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ICSI Academic Corner for june 2018

ICSI Academic Corner

ICSI Academic Corner for June 2018

ICSI Academic Corner : Through this article you will get the complete information regarding the CS articleship.

You can also get the details about how to registration procedure, registration form detail, fee detail and last date of registration of CS articleship.

ICSI Academic Corner

ICSI Academic Corner – Searching and finding Right and appropriate CS trainee vacancy is one of the very Confusing and bit difficult task. There is lots of company and company secretary in practice getting Registered with ICSI to impart CS Articleship training and many of you not aware of those new company or PCS. Here we are providing CS Articleship complete details of procedure, form, fees, last date etc..

CS Articleship Registration procedure detail

ICSI Academic Corner : Students may direct apply for taking training with resumes to the Companies, Company Secretaries in Practice and other organisations listed with the Institute for imparting training;
List of companies /organisation (including law firm, consultancy firms etc.) and the list of Company Secretaries in Practice registered for imparting training is available or pronounced at training page/link at the website of the Institute (, which can be searched by selecting the possible options.
Contact the nearest Regional/Chapter office of the Institute for getting information of local vacancies and seeking assistance for training.
Companies, PCS and other organisations which are not registered with the Institute can also be enrolled.

15 days Academic Program Details For CS Executive Students

The Council of the institute has introduced 15 days academic program applicable for all students who have completed their Executive Program (i.e. passed both modules of Executive Program) on or after 25th August 2015, irrespective of their date of registration in Executive Programme.

The break-up of 15 days academic program exposure is as under:

i) 2 days = Professional Induction Program (PIP)

ii) 3 days = Professional e-governance Program (PEGP)

iii) 5 days = Professional Skill Development Program (PSDP)

iv) 5 days = Professional Entrepreneurship Development Program (PEDP)


i. 15 days Academic program is applicable to every student who is successfully completing Executive Program (whether already undergoing training or not) of ICSI, on or after 25th August, 2015.

ii. PIP & PEGP are to be completed within 3 months of passing Executive programor within 2 months of commencement of their 15 months/1 year/2 years training, whichever is earlier. If, any student is already undergoing training on the date of passing the
Executive program, in such case 2 months criteria is not applicable to him/her.

iii. PEGP is to be commenced only after PIP is completed.

iv. PSDP is to be completed only after completing PIP & PEGP but, in any case within 7 months from the passing of Executive program.

v. PEDP is to be completed only after completing PIP, PEGP & PSDP but, in any case should be completed at least 3 months prior to the completion date of their 15 months/1year/2 years training.

vi. Students failing to complete the above requirement will not be allowed to fill up the admission form for undergoing MSOP (or by whatever name called).

Exemption from 15 days academic program :

Exemption from 15 days academic program may be granted to the students who are having adequate working experience on case to case basis. Internal guidelines for granting exemption from the same are being prepared and after approval of TEFC of the Council, same would be circulated.

CS Articleship Registration Form

ICSI Academic Corner : Students are qualified to start training after passing the Executive Programme examination and completion of 8/15 days Executive Development Programme each.

(i) With a company having minimum paid up share capital of Rupees fifty lakhs; or

(ii) With a Company Secretary in Practice; or

(iii) With Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Registrar of Companies, Regional Directors, Official Liquidator, Banks, Law Firms, Consultancy Firms, Financial Institutions, LLPs, Government Bodies & Departments, PSU.

Companies, Company Secretaries in Practice, and other organizations are obliged to be registered with the Institute for granting training.

Duration of Training:
(i) two years after passing the Executive Programme examination; or
(ii) one year after passing the Professional Programme examination.
Students are free to undergo training wholly or partly with a Company Secretary in Practice or a
Company or any other entity registered for imparting training with the Institute.
Management Skills Orientation Programme (MSOP) – Duration is 15 days after passing
Professional Programme (Final Exams) covering mainly the following:-
TOPICS Covered under 15 Days MSOP:
1. Leadership skills, Innovation, latest trends in management thoughts.
2. Business strategy, Corporate restructuring through Mergers & Amalgamations, Take
Over, Valuation, Competition Law, Consumer Protection.
3. Cross-border transactions, global business scenario.
4. Major tax laws, Double Taxation Treaty Agreements, Service Tax.
5. Corporate Governance, Business Ethics, Sustainability.
6. Meetings, Secretarial Standards, Important provisions of Company Law.
7. Capital Market related topics, Regulatory insight, Exchange related issues.
8. Projects covering diverse areas including corporate laws.
9. Intellectual Property Rights.
10. Arbitration, Conciliation, Alternate Dispute Redressal Mechanism.
11. Corporate Compliance Management.
12. Areas of Practice –Existing & Emerging.
13. Understanding Financial Statements.
14. Art of Advocacy, Court craft, Pleadings.
15. Board Room behaviour, Drafting of Chairmen’s Speech, Directors’ Report.
16. Networking skills and business behaviour.
17. About ICSI and Code of Conduct.
18. Any other Topic of Topical interest.

Leave allowed during training period

Maximum number of leaves to be allowed to the students undergoing training under the earlier training structure and modified training structure: –


It is further clarified that: –

i) One casual leave can be availed for each month of training undergone.

ii) Any un-used casual leaves shall be lapsed at the end of training period.

iii) Leaves applicable for study & examinations are to be granted for appearing in CS examinations only.

iv) If any student is doing some part of training at one organization and remaining part of training at another organization, then leaves shall be calculated on pro-rata basis.

v) If at any stage any student has passed examinations of all modules of Professional Programme, then from the date of declaration of result of his/her professional programme examination he /she shall be no more eligible for leave allocated for study & examinations. He /she shall only be eligible to avail the casuals leave on prorata basis for his/her remaining period of training.

vi) If any student takes leaves during training period more than his/her entitlements, his/her training period shall get extended for the number of days he/she has exceeded the limit.

vii) Sunday and holidays falling in between the continuous period of leave availed for the purpose of study & examinations shall be counted for the number of days of leaves availed. Whereas if availing casual leaves, Sunday and holidays falling in between shall not be counted.

viii) A student undergoing 15 months or 3 years or 2 years training, after passing Professional Programme examination in between the training period shall be eligible to avail casual leave @ 1 day per month only for the remaining period of training.

CS Articleship Fees

ICSI Academic Corner : The minimum amount of stipend payable to the students is as follows: –

It is clarified that if any student is already undergoing training for 15 months / 3 years / 2 years and during the period of training at any time he/she passes examination of Executive Programme or Professional Programme, then his/her minimum amount of stipend for remaining period of training shall be in accordance to the above table as applicable to the higher stage.

Conclusion on ICSI Academic Corner

Here in this article we have discussed about the following things.

  • ICSI Academic Corner
  • CS Articleship Registration procedure and detail
  • CS Articleship Registration Form
  • CS Articleship Fees

Hope you found the article useful. Please feel free to ask anything or give your comments using the comment box below.

  1. Supriya says:

    Is articleship compulsory for cs?

    1. cakart says:

      Well article ship is required to get degree and become member of ICSI, you need to go through any of these trainings depending upon your level

      Three years on registration to Executive Programme;


      Two years after passing the Executive Programme;


      One year after passing the Professional Programme.

      Institute has made it quite clear that training is part of course and not optional. So there is no way to skip training.

  2. Supriya says:

    Is it beneficial to do a CS articleship after an executive, or will it be fine after the professionals?

  3. Malini says:

    Is it beneficial to do a CS articleship after an executive, or will it be fine after the professionals?

    1. cakart says:

      ICSI provides you the following options for Articleship under the Revised Syllabus:

      After Foundation, 3 years
      After Executive, 2 years
      After Professional, 1 year

      As per my opinion, once you start working, it would be difficult to dedicate time for studies. i would strongly recommend starting articleship after Professional.

  4. sankalp says:

    Where should I do my CS articleship as a trainee?

    1. cakart says:

      It depends upon your choice of interest, a listed company or a stock exchange is more preferable than a firm.

  5. Akshay Balkrishna Gajjar says:

    It is compulsory to complete 15 day training for joining articleship after executive programme.

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