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ICSI Membership Period

ICSI Membership Period

ICSI Membership period – The Annual Membership and Certificate of Practice fee for the year 2016-17 became due for payment w.e.f. 1st April, 2016 and last date for payment of the same will be 31st August, 2016. Members are requested to pay the fee before the last date.  

Renewal Of Certificate Of Practice

  1. The Certificate of Practice issued to a member is required to be renewed every financial year by payment of annual certificate fee, which presently is Rs. 1000, and the annual membership fee, which presently is Rs. 1125 for an Associate Member and Rs. 1500 for a Fellow Member.
  2. For effecting renewal of Certificate of Practice, the member has also to submit a declaration for the renewal of Certificate of Practice. The format of declaration is available on the website of the Institute.

Cancellation Of Certification Of Practice

  1. The member has to make a request in writing along with return of original Certificate of Practice for cancellation within 30 days of his ceasing to be in practice.
  2. The other circumstances under which the Certificate of Practice shall be cancelled are as under:-
    1. When name of the member is removed
    2. When the member has not paid the Certificate of Practice fee by the last extended date for payment of fee for the relevant year.
    3. When the Council is satisfied, after giving an opportunity of being heard to the person concerned, that such certificate was issued on the basis of incorrect, misleading or false information, or by mistake or inadvertence.
    4. The member has ceased to be in practice.
  3. When a certificate is cancelled, the date from which and the period for which the certificate stands cancelled shall be communicated in writing by registered post to the member concerned at his mailing address entered in the Register and may also be published in the Institute’s journal ‘Chartered Secretary’

Restoration Of Certification Of Practice

  1. The Certificate of Practice is renewed in the same financial year in which it is due for renewal provided the fee for renewal alongwith the requisite declaration is received and accepted by the Institute in the same financial year.  The application for restoration of Certificate of Practice shall be made in Form-D alongwith declaration and  the remittance of annual Certificate of Practice fee of Rs. 1000/- and a restoration fee of Rs. 250/-
  2. 2.   Where the Certificate of Practice is required to be cancelled on failure to pay the annual fee for Certificate of Practice on or before the due date prescribed and an application for restoration of Certificate of Practice is received and accepted by the Institute in the same financial year, the Certificate of Practice is restored on payment of the–
    1. The requisite annual fee for Certificate of Practice for the current year & a restoration fee
    2. The payment of Annual Membership fee for the current year.
  3. Where the Certificate of Practice has not been renewed or accepted for renewal in the same financial year and as a result of which it is cancelled, a fresh Certificate of Practice will be issued with effect from the date of acceptance of application for the issue of a fresh certificate.
  4. A communication for restoration/fresh issue of Certificate of Practice is sent to the member in writing.  Restoration/issue of certificate of practice is also published in the Institute’s Journal ‘Chartered Secretary’.

Due dates

  1. After enrolment, the annual membership fee and renewal fee for certificate of practice (alongwith the declaration form) are due and payable on the first day of April every year. Any person who has not paid his annual membership fee/annual certificate of practice fee on or before 30th June of that year shall be liable to his name being removed from the Register w.e.f. 1st July of that year without any further notice
  2. Half payment of the annual associate/ certificate of practice fee shall be payable for the first year by a person admitted on or after 1st day of October of that year.
  3. An associate/fellow, who is of the age of fifty-five years and above and not in any gainful employment or in practice, shall pay half of the annual membership fee subject to submission of declaration to the said effect.

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ICSI Membership Period



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