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An eminent scholar,  Kavita A Sharma has been an Honorary visiting lecturer to Tokyo Women’s Christian College and University of Indonesia. Dr Sharma has written and books on various subjects including among others Internationalisation of higher education, The Windmill of Mind and Interpreting Experience. She has an endless list of published research articles to her Her research articles include among others From Dejection to Action, The Role of Women Educators, Limping Marriages and Holiday Wives, and Resource Mobilisation in Higher Education in India and Canada. She has peer reviewed books for The Journal of the Poetry Society in India, Poetry and Humour from Cowper to Clough, and The Immigrant Indo.

She is a Life of professional associations including, the English Association, Indian Association of Canadian Studies, Indian Society for Commonwealth Studies, Indian Law Institute, Association of Comparative Literature, Indian History Congress and the Founder of Parents’ Forum for Meaningful education. Dr Sharma is a Fulbright scholar and is the recipient of numerous fellowship awards.

She has been conferred the ” Indira Gandhi Sadbhavana Award” by the National Integration and Economic Council on the occasion of the birth anniversary of former Prime Minister Late Smt. Indira Gandhi on 19 November, 2005.

Internationalization of Higher Education: An Aspect of India’s Foreign Relations, Gyan Publishing House, Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi, 2008

  • Birds, Beasts, Men and Nature, TransEdit Communications, SV-II-08 TF, Eldeco Utopia, Sector 93-A, Noida Expressway, Noida-2008
  • The Windmills of the Mind, Rupa & Co, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi, 2006
  • The Queens of Mahabharata, Rupa & Co., Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi, 2006.
  • Critiquing Nationalism, Transnationalism and Diaspora Dr. Kavita A. Sharma, Dr. Adesh Pal, Dr. Tapas Chakrabarti, ed. New Delhi: Creative Books, 2006.
  • Contextualizing Nationalism, Transnationalism and Indian Diaspora, Dr. Kavita A. Sharma, Dr. Adesh Pal, Dr. Tapas Chakrabarti, ed., New Delhi :Creative Books, 2006.
  • Interpreting Indian Diaspora Experience, Dr. Kavita A.Sharma, Dr. Adesh Pal, Dr. Tapas Chakrabarti, ed., New Delhi: Creative Books, 2004
  • Indian Diaspora: Theorizing And Critiquing, Dr. Kavita A.Sharma,  Dr. Adesh  Pal, Dr. Tapas Chakrabarti, ed. New Delhi: Creative Books, 2004.
  • 50  of University Grants Commission, December, 2003,  University Grants Commission, Govt. of India,  New Delhi
  • Introduction to The Dicing and The Sequel to Dicing, Doaba Publications, 4497/14, Guru Nanak Market, Nai Sarak, Delhi, 2001.
  • The Ongoing Journey: Indian Migration to Canada, New Delhi: Creative Books, 1997.
  • Byron’s Plays : A Reassessment, University at Salzburg, Austria 1981.
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  • Sixty years of the University Grants Commission: Establishment, growth and evolution by Kavita A Sharma. New Delhi: University Grants Commission, 2013


Published Articles


  • “The Effective State of Our Being”  Karma Yoga in Tilak, Gandhi and Sri Aurobindo” IN: Studies in Comparative Literature: Theory, Culture and Space, edited by Jancy James, Chandra Mohan, Subha Chakraborty Das Gupta, Nirmal Kanti Bhattacharjee. New Delhi: Creative Books, 2007 pp. 153-170.
  • “Limping Marriages and Holidays Wives”  IN: Critiquing, Nationalism, Transnationalism, and Indian Diaspora, edited by . Kavita A Sharma, Adesh Pal and Tapas Chakrabarti New Delhi: Creative Books, 2006.
  • “Krishna Dvaipayana’s Veda of Life” IN: Indian Knowledge Systems, Vol. II, edited by Kapil Kapoor and Avadhesh Kumar Singh. Shimla and New Delhi: Indian Institute of Advanced Study and D.K. Printworld (P) Ltd. 2005, pp.333-349.
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