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Income tax act Section 44BB

Income tax act Section 44BB

Income tax act Section 44BB deals with the Provisions for computation of taxable income from activities connected with exploration of mineral oils.

(i)The computation of taxable income of non-resident taxpayer engaged in the business of providing services and facilities in connection with or supplying plant and machinery on hire, used or to be used in the exploration for, and exploitation of mineral oils involves a number of complications.

(ii) As a measure of simplification, section 44BB provides for determination of income of such taxpayer at 10% of the aggregate of certain amounts. The amounts in respect of which the provisions will apply would be the amounts paid or payable to the taxpayer or to any person on his behalf whether in or out of India, on account of the provision of such services or facilities or supplying plant and machinery for the aforesaid purposes. This amount will also include facilities or supply of plant and machinery. This provision will not, however apply to any income to which the provisions of section 42, 44D, 44DA, 115A or 293A apply. It may be noted that section 44BB applies only to non-resident assessees.

(iii) Such taxpayers may claim lower income than the present presumptive rate of 10%, if they keep and maintain books of accounts and documents as required under sub-section (2) of section 44AA and get their accounts audited under the provisions of section 44AB of the Act.

The assessment in all such cases shall be done by the Assessing Officer under section 143(3).

Note – If the income of a non-resident is in the nature of fees for technical services, it shall be taxable under the provisions of either section 44DA or section 115A irrespective of the business to which it relates. Section 44BB would apply only in a case where consideration is for services and other facilities relating to exploration activity which are not in the nature of technical services.

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Income tax act Section 44BB

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Income tax act Section 44BB

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