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Karnataka class 12 commerce business studies best books

Karnataka class 12 commerce business studies best books

Karnataka class 12 commerce business studies best books:-

For getting success in Pre University Course, that is an intermediate course conducted by various state education boards in India, are required to understand the Exam pattern and types of questions. Department of University Education, Karnataka releases the Exam time table in month of November and March every year.

The state of Karnataka through Department of University Education, Karnataka is liable for organizing PUC board exams in PUC II for university admissions, so for your exam preparation we are providing you the 1st and 2nd PUC question Paper in following section:

Pre-University College (PUC) is the most popular option after Class 10. Before deciding on which stream to choose in PUC, a student must know the following facts:

  • PUC is a 2-year course with 1 Major Board Exam at the end of the second year PUC/12th.
  •  Every student must study 4 core subjects in each branch along with 1st language—English & 2nd language (Kannada / Sanskrit / Hindi / Urdu / Tamil / Telugu / Malayalam / Marathi / French / German / Arabic ).
  •  Options in Arts/Humanities—History, Geography, Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, Education, Logic, Home Science, Optional Kannada, Karnataka Music & Hindustani Music, etc.
  •  Options in Commerce—History, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy, Computer Science, Geography, Statistics & Basic Maths.
  •  Options in Science—Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Electronics, Computer Science, Home Science & Geology

Flexible Combinations

  •  If you don’t like to study Biology, you can pursue PCME (Electronics) or PCMCs ( Computer Science) or PCMG (Geology). This makes you eligible for career in Engineering Stream.
  •  If you don’t like to study Mathematics, you can pursue PCBH ( Home Science ) or PCBS ( Statistics).
  • This is apt for students focused on medicine and who find it difficult to cope up with mathematics.

Karnataka class 12 commerce business studies best books

Main subjects in class 11 & 12

In India, Commerce is possibly the most popular academic stream for students.

The main subjects that are covered in the Commerce stream in Class 11 and 12 are:

  •    Accountancy
  •    Economics
  •    Business Studies
  •    Mathematics
  •    Informatics Practices
  •    English

Karnataka class 12 commerce business studies best books

A lot of books are available in the market for class 12, but you can resort to the following:

1) Accountancy: I would prefer you to go with D.K.Goel and then do T.S.Grewal. The combination of both is  best. They’ll clear most of your concepts.

2) Economics(both micro and macro): you must prefer Sandeep Garg as the language is really good, and the variety of questions it covers are more than sufficient.

3) Business Studies: Subhash Dey and Sandeep Garg are good books to study Business Studies. But do not forget to read NCERT beacuse a lot of one markers are often asked which can be found only in NCERT’s chapters.
Also they can give you any random line from the NCERT as a quote and would ask you to write on it. So NCERT for business studies is important.

4) Maths: Firstly do all the NCERT questions and then you can go for R.D.Sharma or any other book that you prefer.

Karnataka class 12 commerce business studies best books



1.01 Meaning, Definitions and Features of Management

1.02 Objectives : Organisational, Social and Personal

1.03 Importance of Management

1.04 Management as Science, Art and Profession

1.05 Levels of Management

1.06 Management Functions

1.07 Co-ordination – Meaning and Features


2.01 Principles of Management

2.02 Fayol’s Principles of Management

2.03 Taylor’s Scientific Management


3.01 Meaning and Definitions of Planning

3.02 Importance of Planning

3.03 Limitations of Planning

3.04 Planning Process

3.05 Types of Plans


4.01 Meaning and Definitions of Organising

4.02 Importance of Organising

4.03 Organising Process

4.04 Organisation Structure

4.05 Decentralisation

4.06 Centralisation


5.01 Meaning and Definitions of Staffing

5.02 Importance of Staffing

5.03 Staffing as a Part of Human Resource Management

5.04 Staffing Process


6.01 Meaning and Definitions of Directing

6.02 Importance of Directing

6.03 Elements of Direction

6.04 Supervision

6.05 Motivation

6.06 Leadership

6.07 Communication


7.01 Meaning and Definitions

7.02 Importance of Controlling

7.03 Controlling Process





9.01 Meaning and Definitions of Market and Marketing

9.02 Marketing Functions

9.03 Marketing Mix

9.04 Advertising

9.05 Personal Selling

9.06 Sales Promotion


10.01 Meaning of Consumer and Consumer Protection

10.02 Importance

10.03 Consumer Protection Act, 1986

10.04 Rights of Consumers

10.05 Consumers’ Responsibilities

10.06 Who Can File a Complaint?

10.07 Consumer Grievances Redressal Agencies (Machinery)

10.08 Remedies Available

Karnataka class 12 commerce business studies best books

Karnataka board textbook solutions are your perfect guide to solving difficult questions in your textbook. Designed by experts, these step-by-step solutions serve as an invaluable aid while students do their homework and prepare for their exams. Understand concepts better, practise and get yourself ready to score high marks.

  • Step-by-step solutions for all questions.
  • Prepared by subject experts.
  • Exam preparation is made easy.

Students who are studying puc 1 or 2, they require good books to get good marks in exam. Best books are helpful for the students to score good marks and to understand the concepts very easily. The books provide guidance to the students related to understanding of subject thereto reduce time to understand the difficult concepts in study material books. Many books are available for students for reference to understand the concepts easily and to score good marks in the exam. These books provide various model papers, all chapters explanation in detail, shortcuts for maths problems, formulae for mathematics problems, practice papers along with answers. There are various business studies best books are available for students.

Karnataka class 12 commerce business studies best books

Important Books for Karnataka Class 12 Commerce:

Class 12 Commerce TS Grewal – 1

Class 12 Commerce TS Grewal – 2

Class 12 Commerce R.D. Sharma XII - Vol1

Class 12 Commerce R.D Shrama XII   –  Vol2

Follow the below link to buy the business studies best books.

Karnataka Class 12 Commerce Business Studies Best Books

Karnataka class 12 commerce business studies best books

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