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karnataka class 12 commerce Accountancy Partnership Deed

karnataka class 12 commerce Accountancy Partnership Deed

karnataka class 12 commerce Accountancy Partnership Deed:- we will provide complete details of karnataka class 12 commerce Accountancy Partnership Deed in this article.

karnataka class 12 commerce Accountancy Partnership Deed

The Meaning and Definition of Partnership Deed?

karnataka class 12 commerce Accountancy Partnership Deed

The formation of partnership requires an understanding among the partners in the form of an agreement because partnership arises not from status but from contract. The partnership agreement may be oral or in writing. In France and Italy, the law makes partnership agreement in written form. The document in which all the important terms and conditions regarding the partnership business are written is called partnership deed.

karnataka class 12 commerce Accountancy Partnership Deed

A partnership deed is written agreement which contains terms and conditions as to the relationship of the partners among each other. There is no prescribed Performa for partnership deed but it must be stamped and signed by all the partners. Partnership deed is drawn to avoid misunderstanding and undesirable litigation. Where it is decided to have a partnership deed in written form, it should be stamped according to the provisions of Stamp Act, 1899. It is not regarded as a public document like memorandum of association and articles of association. It is otherwise known as agreement, deed or articles of partnership.

karnataka class 12 commerce Accountancy Partnership Deed

Partnership firm can be established with an agreement between the partners. This agreement may be written or oral. An oral agreement may be the cause of dispute in future. So, it is better to have a written agreement in order to avoid future conflicts. The written agreement duly signed by the partners is known as partnership deed or agreement or Articles of Partnership. It is the written contract between partners. It contains the term and conditions of the partnership.

karnataka class 12 commerce Accountancy Partnership Deed

Partnership deed forms the basis of partnership. Partnership deed is a document containing all the matters according to which mutual rights, duties and liabilities of the partners in the conduct and management of the affairs of the firm are determined. Hence, it contains the terms and conditions of the partnership. It is helpful in preventing and resolving disputes among the partners. A partnership deed can be altered at any time with the consent of all the partners.

karnataka class 12 commerce Accountancy Partnership Deed

The past experiences of partnership firms show that there are disputes among partners over many things and these results in the closure of the firm. If the areas of dispute or conflict are spotted earlier and a clear understanding is reached, then the business can run smoothly. So, partnership deed or agreement is a document which is prepared to explain important points so that the chances of conflict are minimized. Even if there is a dispute it helps in easier settlement. So, written deed should be preferred.

karnataka class 12 commerce Accountancy Partnership Deed:-Main Content of Partnership Deed

Some of the important clauses to be included in a partnership deed are as follows:

(1) Name of the firm and Its Address : The deed should contain of the firm and place of its business.

(2) Name and Address of Partners : The deed should also contains the names and address of all partners.

(3) Nature of Firm’s Business : The nature of business proposed to be carried and its limitation should be included in it.

(4) Duration of Partnership : It the partnership is established for a fixed duration or for a fixed work, it should be stated in it.

(5) Partners’ Capitals : The deed should contain the total amount of capital and contributions by each partner.

(6) Interest on Capital : If the partners decide to change interest on their capitals, the rate should be mentioned in the deed.

(7) Drawing and Interest on Them : The deed should contain the limit of drawings by every partner and the rate of interest to be charged.

(8) Division of Profit : Profit and loss sharing ratio should be stated in the deed. If it is not mentioned partners are authorized to share equally according to Partnership Act.

(9) Partners’ Salary and Commission : If the partners decide to pay salary and commission to the partners, the deed should contain the amount of salary or commission payable to any partner for the services rendered to the business.

(10) Rights and Duties of Partners : If any partner has some special rights and duties regarding to conducts of business or if the liability of any partner is limited to the capital invested by him, these facts should also be mentioned in it.

(11) Admission and Retirement of Partners ; After the establishment of partnership some new partners may be admitted and some may retire from the business. If any definite procedure is to be adopted at the time of admission or retirement of partner, it should be stated in it.

(12) Death of a Partner : The procedure of calculating the amount due to a deceased partner and the method of its payment to his successors, should also be decided and stated in the deed.

(13) Valuation of Goodwill ; The method of valuation of goodwill at the time of admission, retirement or death of a partner should be also be clearly stated in it.

(14) Revaluation of Assets and Liabilities ; The method of revaluation of assets and liabilities on admission, retirement or death of a partner should also be clearly stated in it.

(15) Accounts and Audit : The procedure of keeping accounts and their audit should also be stated in it.

(16) Dissolution of Partnership ; The deed should contain the firm and the method of the final settlement of accounts.

(17) Arbitration Clause ; In case of disputes the method of appointing arbitrators and their rights should be clearly mentioned.

karnataka class 12 commerce Accountancy Partnership Deed

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karnataka class 12 commerce Accountancy Partnership Deed

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