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  • Have you taken online or pen drive or live class from a renowned faculty?
  • What percentage of the classes you have watched?
  • Have you attempted mock tests or practice tests yet?
  • Are you planning to attempt mock tests conducted by external bodies- ICAI, ICSI, ICMAI or other institute?
  • How many tests you have taken?
  • Did you manage to finish the test papers on time?
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Karnataka class 12 commerce study guides

Karnataka class 12 commerce study guides:

Karnataka class 12 commerce study guides: The best way to deal with commerce subjects is to practice solving as many sample papers as possible and having your concepts clear as the subjects comprise both short and long answer type questions. “You have to go beyond the NCERT as far as commerce subjects are concerned, specially in case of accountancy,”

Karnataka class 12 commerce study guides:

Karnataka class 12 commerce study guides

Karnataka class 12 commerce study guides:

How to prepare for Karnataka Class 12 commerce:

Hard work is not Enough when GOAL is BIG, it needs more powerful and systematic planning and proper time management. Here is a Study Planner and solution for all your anxieties.

Key Features:

  • Calculate the total time for studies
  • Weigh your subjects
  • Division of days for studding each subject
  • Division of subject areas as per the allotment of days
  • Weekly plan of study

Karnataka class 12 commerce study guides:

  • Time management is more important.
  • Firstly do not ignore your health.
  • Get proper sleep and eat a balanced nutritious diet.
  • A good relaxed mind and healthy food is important for you to retain what you study.
  • Besides know your strengths and weaknesses. Give more time to your weaker subjects but also take care that you do not ignore any subject altogether because a piled up syllabus in even one subject might bring down your percentage.
  • Do not try to spend hours in front of books if you are not retaining what you study.Plan to study such that you do not study for long stretches and get enough break every hour or two.
  • Also be positive and optimistic about scoring well. A happier you will be a more successful you.

Karnataka class 12 commerce study guides:


  • Study as per the syllabus prescribed by the CBSE.
  • Remember that CBSE board exams are entirely based on the prescribed syllabus.
  • Extra Practice can be done from various reference books.


  • Definitions are to be understood properly along with the meaning.
  • You need to understand the logic and reasoning behind the concept.
  • To get full marks you need to memorize the definitions after understanding them so that you can write them in the exam properly.


  • There are lot formulas which are applied in accountancy.
  • Students should NOT mug up those formulas and should understand how that formula is derived and what purpose it is made for.
  • Unless you have full understanding of the basis of the formulas you will not be able to solve questions properly.
  • Once you understand the formulas prepare a chapter wise formula sheet and revise them regularly.


  • While practicing, utmost care should be taken while making calculation and mistakes should be avoided.
  • This practice will help you in the exam and will save you from loss of marks due to tiny mistakes.


  • Make your own notes chapter wise.
  • Mark those concepts with RED color which you find difficult to understand.
  • While solving questions you may get stuck at some typical point. Always note those typical points for later revision. It will help you later on in the exam.


  • Students should focus on the Features, advantages and disadvantages of various topics as these questions are asked frequently in the exams.
  • Students should practice by writing them and not by understanding and memorizing only.


  • Neat and clean working notes are also required as they become basis for the amounts calculated and to be put in Journals as well in accounts.
  • Working notes also carry marks in the exams.


  • Students should pay utmost attention while making formats for journals, Ledgers and Balance sheets.
  • They should draw proper formats and also focus on writing narrations.
  • Lot of students complain after the exam that the exam was lengthy but most of the times they take too much time in making formats because they seldom practice drawing proper formats while they practice.
  • Thus doing this will help students to finish their paper on time.


  • Solve past years examination papers keeping the time in mind.
  • Set your clock and check time taken while solving these papers so that you get exam type practice at home. This will help you managing your time during the examination.
  • This will help you finish your exam in the allotted time and paper will not look lengthy.
  • Make sure you make proper formats, working notes, Narrations and correct calculations.
  • You will gain a lot of confidence with this as you will be able to practice according to the pattern of questions, typology and methodology of how examiners set the question papers and what type of questions you will face.


  • Proper Revision is the key for success in any exam.
  • Bring together all your notes, practice registers and formula sheets prepared by you which you made throughout the year.
  • Make revision plan. Allocate the time available between all the chapters and start solving those questions which you found difficult to solve while practicing.
  • Also revise those concepts which you found hard to understand and marked earlier.

Karnataka class 12 commerce study guides:

Karnataka class 12 commerce study guides: Accountancy
Attempt questions on company accounts, cash flow statements and partnership first. These carry 60% weightage in the paper. Calculate each and everything properly. Show proper working notes. You must draw up a proper format and must write narrations in case of journals. You should also go through all illustrations and give formula for ratio analysis. Besides the NCERT, you must also refer to CBSE sample papers.

Karnataka class 12 commerce study guides: Business studies
In a question with words like ‘enumerate’ or ‘list’, write only points. Explanation of each point should not be more than five to six lines. Try to write headings as given in the NCERT book. If you forget the point don’t worry, you can write any related point or you can write the explanation without the heading and then you can underline within the explanation. Give examples wherever possible. Start the answer from the extract given in the question. In questions like ‘Do you agree with this statement…,’ start answers with your viewpoint i.e. ‘I agree with xyz because….’ Remember, business studies is very scoring. The only thing you have to do is stress on presentation. During revision, start recalling the points of the first three chapters and then keep on adding another two chapters. Then revise five chapters together and so on. Don’t panic if you forget the heading. Write any related point or just write the explanation without the heading. You will be granted marks. But it does not mean that you don’t write the heading at all. The important chapters include formal and informal organisation, delegation and decentralization, financial management, and marketing management etc.

Karnataka class 12 commerce study guides: Economics
Stick to the syllabus prescribed by CBSE. Plan your revision schedule to avoid last moment stress. Make a flow chart of every chapter. Prepare effective notes of terms, definitions and important points chapter wise. These will suffice for final revision before the exam. Practice drawing neatly-labelled diagrams. Unlabeled diagrams do not convey any meaning. Use schedules/diagrams to revise the concepts. Hone up your analytical skills. Understand the reasons for the relationship between variables – such as total product and marginal product, total fixed cost and average fixed cost etc. While revising the paper, ensure the following: Write the correct equation/ formula – follow a logical pattern. Transfer correct values from the question to answer. Try and reduce writing time to two-and-a-half-hours to ensure ample revision time of the written answer for yourself. If you get stuck, try to remember a related fact. If that does not work, go on to the next question. Come back to it later. Be neat in presentation of your answer. Highlight/underline the salient points.

Karnataka class 12 commerce study guides:

Karnataka class 12 commerce study guides: Recommended for such an enthusiastic audience:

Karnataka class 12 commerce study guides:

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