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  • How many hours you study in a day?
  • How many times you have revised the topics you have finished
  • Have you taken online or pen drive or live class from a renowned faculty?
  • What percentage of the classes you have watched?
  • Have you attempted mock tests or practice tests yet?
  • Are you planning to attempt mock tests conducted by external bodies- ICAI, ICSI, ICMAI or other institute?
  • How many tests you have taken?
  • Did you manage to finish the test papers on time?
  • Are you strictly following study material provided by the exam conducting authority such as ICAI/ICSI/ICMAI/Other Body?
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How to Read and Understand CA CS CMA Exam Questions

How to Read and Understand CA CS CMA  Exam Questions

How to Read and Understand CA CS CMA  Exam Questions

Planning for studies during exam leave for CA CS and CMA students

(A) Study Strategy –Stage I  Understanding the Topics & Concepts {Time Period: 2 months}  {Objective: To understand practicalities through classes or self study.}

(a) Prepare notes/summarize everything, mark important sums, while studying in Classes. Try to make sure you understand all concepts, it is okay if you don’t remember everything.

(b) You don’t need to study separately while pursuing classes. Just make sure that you attend regularly. Keep your notes complete at all the times.

(c) Don’t think about exams, just think you are there to learn something new. Exams is just a test, what is important is knowledge. So gain as much knowledge as possible.

Stage II – Understanding the Pattern of exam papers {Time Period: 3 days} {Objective: To understand how exam papers are actually}

(a) When you are done with classes/self study, checkout all latest papers i.e. last three years or last 6 attempts, and understand the structure of exam papers see how exam papers are like!

(b) This will give you exam insights and when you will study, you will know how to prepare and what type of questions you will have to form to test yourself while studying for exams.

Stage III – Preparing for Exams i.e. First Revision {Time Period: 2 months} {Objective: To prepare for exams, on the basis of exam papers that you seen}

(a) At this stage, you will solve everything that you have learnt till date, keeping in mind the sort of questions that are asked in exams.

Stage IV – Self Check Revision i.e. Second Revision {Time Period: 1 month} {Objective: To gain confidence in what you have studied}

(a) This revision should be real quick, like everyday you should do one chapter each of four different subjects per day.

(b) No need to solving, just keep reading & trying to answer. One or two questions you may right roughly.

(c) Try to read questions and answer them orally.

Stage V – Exam Before Exam i.e. Paper-solving {Time Period: 16 + 8 days} {Objective: To get acquainted with exam situations and realize your level of preparations}

(a) This will be the month of April or October (according to your attempt). This is just exactly one month before exams. So what you have to do is create exactly what the situation will be one month later.

(b) You should schedule your practice test as follows:

01/04 Study FR

02/04 FR Exam (2 pm to 5 pm)

03/04 Study SFM

04/04 SFM Exam (2 pm to 5 pm) and so on

(c) There is no need to go for Practice tests conducted by Coaching Classes. You can do it at home itself, doing it at home is better option indeed.

(d) After completing first round of Paper-solving, you should start second round of Paper-solving, this should be daily basis, i.e. 8 days back to back.

Stage VI – One Day Match i.e. Third Revision  {Time Period: 8 days} {Objective: To get ready for exam time studies and a final round of study}

(a) Third Revision is for rectifying mistakes that you noticed while solving paper.

(b) You will know your mistakes, so you will merely revise all subjects i.e. 1 subject per day and also rectify mistake, find solutions for your problems, make strategy of which chapter questions you will solve first etc.

(c) You can also try revising the whole portion in 75% of the day and then use 25% of the day for Paper Solving.

(d) This time you don’t solve for all 3 hours, but just solved reduced paper or just see paper, built strategy and solve few sums in limited 1-2 hours.

How to Read and Understand CA CS CMA  Exam Questions


Dictionary meaning is “Clarify, Define”, “to make understandable the nature or meaning of something”. By asking Explain in the question, paper setter is looking at a student to make clear what is asked in the question. He expects students to bring out clear meanings asked for in the question and at the same time it will also test the students understanding potentiality. A student should bring out all the points relevant to the question and should substantiate his answers with definitions and examples. Depending upon marks, students are expected to give answers to such questions.

How to Read and Understand CA CS CMA  Exam Questions


Dictionary meaning is “to tell the facts, details or particulars of something”. Many time theory questions in exam will use the word DESCRIBEthis clearly means that the answer should give the key features about what it is asked for. Here focus is more on specifics and the paper setter is not interested for general answers. He is looking for more appropriate answers and wants the students to give the most important and justifiable facts about the question asked for.

How to Read and Understand CA CS CMA  Exam Questions


Dictionary meaning is “to point out an essential disparity”. Most of the time students doesn’t understand this word and gives unnecessary information. The intention of using such verb in question is to find whether student can bring about the main highlights of differences between.

In such question, your answer should clearly highlight the areas where differences exist like – Objective, Nature, Appointment, Periodicity, Report submission.


How to Read and Understand CA CS CMA  Exam Questions


Dictionary meaning is “Make a  List of”. If  a question is asked to List out the advantages, limitations, characteristics etc, students should only list out the points  with out going for any explanation. List should be specific to question asked and try to present it as far as possible in bullet points. When you are listing out the points make sure that there is some sort of continuity from one point to another in the order.(Don’t try to explain each points you list as no extra marks for explanation will be awarded)

How to Read and Understand CA CS CMA  Exam Questions


Dictionary meaning is “a way of living or existing”. In a question many times they use this word which means that they are testing as to what you think and feel about the particular statements. It is testing your presence of mind on the particular topic. Usually in True or False or where the examiners want to know whether the student has understood the concepts or not, will ask question by using state.

How to Read and Understand CA CS CMA  Exam Questions


Dictionary meaning is” to give example in order to make easier to understand”. This is one way, an examiner tries to evaluate the examinees as to whether he knows to relate the concepts or not. Many time students know the subject but doesn’t know how to relate the same by using analytical and problem solving skills. By asking Illustrate, examiner is trying to find out that student has enough skill to relate the concept with appropriate examples. Usually law papers will have such type of questions, because the students are expected to know the relevant case laws as supporting to their main answers.


How to Read and Understand CA CS CMA  Exam Questions

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How to Read and Understand CA CS CMA  Exam Questions

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