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Kerala University Mcom Question Papers

Kerala University Mcom Question Papers

Kerala University Mcom Question Papers

Kerala University Mcom Question Papers : Kerala University Previous years MCom question papers are very rare to get in the internet. We put our full effort to bring all the previous year’s Kerala University MCom question papers. All most you all know the importance of the previous year MCom old question papers. When you start your semester exam preparations, it is better to start with the past Kerala University MCom question papers. But most cases we cannot get the question papers of previous years.

In that case it is better to go with some model question papers and sample question papers specifically set for Kerala University MCom by some experts and old students. Here we list out all those previous years question papers, Kerala University model question papers and some sample question papers with respect to the Kerala University MCom syllabus.

Exams seem to be a mystery to most students but some may find it exciting by looking at it as a competition. It is necessary for every student to prepare well before the exams. Some students are always looking for a short cut. They pray about having a perfect dream about the coming test so that they already know it but that is not a reality truth is if you wants to succeed you have to prepare well for the exams.

Kerala University Mcom Question Papers

One of the simplest ways to prepare for the exams is to manage your study according to a well-defined time table and allot time to every subject. During the preparation it is always good to go through the past exams and have a meaningful discussion with your fellows about it. It is a general observation that examiners make minor changes in their way of asking questions ever year. It is a good practice to compare the questions of the examiners because it will give a better idea about what the examiner is looking for in the exam.

 Technique for Studying Past Papers

Most of the universities keep copies of the past exams in their libraries or they can also be accessed from the university websites available on the internet. A good practice is to take past five year papers and, instead of going through the past exam paper year by year, find questions about the same topic and prepare that topic really well. Once you have covered the topics of one subject move to the next subject. In this way you are not only preparing for the important questions but will also understand the whole topic. This technique can be very helpful for preparing the exam.

Advantages of Studying Past Papers

One of the most important part of exam preparation is going through past exams. It is important  to revise your entire syllabus quickly. They can provide you the general idea of the upcoming paper and you could easily guess the important topics of a particular subject. Past exam papers give you the idea of number of questions and the available choices. The time for solving the exam paper can be efficiently managed if you have the idea about the pattern of the exam paper. It is therefore necessary for students to give some time to go through the past paper while revising a subject.

The best way to prepare for an exam is to analyze and solve Previous Years question paper which eventually helps a lot in analyzing what are the best topics that are being covered in the entire question paper. 

Kerala University Mcom Question Papers

Here are the points on how solving Previous year papers helps in the preparation!!

1. Analyze Your Preparation

” I guess my Optics is complete”. 

“I guess my calculus is complete”. 

Many students keep on saying this kind of sentences throughout the entire year but when they give exam they actually get to know that at that time neither optics nor Calculus was prepared.

Previous year papers are always an important asset for the preparation. On solving them, one always get to know what exactly is the level of preparation they have.

2. Develops Accuracy

Accuracy and speed, both are the most important aspect for any exam. This speed and accuracy always come   when you practice a lot on a daily basis. Unless you don’t know the pattern of any exam where you will sit for it, you will surely face failure. Solving past year papers tells you both pattern as well as what is the difficulty and level of the questions that are being assked, helping you develop accuracy when you will solve it and also  you will develop a speed.

3. Exam Booster

Solving previous years’ papers gives you confidence and enhances your examination temperament. Solving more and more questions in a limited time  is a must to do in order to ready yourself for the final exam. By solving sample papers on a regular basis, students get familiar with the exam pattern and get an overview that how the actual MCOM Main exam would be.

4. Improves Time Management Skills

Practicing MCOM Question papers helps in familiarizing the students with the pattern of the exam. It let the students take time-bound tests that help them to determine how much time they spent on an average in solving a question. MCOM Question papers also help avoid situations where students might be stuck for many minutes pondering over a single low-scoring question and thereby neglecting other high-scoring questions. By calculating their actual speed, students can improve their time management skills and perform well on the D-day. Sample test series help in building a winning exam temperament.

5. Checks Level of Preparation

Once you have completed the syllabi of Class XII, you can start your practice from last years’ papers. By practicing mock papers, you can check your level of preparation for the MCOM exam. Also, it helps you get a strong grip over the subject, speed in writing the exam and knowing strong and weak areas. Regular practice leads to the periodic monitoring of your performance. Sample papers and test series are now easily available on Smartphone-based assessment apps that students can access on-the-go.

6. Builds Speed & Accuracy

We believe in solving as many as possible sample papers in order to gain a good speed. Like set a deadline for solving questions so as to learn and practice time management. Solve nearly 50-60 mathematical questions per day, and with progressing days, you will gain speed in solving questions”.

Speed and accuracy are important aspects to ace the exam cleverly, and they come from the extensive practice of similar questions. Regular practice of solving previous years’ question papers increases your speed, and you take comparatively lesser time in solving the complete paper. Coaching experts also advise that students must practice a good number of MCQs to build up speed and accuracy.

7. Aids to Get Rid of the Exam Fear

Yes, this is the main purpose that the sample test papers serve. Students are often so scared of facing the entrance exam that they end up getting even the easier questions wrong. When you solve sample test papers regularly, your fear of exam goes away. The D-Day exam paper might also appear to be like just another test series mock exam where you can apply all your strategies and score the highest marks.

8. Boosts Confidence

According to the coaching experts, solving previous years’ papers gives you confidence and enhances your examination temperament. Solving more and more questions in a stipulated time frame is a must to get the real examination temperament and a sense of self-assurance. The more papers you solve, the better are your chances of finishing the paper on time.

Competitive exams such as MCOM require more than simply memorizing the concepts and practizing the questions. It is because the questions are rarely straightforward in nature. In such a scenario, it always helps to opt for sample papers to score good marks and get started with your dream journey to the Success.

Kerala University Mcom Question Papers

First Year

PaperSubjectDownload Link
Paper 01Contemporary Management Concepts and ThoughtsClick here
Paper 02Management Information SystemClick here
Paper 03Research MethodologyClick here
Paper 04Advanced Corporate AccountingClick here
Paper 05E -Business and Cyber lawsClick here
Paper 06Business Ethics and Corporate GovernanceClick here
Paper 07Quantitative TechniquesClick here
Paper 08Strategic ManagementClick here

Kerala University Mcom Question Papers

Second Year

1. Elective – Finance

PaperSubjectDownload Link
Paper 01Income tax Planning and ManagementClick here
Paper 02Security Analysis and Portfolio ManagementClick here
Paper 03Strategic Financial ManagementClick here
Paper 04Advanced Cost and Management AccountingClick here
Paper 05Indirect Tax Laws and practicesClick here
Paper 06International FinanceClick here
Paper 07Management Optimization TechniquesClick here
Paper 08Financial Statements-Interpretation and ReportingClick here

Kerala University Mcom Question Papers

Second Year

2. Elective – Marketing

PaperSubjectDownload Link
Paper 01Marketing ResearchClick here
Paper 02International MarketingClick here
Paper 03Logistics ManagementClick here
Paper 04Advertising and Sales promotionClick here
Paper 05Agricultural and Rural marketingClick here
Paper 06Industrial marketingClick here
Paper 07Services MarketingClick here
Paper 08Management Optimization TechniquesClick here

Solving Kerala University Mcom Question Papers or mock papers can be helpful in multiple ways. Check below the top five benefits of practicing MCOM Question papers that will ensure your ticket to the glorious future.


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