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Important Instructions For CS Foundation Programme Examination For June 2017

Important Instructions For CS Foundation Programme Examination For June 2017

Important Instructions For CS Foundation Programme Examination :  Important Instructions For CS Foundation Programme Examination. CS Foundation Registration June 2017 & Dec 2017. In previous post we have given CS Study Material For June 2017 & Dec 2017. Today we are providing What is the procedure for CS Foundation registration online June 2017 & December 2017. Here we have given CS Foundation registration details, registration form online, CS Foundation Registration last date to apply and fees details.  CS Students needs that the last date for CS Foundation Registration for December 2017 is 28th Feb 2017. Here below you can get CS Foundation December 2017 registration online procedure. Gear yourself for next stage of CS course which is Foundation programme and get enrolled till 28th February 2017 to become eligible for appearing in both Modules of the Foundation Programme Examinations to be held in June, 2017 Session.

Important Instructions For CS Foundation Programme Examination For June 2017

Important Instructions For CS Foundation Programme Examination : If you are able to see the details of your examination enrollment viz. Examination centre, medium of examination, combination of module(s), etc. In the table given above, it means that you have successfully remitted the examination fee for june, 2017 session & you will be enrolled for the examination after verification of your request & eligibility conditions, etc. In case a blank table is being displayed without the enrollment details, it means that the payment of examination fee made by you was not successful. In such case, you are required to submit the form & remit the examination fee afresh.

Important Instructions For CS Foundation Programme Examination For June 2017

Important Instructions For CS Foundation Programme Examination : 

1. Important Instructions For CS Foundation Programme Examination :Immediately after taking the print-out of the Admission Certificate from the website, every candidate is advised to verify all the details mentioned in his/her Admission Certificate, i.e., his/her Name, Photograph, Signature, Registration Number, Address, Examination Centre (Name, Address, Code, etc.), Date and Timings of Examination etc. In case of any discrepancy, the same may please be brought to the notice of the Institute immediately through e-mail at: Telephone No.(s) 0120- 4522081/85/87

2. Candidates are required to carry with them (i) Admission Certificate; and (ii) Original Student Identity Card to the Examination Centre in every session for establishing their identity and securing admission to the examination, failing which they will not be allowed to enter the Examination Hall.

3. Candidates are advised to ensure that they are in possession of a valid Identity Card (Green Coloured Authenticated Identity Card sent by post by the Institute OR the downloaded Student Identity Card from duly attested by the authorized officials). In case, due to any reason, the photograph and signature of the student are not available in the downloaded Identity Card, the candidates should affix his/her photograph and signature on the downloaded Identity Card and get it attested by a Gazetted Officer/Member of ICSI/Principal of a Recognized School/Manager of a Nationalised Bank etc. with a supporting seal to authenticate.

4. For any reason, if some of the candidates are not holding the Identity Card due to technical/ practical problems, they may bring any other Photo Identity Card issued by the Government Departments like Passport, Driving License, PAN Card, UID Aadhaar Card, Voter Card, etc. to establish their identity vis-à-vis the particulars appearing in the Attendance Sheet. The Superintendent of Examination Centre and the Invigilators shall verify the identity of the candidates before admission into the Examination Hall and while taking candidate’s signature on the Attendance Sheet. Candidates need to produce his/her Admission Certificate and Student Identity Card to the Invigilator/Supervisory Staff on demand any time during the course of examination.

5. In case, due to any reason, the downloaded Admission Certificate does not bear the photograph of the examinee, the candidate should affix his/her photograph on the Admission Certificate and get it attested by gazetted officer/member of ICSI, etc. and also bring Student Identity Card/other documents as specified above, as identification proof and also one identical photograph for submitting to the Superintendent of Examination Centre.

6. Provisionally admitted students of Foundation Programme are required to regularize their admission by submitting proof of passing 10+2 Examinations within six months from the date of registration. Some of the students who have not complied with the requirements but sought enrollment to Examinations are being issued Admission Certificate for appearing in the Examinations on provisional basis. Notwithstanding the issue of Admission Certificate on provisional basis by giving benefit of doubt to the students, such students are hereby cautioned that the results of the examinations will be withheld pending submission of the requisite certificate. The date of passing the 10+2 Examinations should be within six months of the date of registration and in case the actual date of passing the 10+2 Examinations is beyond the six months period, the registration will in any case be cancelled without further notice. Those students who are yet to submit the certificate(s) are advised to immediately send scanned copy(ies) of the requisite certificate(s) at E-Mail id: and may also ascertain the status of regularization of admission at Tel.No. 0120-4522063/64/65.

7. Candidates are required to report at the Examination Hall 60 (sixty) minutes before the time specified for the commencement of each examination and occupy their allotted seats in Examination Hall. No candidate shall be allowed to enter the Examination Hall after the completion of 15 minutes of the commencement of examination and no candidate shall be permitted to leave the Examination Hall until the expiry of 45 minutes of the commencement of the examination.

8. Personal belongings including mobile phones shall be kept outside the examination room at candidate’s own risk. The candidates are advised not to bring valuables and any other personal belongings of high value while coming for the examinations and the Institute or examination center shall not be responsible in case the item(s) brought to the examination centre is/ are lost or stolen.

9. There will be 50 questions of 2 marks each in each paper and the candidates shall be given 90 minutes for appearing in both papers on each day (45 minutes in case of exemption in one of the paper).

10. The question papers will be displayed both in English and Hindi language except for Business Management, Ethics and Communication paper for which questions will be displayed in English only. In case of any doubt or discrepancy in Hindi language, the English version of the questions shall prevail.

11. Each student will be appearing for two test sessions, i.e. one test session on each day in the same timings. 12. Candidates must sign the Attendance Sheet on each day for which they are appearing. In no case should a candidate leave the Examination Hall without signing the Attendance Sheet. Any appearance without the candidate’s signature in the Attendance Sheet shall be treated as absent.

13. Candidates are allowed to use their own battery operated, noiseless and cordless pocket calculator with not more than 6 functions, 12 digits and 2 memories. Use of programmable, scientific or printing model of calculators or calculators not conforming to above specifications shall not be permitted. Borrowing or exchange of calculators or any other item/material shall not be permitted in the Examination Hall.

14. Every candidate is compulsorily required to appear in all the subjects /Paper(s) for which he/she was enrolled. In case any candidate remains absent in any subject(s)/Paper(s) due to any reason, whatsoever, he/she shall be summarily declared fail. However, in case a candidate who has been granted exemption in any one subject of Paper 1 or 2 (on first day i.e. 7th June, 2014) or Paper 3 or 4 (on second day i.e. 8th June, 2014) as the case may be, he/she is required to answer only those questions in the relevant subject (Paper) in which he/she is enrolled and leave the examination hall on the expiry of 45 minutes of the commencement of the examination, after submitting the Exam by clicking “Finish” button. Further, in case a candidate has been granted exemption in Paper 1 and 2 (first day) or Paper 3 and 4 in the (second day), he/she is required to appear only in the relevant subjects (Paper 3 and 4 or Paper 1 and 2 as the case may be), for which he/she is enrolled.

15. Candidates are required to secure a minimum of 40% marks in each paper, i.e. Paper- 1, Paper-2, Paper-3 and Paper-4 separately as the case may be, and 50% marks in aggregate of all papers put together for passing the Foundation Programme Examination. There will be no negative marking for wrong answers.

16. No candidate shall bring or carry with him/her any Book, Study Material, Handwritten or Printed Notes, Mobile Phone, Pager, Digital Diary, Scientific or Programmable Calculator, Laptop, Palmtop, or any other communication device or gadget in the Examination room/Hall/Premises. However, the candidates are warned to remain prepared that in the event of suspicious behaviour of any examinee in the Examination Hall/Room/Premises, he/she could be searched/ frisked to demonstrate that he/she does not possess any prohibited/ objectionable item(s) with him/her.

17. The Superintendent of Examination is authorized to expel a candidate from the Examination Hall/Room if in his/her opinion, the candidate has resorted to unfair means for the purpose of answering the questions or behaved in a disorderly manner in and around the Examination Hall or obstructed the Superintendent or invigilating staff in carrying out his/her duties or attempted to offer illegal gratification or attempted to apply undue influence or threaten or blackmail any person connected with conduct of examination or attempt to copy examination questions and/ or examination responses (in any format) from the Examination Centre, etc. A candidate so expelled must, before leaving the Examination Hall, submit to the Institute his/her explanation in writing through the Superintendent of Examination. Once a candidate is so expelled; he/she will not be allowed to appear in the remaining paper(s) of the examination. Over and above, for any such misconduct of grave nature, the candidate shall be subject to disciplinary action under the provisions of the Company Secretaries Regulations, 1982 as in force and/or other appropriate legal action under the laws of the country, and particulars of such candidates or cases will be suitably notified in the Institute’s official bulletins.

18. Candidates’ eligibility to appear in the Foundation Examination shall be subject to the provisions of Company Secretaries Regulations, 1982 as in force.

Important Instructions For CS Foundation Programme Examination For June 2017

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