in the Entrance Test. If it is detected at any stage that he/she did not fulfill the minimum qualifications, or, there was something against the candidate which would have prevented him/her from being admitted in the concerned subject/course, or, the candidate has provided false information or no information about his/her previous involvement in an act punishable under law or act of gross misconduct and indiscipline, then his/her candidature shall not be considered and his/her admission, if already made, shall be cancelled at any stage and he/she shall be debarred from appearing in any of the future Entrance Tests of the University.

(xi) Nobody other than the University authorized personnel is permitted to move around the Test venue. Any unauthorized person loitering around the Test venue shall be handed over to the police under an FIR lodged by the University.

(xii) No scrutiny/re-evaluation of answer sheet of Nagpur university Examination is allowed in any case at any stage.

(xiii) The candidate shall be bound by the RTMNU Statutes/Ordinances/Rules and Regulations framed from time to time.

To download Nagpur university Mcom Admit Card CLICK HERE

Nagpur university Mcom Admit Card

Step wise description of the new online process is as follows.

1. On announcement of exam schedule by the exam section, the pre filled and auto generated exam forms of the students will be available on RTMNU eSuvidha portal for downloading in the logins of respective colleges and the individual students.

2. Kindly note exam forms of only those students will be available who have been granted either confirmed or provisional admission by the competent authority.

3. Colleges are expected to download the prefilled and auto generated exam form from their logins from the RTMNU eSuvidha portal. Alternately the student can also download the pre filled and auto generated exam form from his login using his/her id and password. Students can contact the colleges for their individual IDs/Passwords.

4. The college will give printout of exam forms to the student for verification and correction of the details mentioned on it to the student. If the student has downloaded the exam form from his/her login then there is no need to give him/her the printout of exam form.

5. The student is expected to go through the pre filled exam form carefully, check his/her personal details and subject details and all other relevant information on the form.

6. Students may take a photocopy of duly completed and signed examination form and retain the copy with him/her for future reference.

7. If there is no correction then the student should affix his/her signature and submit the same to the college along with the necessary fees and obtain fees paid receipt along with copy of the exam form submitted.

8. If there are any mistakes then the student is expected to make the changes on the form very clearly and legibly and bring it to the notice of the college while submitting the exam form and ensure that the college has made the necessary corrections on the RTMNU eSuvidha portal through college login.

9. Student should obtain the print out of the changed/corrected exam form, and if there are no corrections further then he/she should affix his/her signature and pay the necessary fees, obtain receipt along with the printout of the exam form submitted.

10. Colleges shall accept the exam forms along with fees. In case of any corrections needed on the exam forms, college can do it from their college logins and provide copy of the corrected exam form along with receipt of the fees received to the student.

11. After satisfying that the information filled by the student is either correct or corrected on the portal, the college is expected to INWARD the exam form of the student.

12. Colleges should note that once exam forms are done “INWARD” then students and college can effect minor corrections such as contact details (Address, email ID, phone/cell numbers) at their level however major corrections such as change in name corrections, subjects, papers could be effected only after the online/offline request of student/college and with the approval of the university.

13. College shall complete the INWARD process of all the forms.

14. An invoice shall be generated by colleges only upon all exam forms are done “INWARD” using ‘generate exam fee invoice’ link under invoice module in colleges login. The exam form submission report is available showing the amount payable to the University by the colleges towards exam fees based on the number of students INWARD. Also a list of the students INWARDed/appearing for the exam from the college is available in the college login. Take the printout of the invoice and the report.

15. College shall make Demand Draft in favour of Registrar RTM NU, Nagpur, for the total amount indicated in the submission report.

16. Submit all duly signed and completed exam forms submitted by the students along with the DD at the exam section of RTM NU, Nagpur.

17. The university exam section clerk shall scrutinize the forms and confirm the acceptance of the exam form online on the RTMNU eSuvidha portal and also by affixing stamp/seal and signing on the list of the students brought by the college.

18. Only after this the university will generate Seat Number, Allot Examination Center and Generate Exam Admission Card/Hall Ticket for the students whose exam form is inward.

19. The Exam Admission Card/Hall Tickets will be available in the logins of the colleges and colleges shall download the same, take the printout, verify, affix rubber stamp/seal of the college and signature of the authorized person (Principal) and hand it over to the relevant student.

20. In case there are any errors or mistakes or any other problem found on the hall ticket then the college should get in touch with the exam section of RTMNU and rectify the error and issue corrected hall ticket.

21. Please note that only those forms which have completed the above steps from 1 to 17 will be considered for further processing and for issuance of hall tickets.

22. Please note only those hall tickets having seal/stamp and signature of the authorized person of the college will be treated as valid hall ticket.

23. Please note all the above tasks have to be completed as per the schedule announced by the exam section of RTM NU, Nagpur.

To download Nagpur university Mcom Admit Card CLICK HERE

Nagpur university Mcom Admit Card

Important Note:

1. Training and orientation session on the process “After Enrolment Number to Hall Ticket Generation” will be conducted by MKCL at district level for all the colleges. Separate communication will be done on this subject about the day/date and venue of the orientation programme. All the colleges are expected to attend it without fail and depute their competent staff for the orientation programme.

2. The above process document will be kept on the RTM Nagpur university website

3. Colleges can login to their college logins from and type their login/password to enter in their college logins.

4. Students have to first activate their eSuvidha account in order to access their eSuvidha account by entering their enrolment number/DU-Pin and follow the instructions mentioned on the screen thereafter on the portal and on successful activation student will receive his ID/PWs on their cell phones if mentioned by the college while entering their admissions forms or alternately they can get the same from the college as it is available in college logins. Students shall login to their eSuvidha account using this ID/PW from the same URL to access exam forms, hall tickets and other facilities.

To download Nagpur university Mcom Admit Card CLICK HERE

To download PDF of  Nagpur university Mcom List of Colleges CLICK HERE

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