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How To Pass Costing of IPCC in First Attempt


How to pass Costing of IPCC :

How to pass Costing of IPCC:Selection of the right books is of utmost importance to succeed in the CA Examinations. Here’s the list of books that should be followed by IPCC Students to score well in their CA Exams:
1. Accounts – Padhuka for Accounting Portion & D.S. Rawat for AS Portion
2. Costing and FM – Padhuka for Costing & Khan-Jain for FM
3. Law – Munish Bhandari
4. Taxation – Manoharan for Income Tax & Latest ICAI Module for Service Tax & VAT
5. Advanced Accounts – Padhuka
6. Audit – Padhuka for Important Topics & Surbhi Bansal’s Book for the Rest
7. IT and SM – ICAI Compilation + Latest Module for IT & Padhuka for SM

How To Pass Costing of IPCC in First Attempt

How To Pass Costing of IPCC in First Attempt

How To Pass Costing of IPCC in First Attempt:

Preparation Tips for CA IPCC Exam:
Preparation Tips IT & SMPreparation Tips Taxation

Preparation Tips AUDITING

Preparation Tips ACCOUNTS

Preparation Tips COSTING & FM

Preparation Tips LAW, Ethics & Communication

How to pass Costing of IPCC:

 CA IPCC Costing and FM Preparation Tips:

IPCC Costing n FM Preparation Tips (Paper III)

Weightage Of Marks:

Costing – 45-50 Marks
Financial Management – 50-55 Marks

Overall Weightage:

Theory –   35 – 40 Marks
Practical –  60 – 65 Marks

How to pass Costing of IPCC:

Now Moving on to Preparation Part in Paper III :

1) Start With Theory in any of the two subjects u wish, But preferablly better to start with Financial Management as it is a Practical Subject u will become confident by chosing it First.

Concentrate on the Topics which are applied in solving the problems as this enables u to solve the problems easily… along with a ability to write theory if asked in the exam

Better if U read the theory chapter wise as reading all theory at a time doesn’t work..

2) Now Let’s move on to the Order of Preference to be chosen

a) First Start with Time Value of Money (an Easy and Important one ) – Base of Financial Management as it is applied in Capital Budgeting , Capital Structure Decisions which are major topics in Fm with this u will be able to solve the problems in these two chapters easily..
b) Now Come on to Chapter IV Financing Decisions(Cost of Capital , Capital Structure Decisions , Leverages) take on the theory part and start solving problems on your own.(helps a lot)
c) After on, take Investment Decisions which also carries more weightage follow the same rule as above Study the theory and apply thereon
d) Now,You have covered with the major topics lets move on to other topics Next it is better to choose Ratio Analysis In this Formulas Play a major role as Two-Four mark questions are asked on the simple formulas and most important is Advantages of Ratio Analysis
e) Now Move on to Cash Flow and Fund Flow Analysis for CFS much efforts are not required as it will be covered in Accounts Paper I just look at Funds Flow once..
f) Now Last Part is Current Assets Managament i.e 1)Working Capital Management 2) Debtors Management
In this section in majority questions are asked on Deriving Working Capital(WC Statement) , Preparation of Cash Budget so concentrate more on these..

How to pass Costing of IPCC

Overall Tips – Practice the Problems in the Practice Manuals by the Institute it is enough no other Books are required

Now Let’s Move on to Second Part Costing..

1) In Costing it is better to start with the basic concepts the problems are unpredictable i.e Start with Basic Concepts and understand the objective of the subject it will enable you to understand better the succeeding topics…
2) Now Come on to Major costs i.e Material , Labour , Overheads
in these understand the following

Materials – Control Mechanism to Prevent costs, Selection of Pricing while purchasing , Valuation Principles (FIFO,LIFO,WAM), Accounting Treatment for Material costs incurred

Labour – Cost Control Techniques , Wage Payment Methods

Overheads – Classification of Overheads ,Methods of Absorption of Overheads , Accounting and control of Overheads

3) Now , Take Methods of costing(I) i.e Job costing , Batch costing Contract costing etc.,

4) Major Questions asked in the Methods of costing are from Contract costing.,

5) Now the Last three chapters may be choosed as ur wish as choosing anyone doesn’t make any difference

Note:Important Thing to remember is that these chapters ( Standard Costing , Marginal Costing , Budgetary Control ) Carries a weightage of 20-25 Marks almost 40 % More Practice is required in these chapters

6) At Last take on the Reconciliation of Cost Accounts with Financial Accounts as a finishing Step..

Overall Tip : It is better to choose some reference book like CAKART BOOKS for Costing to score better.

How to pass Costing of IPCC

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