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Important updates ICAI Company Act and others


ICAI Objects To Proposal Of Income-tax Dept To Exclude CAs From Practice Of Taxation Law

The ICAI has addressed a letter dated 27.11.2015 to the Principal Commissioner of Income-tax, Chandigarh, raising objections to the alleged proposal of the department not to allow Chartered Accountants and non-Advocates to “practice law” in the course of proceedings before the tax authorities. The ICAI has pointed out that taxation is one of the “core-competence” areas of Chartered Accountants and that they have expertise in accounting, auditing and taxation. It is also pointed out that these subjects are dealt with in great depth in the CA curriculum and that the ICAI has dedicated committees on taxation. It is emphasized that a chartered accountant, on passing his final examination and completing his articled training, is an expert in taxation, accountancy, auditing, company law and other laws etc., and he is fully qualified to practice in these fields. The ICAI has also drawn attention to several legislation and judicial pronouncements to support its contention that CAs are qualified to practice taxation law and cannot be barred from the same.

 Shamsher Singh Verma vs. State of Haryana (Supreme Court)

S. 3 of Indian Evidence Act: A “Compact Disc” (CD) is a “document” and is admissible as evidence

In view of the definition of ‘document’ in Evidence Act, and the law laid down by this Court, as discussed above, we hold that the compact disc is also a document. It is not necessary for the court to obtain admission or denial on a document under sub-section (1) to Section 294 CrPC personally from the accused or complainant or the witness. The endorsement of admission or denial made by the counsel for defence, on the document filed by the prosecution or on the application/report with which same is filed, is sufficient compliance of Section 294 CrPC

 CIT vs. Five Vision Promoters Pvt. Ltd (Delhi High Court)

S. 68 (share capital): (i) It is a fallacy to assume that a company which has not commenced business has unaccounted money, (ii) Fact that investors have a common address is not relevant, (iii) Fact that shares were subsequently sold at reduced rate is not relevant

There is a basic fallacy in the submission of the Revenue about the precise role of the Assessee, Five Vision. The broad sweeping allegation made is that “the Assessee being a developer is charging on money which is taken in cash”. This, however, does not apply to the Assessee which appears to be involved in the construction of a shopping mall. In fact for the AYs in question, the Assessee had not commenced any business. The construction of the mall was not yet complete during the AYs in question. The profit and loss account of the Assessee for all the three AYs, which has been placed on record, shows that only revenue received was interest on the deposits with the bank. Assessee is, therefore, right in the contention that the basic presumption of the Revenue as far as the Assessee is concerned has no legs to stand. Correspondingly, the further allegation that such ‘on money’ was routed back to the mainstream in the form of capital has also to fail

Riviera Home Furnishing vs. ACIT (Delhi High Court)

S. 10B: Deemed Export Drawback, Customer claims, Freight subsidy & Interest on fixed deposit receipts (under lien for LC & bank guarantee) are all derived from the undertaking & are eligible for deduction

The Court fails to appreciate as to how the ITAT could have held that this transaction did not arise from the business of the export of goods. Even as regards freight subsidy, the Assessee’s contention was that it had received the subsidy in respect of the business carried on and the said subsidy was part of the profit of the business of the undertaking. If the ITAT was prepared to consider the deemed export draw back as eligible for deduction then there was no justification for excluding the freight subsidy

Pr. CIT vs. ITAT, Jindal Steel & Power (P&H High Court)

S. 254(1): The ITAT has no jurisdiction to grant a stay of prosecution proceedings as such proceedings are not directly & substantially flowing from the orders impugned before it

once it is accepted that proceedings for prosecution are independent of assessment and penalty, and the Tribunal is neither the appellate nor the revisional authority in a case where prosecution is launched, the mere fact that the decision in the appeal may have an impact on the prosecution, in our considered opinion, cannot be used to read into the expressions “pass such orders thereon as it thinks fit” or “any proceedings relating to an appeal”, a power in the Tribunal to direct that prosecution or a show cause notice shall be kept in abeyance. There is another aspect of the case, namely, if such a power, as has been canvassed by the assessee, were available to the Tribunal, prosecution would have to await the final outcome of proceedings up to the Supreme Court.


Important updates ICAI Company Act and others

Important updates ICAI Company Act and others

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