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Mumbai university Bcom time table for exams

Mumbai university Bcom time table

Mumbai university Bcom time table-The University of Mumbai has several hundred affiliated colleges offering undergraduate and post-graduate education, and conducting research in areas of science, commerce, arts, engineering, management, law, etc. Each college has its own campus and specialized departments/centres.




Days and DatesTimePaper
Monday, April 03, 201711.00 02.00 p.m.Financial Accounting & Auditing : Paper-III – Financial Accounting. (Last Chance)
11.00 02.00 p.m.Financial Accounting & Auditing : Paper-III – Financial Accounting.(IDOL) (R-2016)
11.00 02.00 p.m.Economics – Paper III.
11.00 02.00 p.m.Business Management : Paper III- Management & Organisation Development.
11.00 02.00 p.m.Commerce: Paper III- International Business Relations.
11.00 02.00 p.m.Quantitative Techniques : Paper III-Mathematical Methods.
11.00 02.00 p.m.Banking & Finance : Paper III- Introduction to Banking in India.
Wednesday, April 05, 201711.00 02.00 p.mFinancial Accounting & Auditing : Paper IVAuditing and Cost Accounting. (Last Chance)
11.00 02.00 p.m.Financial Accounting & Auditing : Paper IV- Cost Accounting- Introduction and Basic Concepts(IDOL) (R-2016)
11.00 02.00 p.m.Economics – Paper IV.
11.00 02.00 p.m.Business Management : Paper IV – Financial Management.
11.00 02.00 p.m.Commerce : Paper IV – Management of Service Industry.
11.00 02.00 p.m.Quantitative Techniques : Paper IV – Statistical Methods.
11.00 02.00 p.m.Banking & Finance : Paper IV – Introduction to Financial Services
Thursday, April 06, 201711.00 02.00 p.m.. Financial Accounting & Auditing : Paper VManagement Accounting. (Last Chance)
11.00 02.00 p.m.Financial Accounting & Auditing : Paper V- Related Applied Component – Introduction to Management Accounting & Auditing.(IDOL) (R-2016)
11.00 02.00 p.m.Economics – Paper V.
11.00 02.00 p.m.Business Management: Paper V-Marketing Management.
11.00 02.00 p.m.Commerce: Paper V-Commercial Administration.
11.00 02.00 p.m.Quantitative Techniques: Paper V- Operations Research, Quality Control & Reliability
11.00 02.00 p.m.Banking & Finance: Paper V- Finance of Foreign Trade and Foreign Exchange
Friday, April 07, 201711.00 02.00 p.m.Business Economics.: Paper III
Monday, April 10, 201711.00 02.00 p.m.Commerce : Paper III –Marketing and Human Resource Management .
Tuesday, April 11, 201711.00 02.00 p.m.Direct and Indirect Taxes.
Wednesday, April 12, 201711.00 02.00 p.m.Export Marketing.
Thursday, April 13, 201711.00 02.00 p.mPsychology of Human Behaviour at work
Monday, April 17, 201711.00 02.00 p.m.Marketing Research
Tuesday, April 18, 201711.00 02.00 p.m.Trade Unionism and Industrial Relations.
Wednesday, April 19, 201711.00 02.00 p.m.Entrepreneurship & M.S.S.I.

NOTE: The candidates appearing for the examination should report 15 minutes before the start of examination.

  • Mobile phones and other electronic gadgets are prohibited in the examination hall.
  • Change if any, in the time table shall be communicated on the university web site.
  • To get the pdf version of the timetable click here 

Study tips for preparing exam:

Mumbai university Bcom time table-Those who have not secured desired marks need not worry as it does not help even the slightest.Studies are basically the most boring thing that anyone of us has ever done in our entire life. But then having said that there is just no way that we can stay away from that. Studies are what makes us the person that we are and to be honest education is one of the most important things that we have in our entire life. This would help us to not only get a good job or a reputed future but would also educate us to become good citizens of the nation at large and this is just the reason why education is just the most important thing that you can think of. Education simply helps you know a lot about life and helps you to lead your life in the best possible way.

Other University Bcom Scheme for 2018 exam

Mumbai university Bcom time table

Mumbai university Bcom time table-But it is seen that with every passing day, studies is becoming that part of the life of a person which is way too disturbing to anyone at large and to stop this from happening and to make people fall back in love with studies, all that we would need to have is to just change the system in which we presently are and bring more visual effects in the life of the people, which would simply make the life of the people even more beautiful and would give people a reason to fall in love with studies, which would make them love what they do. This is one of the initiatives that the world is taking and we hope to have a better study environment across the nations in years to come.

All students are advised that they should  start preparing for Mumbai University Bcom Examination.  Students need to start making strategies to crack the Exam successfully. Though without the help of University Bcom Exam Time Table it is tough but not impossible. Students start with the difficult subjects and use the Time Table to the fullest.

About Mumbai university

The profile of this University carved out in 156 years of its functioning attests to its manifold achievements as the intellectual and moral powerhouse of the society. The University has always given its best to the country in general and to the city of Mumbai in particular by enthusiastically shouldering an ever-growing load of social values and opportunities.

Mumbai university Bcom time table-At national level, it has excelled in sports, cultural and out-reach activities. In the last five years it has seen 104% increase in under-graduate students, 112% increase in post-graduate students and 147% increase in distance – education students. There is 156% increase in the number of research papers published in International journals. Twelve Department/sections are recognized under various national programmes, such as SAP/CAS/DRS/DSA/COSIST/FIST. More than eighty teachers are on various professional bodies. Eighteen National/International awards are won by teachers in the last five years. Every year about 20 teachers visit abroad for academic activities. Recently more than ten self-supporting courses have been started by the University

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Mumbai university Bcom time table

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