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CA IPCC Pass Percentage – November 2018 exam

CA IPCC Pass Percentage – November 2018 exam

CA IPCC Pass Percentage:

CA IPCC November 2018 exam was completed on 16th November 2018.

ICAI has announced the CA IPCC Nov 2018 result i.e on 8th Feb, 2019, around 4:40 pm.

Please scroll below and read the relevant sections on your pass percentage.

In case you are registered for CA Intermediate, read CA Intermediate pass percentage here

You can check  list of ipcc passed students,CA IPCC topper marksheet and CA IPCC toppers interview here .

The merit list of CA IPCC Result would be also declared on the same day candidates securing a minimum of 55% and above marks and upto the maximum of 50th Rank on all India basis.

Candidates who are not satisfied with their marks can go for CA IPCC revaluation and CA IPCC disclosure of answer sheets.

Also You can read How to to check CA IPCC Result without Roll Number here

Also, scroll down to check CA IPCC pass percentage frequently asked questions(FAQ’s)


CA IPCC Pass Percentage November 2018 exam

GroupCandidates appearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage
Group I40,1575,05112.58%
Group II68,88821,70831.51%
Both Groups5,01119.75%
Passed Group I25,375420.17%
Passed Group II5242.17%

CA IPCC Pass Percentage May 2018 exam

CA IPCC Pass Percentage Old Course May 2018 Exam
Candidates Applied ForCandidates AppearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage
Group I Only53149539210.15%
Group II Only721461086115.05%
Both Groups
Passed Group I32878629619.15%
Passed Group II220.07%
Passed Both Groups3531.07%

CA IPCC Pass Percentage Nov 2017 exam

CA IPCC Pass Percentage: Details of IPCC Pass Percentage Nov 2017 is shared below:
GroupNo. of Candidates appearedNo. of Candidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups492151314926.72
Group I721481004213.92
Group II653931333020.38

Watch the CA IPCC Nov 2017 pass percentage analysis by Prof Ved below. Please feel free to share your views using the comments section below.

CA IPCC Pass Percentage May 2017 exam

Details of IPCC Pass Percentage May 2017 is shared below:

GroupNo. of Candidates appearedNo. of Candidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups49,96711,55023.12%
Group I 65,45311,44017.48%
Group II 66,6806,5629.84%

Toppers & Rank Holders OF CA IPCC MAY 2017 EXAMS

ParticularsRank 1Rank 2Rank 3
NameGaurav SarawagiRonak Rajendra JainH. M. I. I. Usama
Roll No396639444292442465
Phone No982801597890494427748793716768

CA IPCC Pass Percentage Nov 2016 exam

CA Intermediate | CA IPCC Pass percentage

CA IPCC Pass percentage

ModulePass Percentage
Both Groups32.53%
Group 119.27%
Group 230.10%

CA IPCC Pass Percentage may 2016 Exam

ca ipcc pass percentage

ca ipcc pass percentage

CA IPCC pass percentage – previous years

Here we are also providing past 5 year CA IPCC Result pass percentage and Result Analysis

CA IPCC Pass Percentage Nov 2015

See below CA pass percentage of IPCC exams Nov 2015.

GroupsNo. of Candidates appearedNo. of Candidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups 50892 2108 4.14%
Group I 119449 15197 12.72%
Group II 107145 11450 10.6%

CA IPCC Pass Percentage May 2015

GroupsNo. of Candidates appearedNo. of Candidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups 58188 4927 8.47%
Group I 129886 17697 13.63%
Group II 114655 15816 13.79%

IPCC Pass Percentage Nov 2014

Last Time CA IPCC Pass Percentage is 9.49% and Result of Nov 2014 is Only 6.20%.

GroupsNo. of Candidates appearedNo. of Candidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups 47795 2963 6.20%
Group I 123488 17603 14.25%
Group II 104435 15982 15.30%

IPCC Pass Percentage Nov 2014 of Jaipur

GroupsNo. of Candidates appearedNo. of Candidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups 1583 84 5.46%
Group I 1872 485 25.91%
Group II 1950 466 23.90%

IPCC Pass Percentage May 2014

GroupsNo. of Candidates appearedNo. of Candidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups6662563269.49%
Group I 1251872053716.41%
Group II 1218551687813.85%

CA IPCC  Pass Percentage Nov 2013

GroupCandidates appearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups 6203350388.12%
Group I 1222532334219.09%
Group II 1178342107617.88%

CA IPCC Result Pass Percentage May 2013

GroupCandidates appearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups 63871748911.73%
Group I 1243102416119.44%
Group II 1124651667514.83%

CA IPCC Result Pass Percentage Nov 2012

GroupCandidates appearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups 51318572011.15%
Group I1004942526925.14%
Group II961812032621.13%

CA IPCC Pass Percentage May 2012

GroupCandidates appearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups 46493901519.39%
Group I 954042890330.30%
Group II 832392212326.58%

CA IPCC Pass Percentage Nov 2011

GroupCandidates appearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups 43206742217.18%
Group I 929083310935.64%
Group II 702592051129.19%

CA IPCC Result Pass Percentage May 2011

GroupCandidates appearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups 38446793320.63%
Group I 893462907832.55%
Group II 518361497528.89%

CA IPCC Result Pass Percentage Nov 2010

GroupCandidates appearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups 31547568818.03%
Group I 820051786321.78%
Group II 395671222030.88%

CA IPCC Result Pass Percentage May 2010

GroupCandidates appearedCandidates PassedPass Percentage
Both Groups 20135247312.28%
Group I 52923873016.49%
Group II 22416380416.97%

Frequently asked questions for CA IPCC pass percentage

Q1.What was the ICAI CA IPCC result pass percentage for last 10 years?

ipcc pass percentage:  As per the CA IPCC pass percentage analysis,CA IPCC pass percentage official trend for previous years is as shown in below table:

Attempts/YearsCA IPCC Both Groups pass percentageCA IPCC Group 1 pass percentageCA IPCC Group 2 pass percentage
CA IPCC pass percentage May 1723.12%17.48%9.84%
CA IPCC pass percentage Nov 1632.53%19.27%30.10%
CA IPCC pass percentage May 164.78%9.18%7.06%
CA IPCC pass percentage Nov 154.14%12.72%10.69%
CA IPCC pass percentage May 158.47%13.63%13.79%
CA IPCC pass percentage Nov 146.20%14.25%15.30%
CA IPCC pass percentage May 149.49%16.41%13.85%
CA IPCC pass percentage Nov 138.12%19.09%17.88%
CA IPCC pass percentage May 1311.73%19.44%14.83%
CA IPCC pass percentage Nov 1211.15%25.14%21.13%
CA IPCC pass percentage May 1219.30%30.30%26.58%
CA IPCC pass percentage Nov 1117.18%35.64%29.19%
CA IPCC pass percentage May 1120.63%32.55%28.89%
CA IPCC pass percentage Nov 201018.03%21.78%30.88%
CA IPCC pass percentage May 201012.28%16.49%16.97%


Q2.What was the CA IPCC lowest pass percentage and in which year?

ipcc pass percentage: From CA IPCC pass percentage analysis,the lowest passing percentage for CA IPCC is given below: CA IPCC pass percentage Nov 2015 was 4.14% both groups

CA IPCC pass percentage May 2016 was 9.18% for group 1

CA IPCC pass percentage May 2016 was 7.06% for group 2

If you have any queries on CA IPCC revaluation pass percentage,CA IPCC direct entry pass percentage, please feel free to ask in the comments section below. We will respond in the comments section.

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  1. bhaskar says:

    Sir I have registered in Jan 2012 for Nov 2012 exams then when my registration expires? Pls tell me if I attempt for Nov 2016 then last date to revalidate my registration for Nov 2016 exams

  2. Siyaram Sharma says:

    Thanks !

  3. Prakash says:

    Dear sir,
    How to present CA IPCC paper and how to prepare for the exams

  4. Ramprasad says:

    Intermediate (Integrated Professional Competence) Course students:

     Initial registration for then IPCC, now Intermediate (IPC) Course is valid for 4 years.

    Further, students who switched over to then IPCC, now Intermediate (IPC) Course from

    erstwhile Intermediate/ Professional Education (Course-II)/ Professional Competence

    Course stream have valid registration period of 4 years and will be counted from the

    date of switch over to then IPCC, now Intermediate (IPC) Course.
     Students, who have registered for the course on or before 31st December, 2009 and

    completing 4 years validity period till 31st December, 2013 are advised to apply for

    revalidation before 31st December, 2013 without paying revalidation fee. In case any

    student fails to apply for revalidation by 31st December, 2013 he/she then shall have to

    pay the prescribed revalidation fee, as stated above, on or after 1st January, 2014 for

    revalidating the registration.

     Each Revalidation shall be valid for 4 years.

     Fee for revalidation is Rs. 400/- for each revalidation.

     Students are required to ensure before applying for admission to Intermediate (IPC)

    (IPC) Examination that they have valid registration.

     Students who have registered in Intermediate/ Professional Education (Course-II)/

    Professional Competence Course are required to switchover to Intermediate (IPC)

    Course in order to continue their studies in chartered accountancy course.

  5. Manish Anand says:

    Then why the hell ICAI is misguiding students by issuing & and advising to have a look at suggested answers while preparing for exams as the same are not considered correct by exam department, if they wish to provide suggested answers to examines then it should be provided by them or else the business practice of selling suggested answers should be stopped. Further it has also been noticed and found the some checkers use to evaluate papers with help of their assistants or themselves during travel in trains or metro which is not allowed, further regarding rumor of controlling of the results there is huge difference in variation in marks mostly downward revision not few marks ( more than 10 marks) which is not at all expected from institution like ICAI or if so then the quality of examiners needs to be checked if there is so much variations in marks between answer sheet and results the impact of the same results in ultimate loss & frustration of students as their money, time, and other resources gets wasted.

  6. Deepak says:

    Ha ha…
    CPT Dec 2015 pass% was 35 and Nov 15 IPC is 4%…why the so called great institute is not filtering the creamy layer at entrance itself like IIT,IIM so that we can save thousands of students from wasting their valauable time and energy. I don’t understand why it has introduced direct entry scheme inducting thousands of graduates which ultimately entails low vacancy in CA firms which is finally leading to lowest pass% at IPC level. I also request the institute to stop suggested answers bcoz students are wasting their time unnecessarily referring to that as u are also saying that are not final.

    ICAI impaired the examination system and trying to blame the students. One of my friends told me that CA results are always influenced by the market demand which icai doesn’t agree. Otherwise how come CA Final results at one point of time reached 25%?

  7. Kavya says:

    What is the concept of pass percentage in CA IPCC?

    1. cakart says:

      The calculation is pretty simple.

      Pass % = Total students passed ÷ Total students appeared.

      ICAI gives out 3 percentages after each result is declared.

      Group 1 pass percent = Total students passed in group 1 ÷ Total students appearing for Group 1.
      Group 2 pass percent = Total students passed in group 2 ÷ Total students appearing for Group 2.
      Both group pass percent = Total students passed in both groups ÷ Total students appearing for both groups.

      I hope the edit was more in tune to the answer requested.

  8. parth says:

    Is there any relation between revaluation of CA IPCC paper and passing percentage?

    1. cakart says:

      No. Let me keep it simple.

      IPCC Pass percentage means the number of students who have passed the exams after declaration of the result by ICAI.

      Revaluation means that the students who have failed the exams are not happy with their marks and they have asked ICAI to ensure that there is no totaling mistake and all question have been checked by the examiner.

  9. Rajat says:

    What is the expected pass percentage for the November 2017 IPCC?

    1. cakart says:

      Let’s check out the passing percentage of previous attempts.

      Attempt :

      May’17: 23.12%

      Nov’16: 32.53%

      May’16: 4.78%

      Nov’15: 4.14%

      You can see that there is no particular pattern in the above mentioned percentages, so it’s difficult to guess what will be the future passing percentage of IPCC students.

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