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IFRS Pass Rate – 2017 Exam

IFRS Pass Rate – 2017 Exam

IFRS Pass Rate : Online exam results and status reports from the March 2017 examination session are now available to view.

IFRS Pass Rate – 2017 Exam

IFRS Pass Rate :  International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is a single set of accounting standards, developed and maintained by the IASB (International Accounting Standards Board).

IFRS Pass Rate – 2017 Exam


Exam sessionF1F2F3F4F5F6F7F8F9
Mar 2017N/AN/AN/AN/A38*41*47*38*40*
Dec 201682*63*71*82*40*52*50*40*45*
Sep 2016N/AN/AN/AN/A39*47*48*44*47*
Jun 201683*63*72*80*4146474546
Mar 2016N/AN/AN/AN/A3944514141
Dec 201584*64*68*74*4153454645
Sep 2015N/AN/AN/AN/A3947444235
Jun 201585*58*63*75*3750403941
Dec 201483*58*59*70*4443434540
Jun 201480*60*63*453953474040
Dec 201374*61*57*434145393545
Jun 201372*64*54*374452454045
Dec 201265*59*55*413747533443
Jun 201264*52*56*544245485637
Dec 201163*53*54*493848563638
Jun 201170*57*55*553751384038
Dec 201070*60*60*444144473840
Jun 201064*64*60*515746283643
Dec 200966*58*59*425251394037
Jun 2009735755434161303442
Dec 2008675950393053424340
Jun 2008835148462845333242
Dec 2007815667423450404340


Exam sessionP1P2P3P4P5P6P7
Mar 201745525135283832
Dec 201649514933303431
Sep 201645504737353532
Jun 201648464840383532
Mar 201650474838334430
Dec 201547474735294239
Sep 201548444536304529
Jun 201549484636283440
Dec 201452504833303842
Jun 201452474635293936
Dec 201348494942304133
Jun 201349495134314531
Dec 201250494833334432
Jun 201253494837354232
Dec 201151485134293931
Jun 201152504730354531
Dec 201051514833354444
Jun 201053475134443532
Dec 200949584841423939
Jun 200948445030323737
Dec 200853545236434139
Jun 200849484936373633
Dec 200753485631422833


Dec 201674*76*73*70*74*60*63*477550
Jun 201672*74*74*62*73*60*66*588045
Dec 201580*81*71*69*75*58*60*537454
Jun 201576*76*68*67*74*57*57*587763
Dec 201476*75*69*67*72*52*54*516356
Jun 201474*76*66*58*66*55*54*517958
Dec 201374*71*64*56*59*52*48*447143
Jun 201374*73*58*51*55*55*49*506848
Dec 201270*74*61*53*52*48*46*487049
Jun 201270*74*61*52*47*43*46*538345
Dec 201169*65*62* 57*46*41*42*536940


Exam sessionPass rate
Dec 201652
Jun 201648
Dec 201544
Jun 201538
Dec 201451
Jun 201442
Dec 201345
Jun 201346
Dec 201234
Jun 201235
Dec 201143
Jun 201138
Dec 201039
Jun 201055
Dec 200945
Jun 200950
Dec 200855
Jun 200848
Dec 200767

IFRS Pass Rate – 2017 Exam

IFRS Pass Rate : Exam results are available via your exam status report. In order to view your exam status report, please log into your myACCA account. You should then select ‘Exam Status and Results’. On the page displayed, you will see an option to ‘View your status report’. Selecting this option will display your report.

ACCA has a range of procedures in place to ensure that the exam results issued are correct. However if you feel that your result does not reflect your performance, you may request an administrative review in the following circumstances:

  • you believe ACCA’s procedures have not been properly applied in arriving at your mark
  • you were present at the exam but have been issued an absent result
  • you were absent at the exam but have been issued a result.

IFRS Pass Rate – 2017 Exam

IFRS Pass Rate  : A review may not be requested on the grounds of disagreement with the marker’s academic judgement.

If you would like to request an administrative review you can submit your request using our online service at myACCA.


You need to opt in to receive results by text. You can opt in using myACCA:

  • select ‘account administration’
  • select ‘receiving communications from ACCA’
  • under the ‘mobile phone number’ section, you will be provided with the option to receive your results by text. You must enter a valid mobile number for this option to appear
  • tick ‘I would like to receive notification of my exam results by text message’.

IFRS Pass Rate – 2017 Exam

IFRS Pass Rate : You must opt in to this service at least seven days before results are released. You only need to opt in once, all future results will then be sent by text.

A summary of the information on your Examination Results and Status Report form is below to assist you with queries related to your exam results.

IFRS Pass Rate – 2017 Exam


This section displays the mark attained for each paper attempted at the last session of examinations.


IFRS Pass Rate  : ACCA has a range of procedures in place which reviews the academic judgements made by examiners and these ensure that the final results are robust. The quality controls applied at each stage of the marking process also ensure the integrity of ACCA’s results data. If following publication of the results you do not feel that your result reflects your perceived performance, you may request an Administrative Review under the following circumstances:

  • you believe ACCA’s procedures have not been properly applied in arriving at your mark
  • you have received an absent mark but you were present at the examination
  • you were not present at an examination but have received a mark.

The administrative reviews allow ACCA to ensure transparency and fairness, and are available for all qualifications that are assessed by paper based exam. However, this is not a re-marking service.

If you would like to request an Administrative Review for March 2017 exam session, please go to myACCA, select ‘Request an Administrative Review’ and make the required payment. The deadline to request an Administrative Review is 26 April 2017.

ACCA will carry out an Administrative Review of all processes followed to determine your final mark. You will receive written confirmation of the outcome of your review via email no later than the week commencing 8 May 2017 for the March 2017 session.


This section shows your examination status following the most recent examination session and includes all exemptions awarded and CBE passes achieved before the date stated.

Students holding provisional converted passes in P1 and P4 must pass either P1 or any outstanding Options paper other than P4 in addition to twelve other papers in order to complete the exam requirement of the syllabus.



IFRS Pass Rate  : The Professional Ethics module is a mandatory element of the ACCA Qualification. To take the module, you must have completed the first three exams of the ACCA Qualification (F1 – Accountant in Business, F2 – Management Accounting and F3 – Financial Accounting), although it is recommended that you complete all nine Fundamentals level exams (F1 – F9) before taking it. The module – which is interactive – can be accessed through myACCA.

Your status for the Professional Ethics module will show as completed on the Examination Status Results form if you have completed the module by the date shown in the examination status section of the form.


The Foundations in Professionalism module is mandatory for all students studying any of the Foundation-level qualifications. The module – which is interactive – can be accessed through myACCA.

Your status for the Foundations in Professionalism module will show as complete on the Examination Status Results form if you have completed the module by the date shown in the examination status section of the form.


IFRS Result Analysis : This section shows the performance objectives you have achieved and recorded with ACCA as at the date of this status report.

If you are using My Experience, any additional performance objectives you have achieved since the date of this report will be reflected online. You can access My Experience through myACCA.

This section also shows the time (in months) that you have accumulated and recorded in a relevant accounting or finance role.


This section shows your current status on the Oxford Brookes University degree.


This section shows your progress towards ACCA membership. To be eligible for membership you must complete all 14 examinations, 9 Essential and 4 Options performance objectives, have a minimum of 36 months experience in a relevant accounting or finance role and complete the Professional Ethics module.

IFRS Pass Rate – 2017 Exam

IFRS Pass Rate  : After completing  you can easily get a job in one of the following industries or you can start your own advisory and consultancy company:

  • Audit Firms
  • Professional Advisory Companies
  • Banking Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Any other company adopting IFR standards

IFRS Pass Rate – 2017 Exam

IFRS Pass Rate   :  In the present era of globalization and liberalization the world has become an economic village. Accounting plays a very important role in the economic growth of a country as it is the financial language in which transactions and their effects are expressed. Various nations across the globe are pursuing convergence of their national accounting standards with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). It is very imperative to have a single globally accepted financial reporting system since a number of multinationals companies are engaging in cross-border business transactions. They are getting themselves listed on stock exchanges of different countries. Capital markets are thus becoming integrated.

The use of different accounting frameworks in different countries which require different treatments and disclosures for same transactions shall create confusion amongst users of financial statements. So this calls for the need to adopt unified standards such as IFRS that can help economy, industry and accounting professionals. Adoption of IFRS will encourage in transparent and reliable preparation and presentation of financial statements. These standards would enable comparability of financial information which will boost investor confidence. It will provide easy access to global capital markets and at low cost. These will provide impetus to cross border mergers and acquisitions, affiliate partnerships and ventures with foreign establishments.

IFRS Pass Rate – 2017 Exam

IFRS Pass Rate  :  Having regard to this and the gaining momentum of IFRS, the convergence roadmap has been issued by the ICAI. The adoption of IFRS will benefit the accounting profession in a way that they are able to render their expert services in different countries.

Opportunities from IFRS’s convergence

  • International Opportunity: Indian CAs can take their professional abilities and deep knowledge anywhere around the world.
  • Potential Demand of Valuation Experts: As per the IFRSs assets and liabilities are to be recognized at fair values. This fair valuation will require valuers.This is one new area that      can be explored by CAs.
  • Appointment in Companies as IFRS specialist:Companies would be working along the teams of experts and consultants. CAs would be required for interpreting the various complex issues and preparing financial statements according to the standards.The banking industry in India which is most affected by the implementation of IFRSs will also require these professionals as this industry will have to prepare its financial statements as per the new standards.The persons with expertise in international accounting standards will also have an edge over others in educational institutes which are running certificate diplomas and training programmes in this area.
  • Continuing Professional Education: Intensive IFRS training needs to be imparted to key management personnel of companies. ICAI has taken steps in this regard.

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