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  • How important it is for you to pass the exam in this attempt?
  • What percentage of course you have finished well so far roughly?
  • How many hours you study in a day?
  • How many times you have revised the topics you have finished
  • Have you taken online or pen drive or live class from a renowned faculty?
  • What percentage of the classes you have watched?
  • Have you attempted mock tests or practice tests yet?
  • Are you planning to attempt mock tests conducted by external bodies- ICAI, ICSI, ICMAI or other institute?
  • How many tests you have taken?
  • Did you manage to finish the test papers on time?
  • Are you strictly following study material provided by the exam conducting authority such as ICAI/ICSI/ICMAI/Other Body?
  • How is your health in general?
  • How is your food habit?
  • Any interest in yoga or exercise or play sports regularly?
  • Planning to sleep well nights before the exams?
  • Planning to have light food and water before exams?

How to utilize the 15 minutes before you start your exam

How to utilize the 15 minutes before you start your exam

On the day of exam, go to the exam hall with a fresh mind, don’t get nervous. keep it in mind that, your hard part is over and there is no use in getting upset and over-stressed. After looking at the question paper,loosing motivation or feeling nervous will spoil your mind and kill your confidence. This will surely effect in your exam and end up with bad result . However the questions might be don’t loose your heart, keep it your mind that you have worked hard and you will make it. This will make you to get confidence and keep your mind calm so that you can  recollect the stuff that you have read from months ago, and also help you to think fast and make you to write the answers methodically (even for theory subjects).There are few points mentioned below how to utilize the 15 minutes given for reading Question paper in best possible manner for upcoming exam.

How to utilize the 15 minutes before you start your exam,check out here

  • Have a brief look over the paper to decide the sequence in which questions are to be answered, start with the question which you think you can answer correctly. Don’t Read all the questions thoroughly rather just have a glance at all the questions to determine the question that can be left as a choice and now read thoroughly the question you want to answer and prepare yourself for the question and as soon as the paper is received don’t waste time in writing Roll No, etc. First complete the 1st question and then do all the formalities.
  • The reason for not reading all the questions in depth is you cannot remember the questions you are reading after solving 1st question so it is better not to read in depth and waste precious 15 minutes. So just have a glance on all and read any 1 question in depth to solve it immediately.
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  • Now straightaway answer the questions. Don’t waste time in decorating the answer sheet by drawing 4 sided margins and all…it won’t fetch you marks rather try to utilize the same in reviewing your answers and calculations at the end of exam say last 15 minutes.
  • Try to attempt maximum question in the exam, 6 average answers will fetch you more marks than 5 best answers. So instead of adding unnecessary stuff to answer you know well do write answer which you don’t know perfectly. Marks are allotted for even partly completed answers proportionately.
  • Now just 5 minutes before the exam ends review the question paper and check whether you have answered all the questions and made corresponding tick in the answer sheet and then note down the final answers with pencil on the question paper against each question.
  • After returning from exam hall evaluate your performance yourself but don’t be too generous in allotting marks. Allot the least possible marks to your answers and count the probable marks you think you will get in the worst scenario.
  • Don’t waste time in discussing the paper with your friends, instead, sharpen your weapons for the next battle or take some rest and start preparing for next exam.

 How to utilize the 15 minutes before you start your exam,check here

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  1. neha says:

    If my And don’t tally? Will I get marks for steps?

  2. neha says:

    If my answer * don’t tally, will I get marks for steps?

    1. cakart says:

      No you will not get marks to for your steps.

  3. Ashwani says:

    Dear neha, step wise marking is followed while checking the ca exam..if your final answer comes wrong because of any small mistake at the end but other steps are correct then u will be alloted marks for those correct steps.

  4. Viru says:

    Yes neha, What ashwini Said is right

  5. Rohit says:

    Neha, u will definitely get majority of marks for the steps…4 to 5 marks may be cut down out of 16 marks for not tallying the balance sheet…and make sure that even if u get wrong answer, u write the respective totals on both the sides of balance sheet without leaving blank…

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