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How to Pass CA Final Exams | Tips From Ranker

How to Pass CA Final Exams | Tips From Ranker 

How to Pass CA Final Exams ? – Tips to Pass CA Final Exams in First Attempt and the right Strategy to Crack CA Final exam has been well written by the Ranker. Here we gives you 10 Important Tips to pass CA Final Exams. The Pass Percentage in CA Final is very low and most of this can be attributed to lack of proper exam preparation. Students should follow a proper study plan and implement these steps to crack CA Final exams without any further more hard struggles.

I am not a perfectionist. I do not endorse myself as the best. Yet, I am writing all this for a simple reason. Many people have helped me in my life. And I have a sincere feeling from the depth of my heart that I should help others too. I am only trying to help others by sharing my experiences and the lessons I learnt from them.

To those who are reading me, I would emphasize the following points. It is these things that have helped me to secure an All India Rank 16 in CA Final and 43 in CA-IPCC.

How to Pass CA Final Exams ? – 1] Change your attitude towards study – Focus on learning

First and foremost, you need to change your attitude towards education. For that matter, I am not focused only on Chartered Accountancy. I would quote the Bhagvat-Gita.

Our right is to work only, never to its fruits. The fruits of action should not be your motive, and may you not have any attachment to inaction.”

What I really want to say is – you do not deserve any result; you deserve only the education. Nobody deserves an All India Rank; but everybody deserves being able to study! Nobody deserves good marks, but everybody deserves being able to attempt. Nobody deserves fame and spotlight, but everybody deserves a presence!

I have seen a number of people who set strange targets for themselves – I want to get an All India Rank; I want to score 90+ in this subject; I want to beat Mr. X; I want to show something to someone. This is NOT RIGHT. Come on friends, get over it! The only targets you should have are – I want to study! I want knowledge! I want to improve my skill!. CA Final FR Revision Notes  .

The point to capture is – study, because studying is your RIGHT. You have the right to study. It is not your DUTY. The reward is not your concern, only the effort is. Do not waste your time focusing on what the others are getting, or what you are not getting. Focus only on what you’re doing. This is necessary because it reduces unwanted burden and lets you focus on what is important.

So the first tip – FOCUS only on your work. Do not focus on others’ results or comments or anything else.

How to Pass CA Final Exams

How to Pass CA Final Exams

How to Pass CA Final Exams?- 2] Be practical in your approach

Secondly, do not weaken yourself by unnecessary promises and compromises. “I will not eat chocolates until I pass”; “I will not update my FB status until I clear both groups”; “I will propose this girl only if I get this much score…” What are you doing? Is your CA qualification worth only the chocolate or FB or the girl? Are you studying only because you want to eat chocolates?

In my view, when you bind yourselves in these pledges, you weaken yourself. This is because you tend to think about what you’ve given, wherein you’ve not actually done anything. You might say “I was never online for 2 months” – So? Is that what you’re going to write in your exams? The only point I want to convey is – enjoy all the phases of your life. That will keep you comfortable. This will happen only if you take your study as a pleasure. Trick to Remember Section 80 Deductions.

Friends, just think – there are so many people in the world who are willing to give so much for going to a school. There are children who clean people’s shit to earn money for affording the books. You are lucky that you’re getting all that for free. Do not insult it by giving up non-sense stuff like your social life. Education is worth much more – avoid this practice.

Nevertheless, if you feel happy by doing all that, go ahead! Being happy is more important.

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How to Pass CA Final Exams?- 3] Focus on concepts

You need to be conceptual in your approach. There are no (literally, NO) elevators to success. And to those who may devise a smart answer, let me clarify – there are no escalators either. You will have to walk up the stairs – this attempt or next attempt, is your choice! Try to understand the “why” behind everything. Please remember, NOW is the time that you can ask questions. After qualifying, you will have to answer! And believe it or not – only the concepts will help you.

Instead of learning “what” to do, try to learn “why” to do it. This applies to all the subjects. You can do this by referring to some good books where all the concepts are discussed in detail, or by taking help of some good teachers. If you are honest with concepts, you will have the most important tool that you need in your exams – Confidence! When there is a state of mind wherein you know what you’re doing is obviously right, that is when we say you’re confident!

You cannot “appear” confident. You have to “be” confident. What I’m trying to say is that confidence comes only when you are clear with the basics. We’re often driven by some nonsense material claiming to be the shortcut to the exams.

I would especially recommend staying away from banners which claim that – “All the questions in the exam were from our notes!” These kinds of statements only weaken a student’s desire to know more. Why would a student want to actually work hard when he believes that he can get precisely the same questions as in the exam? Remember – your purpose is not to pass the exam, your purpose is to become a good Chartered Accountant.

The real exams begin after you qualify. You will have to face questions that were never answered by anybody. That is what an “expert” means. Promise yourself – even if some top official from the ICAI offers to inform you all the questions in the exam for 2000 bucks – you will refuse! This is because your aim is not to pass the exam; your aim is to become a good CA. If you are honest with your efforts, results shall be positive.

How to Pass CA Final Exams? 4] Don’t start hunting for questions, focus on knowing more

To continue with the above point, stop asking questions like, “Where do they ask the questions from?” I have seen many people asking strange questions. A friend of mine was saying – “why do they release the RTPs when they do not give any questions from it?” There are equally strange comments such as – all the questions are from the study material, or a particular author. Friends, PLEASE avoid this practice.

However strange it may seem, AVOID it. Focus on your aim – I am not trying to pass the exam, I am trying to become a good CA. A good professional does not know the questions – but he knows the answers!

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How to Pass CA Final Exams ? – 5] Have Faith in God

Work Hard. Believe in God and believe that hard work shall always be rewarded. When I was studying for my exams, there were a number of times when I lost my confidence. There were times when I would not be able to answer so many questions and I would contemplate the results. At these points in time, I only remembered the Almighty. And that is what I’m trying to tell you. There are many things that are out of our control. The best we can do is to stop thinking about them! Leave these things to the Almighty.

You only need to work patiently. Every moment counts do not waste your time by pondering over something that is not within your control! Focus on efforts. If there is a pure effort, there will be a divine help. Your job is only to go on!

How to Pass CA Final Exams ?- 6] And most important – Practice by WRITING

Practice all the answers by WRITING. I mean literally writing with a pen and paper. You need to be able to draft the sentences with perfect grammar. How to do it? First, try to write all your answers. In my case, I did not have so much time towards the end that I could write all the answers. So I devised a handsome plan – I began typing the answers. I used to read the questions, and type the answer on the computer. This was comfortable since my typing speed is much faster than my writing speed. And if you do not have the time even to type – I have another suggestion. Just say your answer aloud to yourself in alone. Do not write it, but speak what you will write – word by word. Remember – the ultimate aim is to be able to draft full sentences. Write, type, or speak (in the order of priority).

How to Pass CA Final Exams?- 7] Feel Good

Keep in touch of something that makes you happy – In my case it was music. I used to listen to my favourite songs that keep me happy. In your case – it could be your favorite book, or a TV serial, a soccer match etc. Just do it so that you stay happy and in good mood. Feel positive. Believe me, I am not writing this only to fill up the space – everything matters!

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How to Pass CA Final Exams?- 8] Avoid comparisons

Stop comparisons. Stop looking at the merit-holders and try to copy what they did. Do what best suits you! So if something written above does not suit you, then you can very well adjust it accordingly. Do not look at others. It only saddens us. This is because we look at only those people who are ahead of us, not those who are behind us. If we were to look at people behind us, maybe we could be happy that we’ve achieved something. But then, I suggest avoid comparisons of all forms. Each individual is different. If you feel comfortable giving only one of the groups in one attempt, then don’t get swayed away by a friend who feels comfortable with both groups.

Remember – the perfect person is not the one who has a high potential, it is the one who harnesses the potential to the maximum. The most important thing is to be comfortable. If you are struggling, there is no hurry! Relax…

How to Pass CA Final Exams?- 9] Just Chill… ?

Always remember that it is only an examination. Do not over-emphasise it. Do not have feelings such as “I have responsibilities towards my parents; I have to get through…” NO. This is not the right approach. Such thoughts only weaken you. Everybody has some responsibilities to fulfil. You cannot let them be your weaknesses. Be strong and courageous. I know I may not be the right person to say this since I do not have so much to cope with. But we all can take inspiration from many people who have struggled hard in life, and yet they have been successful.

How to Pass CA Final Exams? 10] Be lucky!

People say luck matters a lot. I agree. I was fortunate to find questions in the exam from topics that I was good at. But this is not in our hands. The best we can do to justify this is to help people. Always offer a helping hand (NOT in the exam hall, though!).

Be honest… and life will be honest with you!

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How to Pass CA Final Exams | Tips From Ranker 

How to Pass CA Final

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