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Jamia Milia Islamia University Mcom Exam Centres

Jamia Milia Islamia University Mcom Exam Centres

Jamia Milia Islamia University Mcom Exam Centres

Jamia Milia Islamia University Mcom Exam Centres : Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, is a university that has a historical and distinctive place in the country’s academic scenario. This institution places a premium on innovative teaching and professional training right since its inception in 1920. Over the years, Jamia has emerged as a seat of learning that underscores the cultural and religious diversity of India, emphasizing the inclusive spirit of the country.

It has inculcated a spirit of learning that blends tradition with modernity, humanism with liberalism, and nation building with professionalism. Jamia’s strength lies in its ability to cull from the past in order to address the present and forge the future. Educators and researchers have contributed to expanding knowledge in all the faculties, departments and centres of Jamia Millia Islamia. Jamia has “unwavering commitment to excellence”, and to maintain the quality of education as well as research.

Jamia Milia Islamia University Mcom Exam Centres

The university has obtained grade “A” by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) in 2015. Jamia Millia Islamia is endeavoring to strengthen the scientific output in terms of publications based on its research productivity, impact, innovation and excellence. It is an indicator of Jamia’s contribution to higher education that five professors from Jamia Millia Islamia are currently Vice-Chancellors of different Universities in India. 

The Department of Commerce and Business Studies established in 1985 with a vision to be the leading Business School in India by educating and training the students and facilitate creation and development of value added human resource of Global standard. The department is presently offering the following doctoral, postgraduate and undergraduate programs;

  • PhD
  • M. Com. (Business Management)
  • B. Com. (Hons.)

Jamia Milia Islamia University Mcom Exam Centres

The commerce and business education is highly application oriented and hence we at the department follow a multidimensional pedagogy for different programmes which consist of the following;

  • Lectures
  • Tutorials
  • Case studies
  • Individual and group presentations
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Assignments
  • Survey based field work
  • Projects
  • Multimedia resources
  • Industry interactions
  • Extension lectures on emerging issues

Jamia Milia Islamia University Mcom Exam Centres

The course curriculum are updated on a regular basis keeping in view the academic and industry requirements and students are engaged in assignments, presentations and are evaluated through internal assessment and examinations
The department is regularly organizing the following co curricular activities to enrich the learning and develop the overall personality of the students

  • Debates & Extempore
  • Essay writing competition
  • Entrepreneurship development workshop
  • Personality development workshop
  • Career guidance & counseling workshops
  • Experience sharing session by the Entrepreneurs
  • Extension lectures on latest business and management issues by experts from industry and academia

Jamia Milia Islamia University Mcom Exam Centres

Instruction for the filling up the Term-End Examination Forms

1. Please attach a self-addressed post card, if acknowledgement is desired.

2. In case, more than one examination forms are received then only the last one will be considered.

3. Students are advised to fill-up the examination form without waiting for the result of the previous examination; if taken, and also retain the proof of its sending.

4. Students are advised to fill-up the examination form within the due date.

5. If you do not receive Examination intimation slip, please contact your Examination Centre/Study Centre, and if your name exists in the list of the registered candidates, you can take examination by showing your identity card.

6. Ordinarily the examination centre will be fixed and intimated to the students by the University. But the university has all the rights to change the examination centre if circumstances so require. 7. Examination Centre once changed cannot be reverted or changed again.

8. Only such candidates shall be eligible to appear at the examinations who have paid necessary programme fee.

9. You have to fill three separate examinations related forms in the first year. These three forms are Student Record Form, Application Form for appearing at the Exams and Admit Card. You won’t have to fill Student Record Form in the subsequent years.

10. Please do not fill space for “Enrollment No.” as this will be assigned to each student by the Controller of Examinations Office, Jamia Millia Islamia.

11. Please don’t write anything in the columns with instruction “For office use only” at the backside of Student Record Form. Please write the last examination you passed in the column under programme and the year of passing under “Year”. You have to attach an attested photocopy to support this information.

12. This examination form may also be requested before examinations by sending a self addressed envelope of the size 12 cm x 28 cm and having a stamp of Rs.30/- from the Centre for Distance and Open Learning. The completed Examination Forms should be submitted by hand at/or by post only to the Hony. Director, Centre for Distance and Open Learning, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi – 110025, by the last date of submission specified.

Jamia Milia Islamia University Mcom Exam Centres


Examination Centre Examination Centre and date for Term-End-Examination will be decided by the Examination Branch, Jamia Millia Islamia and will be intimated in the Term-End-Examination Date Sheet of the respective programme. While submitting your examination form for the Term End Examinations, it is your duty to check whether you are registered for the course and whether you are eligible to appear for that examination and have deposited the required fees or not. If you neglect this and take the examination without being eligible for it or without depositing the required fees, your result may be cancelled.

Jamia Milia Islamia University Mcom Exam Centres

Normally the Study Centres premises will be the exam centres. However, the Centre for Distance and Open Learning may as per convenience and the strength of students enrolled designate exam centres.

State/ Exam Centres Code  Exam CentresProgramme(s) OfferedContact Numbers/ Email(s)
JSC-AS-01NEF College ,JD Road ,Joypur Kokrajhar


Mr. Sheikh Abdullah 09854300175 09854550697
JSC-AS-02 Crescent College Opposite B N College Bidyapara DhubriBAG, BCOM, MEG, MHD, MAS, MAH, MHRM, MAPA, MAPS, MCOM, MAE, PGDGC, CCHNT, CIT Dr. Shahjahan Ali 09954218083 03662230703
JSC-BR-01 Fatima Degree College Gonpura Phulwari Sharif PatnaMEG, MHD, MAS, MAH, MAPA, MAPS, MCOM, MAE, BAG, BCOM, BBA, BCIBF, PGDGC, DECCE, CCHNT, CIT, BED Mr. Asadullah 09661130707, 9304827170, 9835282133
JSC-BR-03 Mirza Ghalib Teachers Training College Gaja Chak Mohammadpur Sorampur, Jainpur PatnaMEG, MHD, MAH, MAS, MAPA, MAPAS MCOM, CCHNT, CIT Dr. Md. Aquil Haider 06122580083 09204322449 09934299800
JSC-BR-04 Muslim Minority College Tatarpur BhagalpurMEG, MHD, MAS, MAH, MAPS, MAE, MCOM, BBA, BAG, PGDGC, CCHNT, CIT Dr. M. Salahuddin Ahsan 09430478651 06412428895
JSC-BR-06 S M Shoaib Hashmi Education and Welfare Trust Pakaria Pathanpati, Narkatiya Bazar MotihariMEG, MHD, MAS, MAH, MAPA, MAPS, MHRM, MAE, MCOM, BAG, BCOM, BCIBF, BBA, CCHNT, CIT, DECCE Mr. Khalid Shoaib Hashmi 06122258618 09599488757
JSC-BR-07 Dandi Swami Sahajanand Sant Vinoba Mahavidyala Simri BuxarMAPA, MEG, MAS, MAH, MAPS, MCOM, MAE, BBA, BAG, BCOM, CIT, CCHNT Mr. Dharmendra Kumar Pandey 9334165671 6183244343
JSC-HR-03 Darsh College of Education Gohana SonipatBAG, BCOM, BBA, BED, MCOM, MEG,MAPA, MAS, MAPS, MAE  Mr. Sandeep Chahal


JSC-HR-05 Balaji College of Education Adarsh Nagar Ballabhgarh FridabadMEG, MHD,MAH, MCOM, MAE, BED, BAG, BCOM, BBA, DECCE Mr. Jagdeesh Chaudhary 9310002234, 0129-2212682
JSC-KL-04 Ma’dinus Saquafathil Islamiya Swalath Nagar Melmury MallapuramMEG, MHRM, MAS, MAH, MAPA, MAPS, MCOM, BAG, BBA, BCOM, PGDGC Mr. Pary Mohammad

09896527076 09447471761 04832738343 09037140340 09746151640

JSC-KL-05St. Alphonsa College of Research and Education Development (SACRED) Chungam West Hill CalicutMAE, MAPA, MEG, MCOM, PGDGC, BBA, BCOM, BCIBFMr. Shibu Joseph Kottayil 09400696969 04952385500 09447047999
JSC-KL-06 Al-Jamiya Al Islamiya Santhapuram Pattikad MallapuramMEG, MAS, MAH, MAPA, MAPS, M.COM, BAG, B.COM, BBA, BCIBF, MHRM, MAE, PGDGC, DECCE CCHNT, CIT04933-270439
JSC-RJ-01Bhartiya Prashikshan Sansthan Bijorawas Maharajawas Behror AlwarMAE, MAPS, MCOM, MAS, MEG, MHD, MAPA, MAH, BED, BAG, BBA, BCOM Mr. Yogesh Attray

9868229307 9602709999 01494291103

JSC-UP-02 GSRM Memorial Degree College D 6, Industrial Estate Sarojni Nagar LucknowBED, MAE, MEG, MAS, MAH, MAPA, MAPS, MCOM, BAG, BCOM, BBA, CCHNT, CIT Dr. Dharminder 07275505107 05223250194 0522247600
JSC-UP-06B L Academy of Higher Education Lawar MeerutMEG, MHD, MAS, MAH, MAPS, MCOM, BAG, BCOM, CCHNT, CITDr. Omrir Singh Chauhan 09837042616
JSC-UP-07   Hashmi Girls PG College Hashmi Nagar AmrohaMCOM, MAPA, MAE, BBA, BAG DECCE, CCHNTMr. Sirajuddin Hashmi 09917285040
JSC-UP-10 Post Graduate College Ravindrapuri GhazipurBAG, CCHNT, CIT, MEG, MHD, MAS, MAH, MAPS, MAPA, MCOM Dr. Ram Dulare 09450136309
JSC-WB-02 Kaliachak College Sultanganj Kaliachak MaldaMEG, MHD, MAS, MAH, MHRM, MAPA, MAPS, MCOM, MAE Dr. Nazirbar Rahman 9733144644 03512245309
JSC-DL-01  Centre for Distance and Open Learning Jamia Millia Islamia Jamia Nagar New DelhiCIT, CCHNT, MEG, MHD, MAS, MAH, MAPS, MAPA, MHRM, MCOM, MAE, BAG, BCOM, BBA, BCIBF, PGDGC, PGDGI, BED, DECCEDr. Arvind Kumar 01126891717 Extn. 4224
JSC-DL-03 Vision Institute of Advance Studies Pocket A1, Sector 8 Near Dipali Chowk Rohini New DelhiPGDGC, MAS, MCOM, BCOM, DECCE Mr. Mukesh Gupta 01127948146 01127945852 093111105286
JSC-DL-08 Tecnia Institute of Advanced Studies Centre for Distance & Open Learning 4, PSP, Institutional Area Sector-14, Rohini New DelhiMCOM, BBA, B.COM, BCIBF, DECCE, CCHNT, CIT Dr. Jitender Rai 9990365276 01127319091
JSC-DL-09 Institute of Innovation Technology & Management D-21, Institutional Area, Janakpuri New DelhiMCOM, B.COM, BBA Mr. R. K. Singh 7838556697 01128524043
CDOL-EXUDL-01 Guru Hargobind Institute of Management & Information Technology Plot No.-133, Road No.-73, Hargobind Enclave, Delhi-110092MCOM, BCOM, BBADr. Vineet Kaur Sodhi 9899756111

Jamia Milia Islamia University Mcom Exam Centres

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