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Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University Bcom Syllabus – 2017 exam

Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University Bcom Syllabus – 2017 exam

Nagpur University Bcom Syllabus – Before looking into Nagpur university Bcom syllabus  lets know a little about Nagpur University, It  was established on 4th August, 1923 with six affiliated colleges and 927 students. During 1947, the number of students increased to about 9000 accompanied by the improvement and diversification of curricula and expansion in the range of subjects. The expansion of library and sports facilities occurred during these years for the intellectual and physical well being of the students. It was in 1958 that some new Departments in Arts and Social Science faculties were opened; the major expansion, however, came in 1963 when several science and other teaching Departments were started. The Departments were shifted to spacious buildings in the main campus in 1972-73. In later years, several career oriented courses have been started viz., Business Management, Fine Arts, Mass Communication, Library Science, Physical Education, etc.
During ninety years of its existence, the Nagpur University has progressed satisfactorily and doing well in the midst of constraints of different sorts. This has been possible because of futuristic vision about higher education of the personalities who adored the chair of Vice-Chancellor of this  Nagpur University . Their determination and dedication helped a lot in progress of this  Nagpur University.

To get all semester complete details of bcom syllabus and subjects visit bcom syllabus and subjects.

Nagpur University Bcom Syllabus

Nagpur University Bcom Syllabus

Nagpur University Vision: To be one of the foremost knowledge hubs with commitment to excellence, relevance, innovation and inclusion in education, research, extension and human development, generating globally competitive youth with national character and social commitment.

Download Nagpur university Bcom syllabus here :

University NameCourse  SyllabusDownloads

Nagpur university Bcom syllabus


Nagpur university Bcom syllabus

All the detailed information about Nagpur university Bcom syllabus can be downloaded from above download button. And Nagpur university Bcom syllabus overview are given below:

B.Com. – Nagpur university Bcom syllabus First Year

C-11: Paper-I: Financial Accounting-I

C 12 Paper – II: Business Organisation

C 13 Paper – III :Company Law Level of Knowledge: – Basic Conceptual Knowledge. Objective: To make aware the students with basic concept of company law [The Company Act 2013 with Amendments up to June 2016]

C 14 Paper – IV: Business Economics – I.

Vocational Course

Group – I : Computer Applications V11 : Fundamental of Information Technology (FIT)

Vocational Course Semester – I

Group – II :Principles & Practice of Insurance Life Insurance – Paper I

B.Com. – First Year Semester-II

C 21 Paper – I: Statistics and Business Mathematics Statistics and Business Mathematics Paper – I

C 22 Paper – II: Business Management

C 23 Paper – III : Secretarial Practice

C 24 Paper – IV : Business Economics – II

Vocational Course– Semester II

Group – I : Computer Applications V21 : Software Packages (SP)

Group – V21 : Principles & Practice of Insurance Life Insurance – Paper II (Semester – II)

B.Com. – Nagpur university Bcom syllabus Second Year Semester-IV

C 41 Paper – I : Financial Accounting – III

C 42 Paper – II : Skill Development

C 43 Paper – III: Income Tax

C 44 Paper – IV : Monetary Economics – II

Vocational Course Semester IV

Group – I : Computer Applications V41 : Computerised Accounting (C/A)

Group – II: Principles & Practice of Insurance General Insurance – Paper II (Semester – IV)

B.Com. – Third Year Semester-V

C 51 Paper – I :Financial Accounting – IV

Semester-V C 52 Paper – II : Management Accounting

E 53 Paper IV : Marketing Management

E 53 Paper – IV : Indian Economics – I

F 54 Paper – III : Business Finance -I

F 54 Paper – III : Auditing

Vocational Course:Semester V

Group – I : Computer Applications V51 : Web Designing using HTML (WD) Paper – I

Group – II -V51 : Principles & Practice of Insurance Insurance and Actuarial Science – Paper I

B.Com. Nagpur university Bcom syllabus Third Year Semester-VI

C 61 Paper – I : Computerised Accounting

C 62 Paper – II :Cost Accounting

E 63 Paper – IV : Human Resource Management

C 63 Paper – IV : Indian economics – II

F 64 Paper – III : Business Finance – II

F 64 Paper – III : Industrial Law

Vocational Course : Semester VI

Group – I: Computer Applications  V61 : Introduction to Visual Basic (IVB)

Group –II: V62 : Principles & Practice of Insurance Insurance and Actuarial Science.

Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University Bcom Syllabus – 2017 exam :Nagpur university Notes: Overview

Nagpur University NotesIst year:
Basics of Computer & Statistical Techniques
Business Economics
Enterprenuership Development (Vocational)
Financial Accounting – I
Pali and Prakrit
Paper V : Advertising Sales Promotion & Sales Management
Paper-I : Business Finance- I
Paper-I : Entrepreneurship Development- I (Entrepreneurship Development)
Paper-I : Human Resource Development- I (Human Resource Management)
Paper-I : Marketing Management- I (Dynamics of Marketing)
Paper-I : MIS & Information Technology- I
Paper-I : Principles & Practice of Insurance
Paper-II : Office Management & Secretarial Practice
Paper-III : Tax Procedure & Practice
Paper-IV : Fundamentals of Information Technology
Principles of Business Management
Supplementry English
Nagpur University Bcom Notes:
IInd Year
Advertising Sales Promotion and Sales Management
Business Finance – II
Company Law and Secretarial Practice
Compulsory English
Computer Application
Cost and Management Accounts
Enterprenuership Development
Financial Accounts-II
Human Resource Development (Organisation Behaviour)
Management of Agro and Small Scale Industries
Marketing Management – II (Advertising and Sales Management)
MIS and Information Technology-II
Monetary Economics
Office Management & Secretarial Practice
Principles and Practice of Insurance
Supplementry English

Tax Procedures and Practices
Nagpur University Bcom Notes:
IIIrd year:

Advertising Sales Promotion and Sales Management
Business Communication and Management
Business Finance and Tax
Business Law
Entrepreneurial Development-III (Insurance,Transport and Foreign Trade)
Entrepreneurship Development
Financial Accounts and Auditing – III
Income Tax
Indian Economics
Industrial and Services Marketing – III
Industrial Relations and Labour Laws – III
Introduction to Visual Basis and MIS
MIS and Information Technology -III
Office Management and Secretarial Practice
Principles and Practice of Insuranse
Tax Procedure and Practice

(B) Optional Paper –III (Group D) (Selected
from any Optional group as mentioned
Under Para 10 (A) (7) of the Directions )

Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University Bcom Syllabus – 2017 exam :You can use following books for B.COM

Try and get these books for your preparation.

3. Business Laws (ODISHA) CBCS (Choice Based Credit System)BY SUSHMA ARORA

To search more books visit

Use following downloads, free notes, ebooks, pdfs for B.COM

Download now for free by clicking on links below

1. Mercantile Laws Chapter1- Study material
2. CA CPT Laws Chapter 2-The Sale Of Goods Act, 1930
3. CA CPT Dec 2015 Overseas Result
4. Syllabus And Contents Of CA CPT Laws
5. CPT Law Rtp For May 2015
6. Change of Syllabus for CA CPT Law May 2015 Exam
7. CA CPT Laws Chapter 1-The Indian Contract Act, 1872
8. CA CPT Mercantile Laws Chapter 2-Study material
9. Incorporation Of Limited Liability Partnership
10. Mercantile Laws Initial page- Study material

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Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University Bcom Syllabus – 2017 exam

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