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Karnataka class 11 commerce maths GUIDELINES TO THE QUESTION PAPER SETTER

Karnataka class 11 commerce maths GUIDELINES TO THE QUESTION PAPER SETTER

Karnataka class 11 commerce maths GUIDELINES TO THE QUESTION PAPER SETTER:-

For getting success in Pre University Course, that is an intermediate course conducted by various state education boards in India, are required to understand the Exam pattern and types of questions. Department of University Education, Karnataka releases the Exam time table in month of November and March every year.

The state of Karnataka through Department of University Education, Karnataka is liable for organizing PUC board exams in PUC II for university admissions, so for your exam preparation we are providing you the 1st and 2nd PUC question Paper in following section:

Karnataka class 11 commerce maths GUIDELINES TO THE QUESTION PAPER SETTER

The pre-university course or pre-degree course, popularly abbreviated to PUC or PDC, is an intermediate course (which is known as 10+2) of two years’ duration, conducted by state education institutions or boards in India. This pre-university course is also known as the Plus-two or Intermediate course. A person desiring admission to an Indian university must pass this course, which can be considered as a degree bridge course to prepare students for university education.

Pre-University College (PUC) is the most popular option after Class 10. Before deciding on which stream to choose in PUC, a student must know the following facts:

  • PUC is a 2-year course with 1 Major Board Exam at the end of the second year PUC/12th.
  •  Every student must study 4 core subjects in each branch along with 1st language—English & 2nd language (Kannada / Sanskrit / Hindi / Urdu / Tamil / Telugu / Malayalam / Marathi / French / German / Arabic ).
  •  Options in Arts/Humanities—History, Geography, Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, Education, Logic, Home Science, Optional Kannada, Karnataka Music & Hindustani Music, etc.
  •  Options in Commerce—History, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy, Computer Science, Geography, Statistics & Basic Maths.
  •  Options in Science—Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Electronics, Computer Science, Home Science & Geology

Karnataka class 11 commerce maths GUIDELINES TO THE QUESTION PAPER SETTER

Flexible Combinations

  •  If you don’t like to study Biology, you can pursue PCME (Electronics) or PCMCs ( Computer Science) or PCMG (Geology). This makes you eligible for career in Engineering Stream.
  •  If you don’t like to study Mathematics, you can pursue PCBH ( Home Science ) or PCBS ( Statistics).
  • This is apt for students focused on medicine and who find it difficult to cope up with mathematics.

Karnataka class 11 commerce maths GUIDELINES TO THE QUESTION PAPER SETTER

Main subjects in class 11 & 12

In India, Commerce is possibly the most popular academic stream for students.

The main subjects that are covered in the Commerce stream in Class 11 and 12 are:

  •    Accountancy
  •    Economics
  •    Business Studies
  •    Mathematics
  •    Informatics Practices
  •    English

Mathematics is not just a subject that is restricted to the four walls of a classroom. Its philosophy and applications are to be looked for in the daily course of our life. The knowledge of mathematics is essential for us, to explore and practice in a variety of fields like business administration, banking, stock exchange and in science and engineering.

Karnataka class 11 commerce maths GUIDELINES TO THE QUESTION PAPER SETTER

A) General Guidelines to the Paper Setter(s)

1. Make sure you have the latest version of the syllabus and you are familiar with the assessment criteria.

2. Work on a Specification Grid. Before and after setting the paper, check that all the test items are based on the respective syllabus and that the items are graded in difficulty.

3. Do not use material reflecting race, ethnic or sex bias.

4. Develop a Marking Scheme alongside the Specification Grid.

5. Check that the duration of the examination is entered correctly on the paper and that the time allotted is sufficient to enable the students complete the paper and revise their work.

6. Proof read the text.

7. Pass on the finalized draft of the paper to an external reviser who has to proof read the text again, ensure that no test item is out of syllabus, check that all set tasks are workable (particularly in mathematics and science subjects) and that the paper can be completed in the set time.

8. Make the necessary changes in the examination paper and the marking scheme as advised by the reviser. Proof read the text once again and pass on the paper to the Reviser for the final proof reading.

9. Hand in the Marking Scheme together with the Examination Paper for printing. 10. Examine printed papers for printing defects (e.g. unclear diagrams or pictures) and for any Errata Corrige that may be required.

Karnataka class 11 commerce maths GUIDELINES TO THE QUESTION PAPER SETTER

Mathematics, one of the most scoring subjects. For all those nervous about the of Mathematics paper, here’s a list of tips and tricks by CAKART

For Preparations:

  • Plan well. Study different topics according to their difficulty levels;
  • Make a list of all Maths formulae and keep it on your study table for repetitive revision;
  • Self study (Do lots of practice to achieve proficiency in Maths);
  • Try to solve Karnataka practice papers and sample papers within three hours (time management is must);
  • If finding difficulty in solving problems of a particular topic, give thorough revision to that specific topic and take help from your teacher;
  • Sleep well on the night before the exam to keep the mind and body relaxed.

On the day of exam:

  • Review all the formulae and important topics early in the morning;
  • Be confident and keep a positive attitude

During Exam:

  • In the first 15 minutes allotted as reading time, wisely select the appropriate question to be solved in which internal choices have been provided to avoid wastage of time later;
  • Write neatly with proper margins (presentation matters too);
  • Do not get stuck to a question for a long time, if unable to solve, leave space for it and move on to the next question;
  • Even if the complete solution to a particular question is not known, try to write till the known steps;
  • Leave at least 10 minutes for revision of answer sheets.


1. . Sets

2. Relations and Functions

3. Trigonometric Functions


1. Principle of Mathematical Induction

2. Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations

3. Linear Inequalities

4. Permutations and Combinations

5. Binomial Theorem

6. Sequence and Series


1. Straight Lines

2. Conic Section

3. Introduction to Three-dimensional Geometry


Limits and Derivatives



1. Statistics

2. Probability

Karnataka class 11 commerce maths GUIDELINES TO THE QUESTION PAPER SETTER

You can download the solutions for each Chapter

Chapter 1- Sets

Chapter 2- Relations and Functions

Chapter 3- Trigonometric Functions

Chapter 4- Principle of Mathematical Induction

Chapter 5- Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations

Chapter 6-Linear Inequalities

Chapter 7- Permutations and Combinations

Chapter 8- Binomial Theorem

Chapter 10- Straight Lines

Chapter 11- Conic Sections

Chapter 12- Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry

Chapter 13-Limits and Derivatives

Chapter 14- Mathematical Reasoning

Chapter 15- Statistics

Chapter 16- Probability

Karnataka class 11 commerce maths GUIDELINES TO THE QUESTION PAPER SETTER

Students who completed class 11 and entering into class 12 they can download complete karnataka class 12 commerce maths syllabus by following the steps below:

1. Go to website

2. Click on Syllabus & Text book Tab

3. You will to directed to a new page showing puc 1 and puc 2

4. Select PUC 2 Syllabus and the subject which you want to know the syllabus

Karnataka class 11 commerce maths GUIDELINES TO THE QUESTION PAPER SETTER

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