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Know about GST-RBI E-KUBER

Know about GST-RBI E-KUBER

The Joint Committee formed under GST recommends that RBI should play the role of an aggregator through its e-Kuber system. Such role will facilitate participation of larger number of banks in GST receipts enhancing convenience for the tax payers and provide single source of information for credit of the receipts to Government accounts and thereby simplifying accounting and reconciliation tasks.

In case of any discrepancy found during the reconciliation by the Accounting Authorities, they would directly interact with RBI.

The following functions will be performed by RBI (e-Kuber):

RBI will consolidate luggage files received from all authorized banks, debit their accounts and correspondingly credit the CGST, IGST and Additional Tax accounts of Government of India and SGST accounts of each State/UT Government maintained in RBI(39 accounts);

RBI would send consolidated, digitally signed e-scrolls, along with all the challan details, for each type of Tax (one each for CGST, IGST and Additional Tax for Government of India, and separate e-scrolls of SGST for each State/UT Governments) per day (including NIL payment day) after including the amount collected by it in Mode – III to Accounting Authority of Centre (e-PAO) / each State (e-Treasury) and GSTN simultaneously. Daily Major head account-wise scroll from RBI will consist of following information:

  • Merchant Code given to GSTN
  • Scroll Number and Date
  • Name of Government to which the scroll pertains
  • CIN
  • BRN
  • RBI Transaction No.
  • Mode Of Payment
  • Tax Amount
  • Control parameters like total transaction, Total Amount in the scroll, etc

If any discrepancy is reported by Accounting Authority or GSTN, it would carry out the correction mechanism with the authorized bank and thereafter report the corrected data to respective Accounting Authority and GSTN.

RBI will consolidate Datewise Monthly Statements (DMS) received from the banks for each tax and government, validate the consolidated statements (39) with reference to its own data of e-scrolls reported during the report month, have a systemic review of unresolved discrepancies and communicate the statements to the respective accounting authorities within 3 days from end of the report month.

Know about GST-RBI E-KUBER


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