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Why Interview fails

Why Interview fails


Avoid giving the interviewer rational for a decision – “this candidate failed and s/he is not good for the job”. There are many job interview failures and mistakes that you’ve probably heard.

This article summarizes these ‘horror stories’ for you.

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You’d be surprise to know what employers tell about ‘bad things’ job applicants make during job interviews.

  1. Arriving late.
  2. Arriving too early
  3. Being rude to the receptionist.
  4.  Smelling like a cigarette.
  5.  Being dressed inappropriately.
  6. Wearing sunglasses.
  7.  Wearing too much perfume or aftershave.
  8.  Wearing the cell phone Bluetooth earpiece.
  9.  Leaving the cell phone on.
  10.  Shaking hands too weakly or too strong.
  11.  Complaining that you were kept waiting for the interview.
  12.  Sitting before invited by the interviewer .
  13.  Sitting in a sloppy manner.
  14.  Chewing gum, a pen or playing with your hair.
  15.  Forgetting the name of the interviewer.
  16.  Forgetting to bring a copy of the resume.
  17.  Forgetting about what is written in your resume. Which is even worst…
  18.  Not matching yourself to the style of the interviewer’s communication.
  19.  Failing to listen carefully to the interviewer’s questions.
  20.  Being unprepared to the standard job interview questions.
  21.  Failing to do your homework about the potential employer.
  22.  Lying on qualifications, experience and your knowledge.
  23.  Not showing enthusiasm/interest on the job.
  24.  Bad mouthing you previous boss.
  25.  Explaining in detail about the cause of the job layoff.
  26.  Sharing too much..
  27.  Failing to explain how your skills match the job in question.
  28.  Speaking for most of time of the interview.
  29.  Interrupting the interviewer speech.
  30.  Asking too many questions or irrelevant questions.
  31.  Failing to ask good questions.
  32.  Yawning.
  33.  Waving names to boast or sounding like you think you know everything.
  34.  Asking to use bathroom during the interview.
  35.  Being too humble.
  36.  Not making eye contact (or maintaining prolonged eye contact).
  37.  Getting angry or defensive.
  38.  Laughing, giggling, whistling, humming, lip-smacking.
  39.  Saying phrases like “you know”, “like a”, “I guess” and “Hmm”.
  40.  Showing nervousness.
  41.  Showing apathy.
  42.  Complaining.
  43.  Sounds desperate.
  44.  Checking the time – looking at the watch.
  45.  Too early asking questions about salary/bonuses/benefits.
  46.  Placing salary requirements too early.
  47.  Being too prepared. Blurting your answers out. These “home prepared / ready made’ answers.
  48.  Not specifically show an interest in the job + Failing to ask for the job.


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Why Interview Fails

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