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ICSI Campus Placement Report – March 2016

ICSI Campus Placement Report – March 2016

ICSI Campus Placement Report – If you are applying for a new job then you will have to face the interview.Interview is the daring deal which requires lot of self confidence in your self.



ICSI Campus Placement Report – Updated Till :-  20th July 2016

Vacancies For Company Secretary :-  

Vacancy at Kruger Ventilation Industries (India) Pvt Ltd…( Click Here)

Vacancy at AAA Business Consulting P.Ltd…(Click Here)

Vacancy at Link Intime India Pvt Ltd…(Click Here)

Vacancy of Company Secretary at Sutherland Global Services…(Click Here)

ICSI Campus Placement Programme – March 2016

Campus Placement for Students for 15 months training/Modified Training Structure

The ICSI-NIRC is organizing a Campus Placement for Students for 15 Months Training/ Modified Training Structure on 5th March, 2016 at ICSI NIRC, Plot No.4, Institutional Area Prasad Nagar, Delhi 110005 at 9.30 am.

The following process will be followed:

  • Name of the participating Company/Consultancy firm/Financial Institution/PCS will be announced at the
  • Students already undergoing 15 Months training are not eligible to participate in this Campus
  • Students interested in participating in the Campus Placement are required to pre register themselves by 29th February, 2016 by 4 pm by sending their Résumés at Registration will be on First Come First Serve basis. First 75 emails enclosing résumés will be considered for interview on 5th March, 2016. Please mention “Campus Placement for Student – 5th March, 2016” in the subject line of the
  • The résumés of all the eligible candidates will be given to the Company/ Consultancy firm/Financial Institution/PCS coming for participating in the event. The candidates attending the Campus Placement are expected to come in formal dress and bring sufficient number of copies of their CV & passport colour photograph. The students are requested to invariably mention their Registration number in their
  • The Company / Consultancy firm/Financial Institution/PCS will shortlist from the lot of résumés and interview the candidates as shortlisted by them. Hence, a candidate will get opportunity for interview only  if  his/her  resume  is  shortlisted  by  a      Company

/Consultancy firm/law firm/Financial Institution/PCS.

  • In view of the response during previous Campus Placements and to provide the opportunity to all the participants the résumés of the candidates once appeared for the interview may not be forwarded to the other

ICSI Campus Placement Program – Kolkata

Eastern India Regional Council of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India organised a Campus Placement for the Students (seeking Management Training) and the Members ( seeking Job) was organised on Saturday, 16th April, 2016 at ICSI-EIRC House, Kolkata. More than 20 companies / firms participated as Recruiters in the Campus placement and around ninety members and students participated in the placement process. All the participants and recruiters were very happy and excited for the placement programme and were thankful to the Institute for the providing such an opportunity for members, students and companies. On this occasion, CS Sandip Kejriwal, Chairman, ICSI-EIRC said that another campus placement programme will be organised very soon.

ICSI – Bangalore Chapter Campus Placement Drive 2014-15

ICSI – Bangalore Chapter Campus Placement Drive 2014-15 Held on 9th January 2015 at New Chapter Premises, Bangalore.

Towards continuing the efforts for providing placement to the members as well as Apprenticeship training to the students, The ICSI- Bangalore Chapter conducted Camps Placement Drive 2014-15 on 9th January, 2015 at Bangalore Chapter Premises. The preparation started quite a month before the event. For the first time ever brochures on Campus Placement Drive 2014-15 were printed and sent to around 750 Companies falling in the bracket of 5 crore & more paid up share capital  in Bangalore and also the email flyers were  repeatedly circulated to around 2500 listed companies and 1200 CS Members in Bangalore.

In comparison to the previous years’ Campus Placement Programme there was a remarkable increase in both the number of employers  and shortlisted candidates with around 37 Companies & firms participating in the event as Employers for providing training and employment for around 147 students and fresh members for a total requirement of 34 trainees and 28 qualifieds.

Orientation programme on to “How to Face an Interview” was also conducted by the Chapter on 7th January, 2015 at Bangalore New Chapter Premises were a large number of  candidates got benefited.

Prolific Campus Placement Drive 2014-15 was successfully conducted with guidance of CS.C. Sharada, Chairman of the Chapter & CS Srinivasan, Treasurer & Chairman, Placement Committee Bangalore Chapter with ample support of Student Volunteers, Chapter officials and Event Coordinator Ms. Noor Sumayya AEO, Bangalore Chapter.

Details are as under:

No of participating students & Members – 147

No of Companies & firms participated: – 36






No. of TraineesNo. of Company Secretaries
Total Requirement  






Total Requirement  






1B Mahesh Shenoy & Associates4106Yet to be confirmedNone
2CAE Simulation Technologies Pvt. Ltd.None11251
3CDM Smith India Pvt Ltd.None11061


CimplyFive Corporate Secretarial Services Pvt. Ltd.,  
















5Conscientia Cosultancy Private Limites276221262
6CS Kannan PCS1941None
7C-Suite Labs Pvt. Ltd.None62010Yet to be confirmed
8ECOM Gill Coffee Trading Pvt. Ltd.None1156Yet to be confirmed
9Ernst & Young LLPNone2156Yet to be confirmed
10Fashion 365 Retail Pvt.LtdNone1125Yet to be confirmed
11GMR Infrastructure Ltd274Yet to be confirmedNone
12GR Associates1631None
13Heeravathi & Associates187Yet to be confirmedNone
14Hemanth Biswajit and Co37531721
15Kirlsokar Electric Company Limited110Yet to be confirmed184Yet to be confirmed
16L. RANGA RAJU18Yet to be confirmedNone
17Legal Monk120Yet to be confirmedNone
18Lenovo (India) Private Limited112Yet to be confirmedNone
19Natesh. K PCS25Yet to be confirmedNone
20Novojuris Pvt Ltd113Yet to be confirmedNone
21Orb Energy Pvt LtdNone1106Yet to be confirmed
22Otto Bilz (India) Private LimitedNone1105Yet to be confirmed
23Premji Invest Pvt LtdNone193Yet to be confirmed
24Prestige Group Pvt Ltd11051None
25Pro legal1940None
26Proactive Solutech India Pvt LimitedNone11561
27PROZONE ADVISORS PRIVATE LIMITED484Yet to be confirmed2115Yet to be confirmed
Quest Global PVt ltd183Yet to be confirmedNone
28RT & Associates21031None
30Silpa Sreeram, PCS1115Yet to be confirmedNone
31Sri Chamundeswari Sugars Limited185Yet to be confirmed1125Yet to be confirmed
32Subhshini Ghantoji & Associates1631None
33SWAROOP S & CO375331363
34Synopsys (India) Pvt Ltd2147Yet to be confirmedNone
35Vinaybl&co.,185Yet to be confirmedNone
36Zehn Consultants LimitedNone1116Yet to be confirmed
Total requirement 34 –




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ICSI Campus Placement Report – March 2016

Visit downloads section icsi-campus-placement-report

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