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Is The Salary CAs Get Justified

Is The Salary CAs Get Justified

Is The Salary CAs Get Justified? Eye Opener Facts!

Will/Do we really get good? This is the question which popes in every Student’s mind when they enter in this field or in a fresher CA’s mind. At the time of deciding our career, we all were keen to know a field so that we can get the best return of what we put in. We all found CA is. Therefore we decided to start our Career being in CA and found CA the best field to get entry in. But were we Right? Let us see.

Is The Salary CAs Get Justified? Eye Opener Facts!

Is The Salary CAs Get Justified? Eye Opener Facts!

Do you agree with the fact that:

1) In the Field of Engineering – IITians are the best

2) In the field of Commerce    – CA’s or MBA’s from IIM are the best

3) In the field of Fashion         – NIDians are the best

Now let us compare salary package of each one of them.

How much NIDians got in 2015 Campus Placement? 

Highest Paid Salary: 72 lakhs per annum

Median Paid Salary: 15 Lakhs per annum

How much IITians got in 2015 Campus Placement?

Highest Paid Salary : 2 Crore per annum

Median Paid salary : 18 lakhs per annum

How much MBA’s of IIM got in 2015 Campus Placement?

Highest Paid Salary : 1.38 Crore per annum

Median Paid Salary : 28.76 Lakh per annum

How much CA’s got in ICAI Aug & Sept 2015 Campus Placement?

Highest paid Salary : 21 Lakhs per annum

Median Paid Salary: 7.61 Lakhs per annum

Shocked? So am I. Yes Guys, I know how sadden the facts are. Even fresher fashion designers get more than us. You all must be familiar with the Idiom “Mehnat ka Fal meetha hota hai”. This may also mean that one who is extreme hardworking gets extreme sweet fruit. But do we get? Let us throw some lights on the heated topic

About the fun we enjoy during CA

1. Is there anyone to welcome us as a fresher and give special treatment when we entered in CA? Do we bid farewell to people who become CA? Do we hangout with friends? Do we party? Can we have fun of giving exams with only a night of study? Can we miss our lectures and have fun in Canteen without worrying about the topic we just missed?

Now let us discuss about our professional Journey

2. After CPT, We get only 9 months to prepare for 8 subjects. We have to attend coaching in this period, we have to learn, Cram, memorise and with the well known fact that result will be hardly 2 to 8%. We might come in this scale or we might not. We accept this hard fact and face exams.

3. Now, after clearing our First Group of IPCC, We have to do training of 3 Years at the age of 19/20 yrs and in that period also, we are asked to prepare for exam which are 2.5 Years away.

4. Now the main mental trauma comes – we wake up at 5:30 a.m., go to class, then office at 10:00 am, work in office till 5p.m. again go to class till 9 p.m.  after that we have dinner and then we resume to study and the same circle goes on for next 2.5 years

Now let us discuss about the breathing space we get

5. Do we get Vacation? Do we get Sundays to rest on? “Haha you forgot about Accounts class which you attended?” Also, in peak season our employers call us to come office during Sundays. We are even expected to go office the very next day of our last exam etc etc etc.

Do you find this much pathetic life in any other course? Also, Along with the theoretical knowledge, we are accustomed with the practical knowledge. During the tenure as CA Students, we come to know how to do Office work, How to handle Office Politics, How to deal with Clients, How to listen to our principal with utmost patience, how to be time bound, How to complete targets on time etc. Since, a person’s professional capability is judged by the Salary they get. But what do we get? Our Fraternity highest paid salary is lower than MBA’s median Salary by 40%. From where our capabilities are lower than MBA’s?

At the end, I want to say one thing to our Respected ICAI, You must be knowing the facts that why Corporates don’t offer what we deserve. Obviously, we might not be of the optimum level according to them. But ICAI, we are introduced with so much of things that now we don’t fear to learn anything more. We face physical, mental as well as emotional trauma. We will do our best to match the standards set up by the big corporate giants. Like a Warrior, We entered in CA without even knowing the fact how much time will it take to complete or whether it will be complete or not. Therefore, please find out the reason of this much disparity and introduce those things in our syllabus which undertake our way and give us what we are worth for, what we deserve.

Source: Cacharya

Is The Salary CAs Get Justified? Eye Opener Facts!

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  1. Amit says:

    I m agree with your views…and i am also facing this sotution.

  2. Naina says:

    Even I agree to this.. Sometimes it makes me think.. Why are we struggling So much to earn the amount which is in real less than many other fields. I means struggle of years then real test of patience.. I jus don’t knw what to say.

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