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How to Motivate Your Sales Staff

How to Motivate Your Sales Staff

1. Create a Sales Training Structure: It is a myth that good sales skills cannot be taught. Set up a sales training cell in your organization with a proficient salesperson at the helm. The trainer will be able to share tips, approaches and advice on how to handle certain clients. This learning along with innate persuasive skills will help take your sales staff to the next level.

2. Set Sales Goals: As the business owner you could set sales goals for the quarter or even every six months. This will give your sales team a target which they will strive to meet. Remember to always set targets 25% ahead of your expectations so that your staff will go the extra mile to meet them. Like other skills and projects, sales is also an activity carried out by the individual, therefore it may be useful to allow the sales team themselves to set the targets, either individually or collectively.

3. Give Feedback: As the business owner, it is important that you are aware of how your sales team is functioning. As possibly the first salesperson yourself and as the person who understands your product and USP the best, it is vital that you communicate your inputs and feedback with the sales team. This will allow them to better understand your companies USP and in turn communicate the benefits to consumers and clients increasing their sales figures.

4. Recognition: Recognition is an important driver that motivates sales teams. This could take the form of a more formal, company recognised activity or even a personal pat on the back from you, the business owner. When you or your business takes the time to recognise the efforts of the employees then they will feel like a valued member of the team and that their contribution really matters.

5. Incentivise: You can motivate your sales team through performance incentives that are monetary or non-monetary. Non-monetary benefits could include rewards like more flexible work hours, better parking or a gift. If you are setting up a commission-based monetary system, do remember to keep the following guidelines in mind:

a. Do not complicate your system: Keep it simple and percentage based
b. Easy to understand: Ensure that the rules and if any caps exist, they are disclosed and everyone understands them
c. Remember the contributions of support staff: Do not just incentivize your sales staff as that will create animosity in your workplace, ensure that your other staff, in marketing or logistics, for example also have benefits and incentives so your team functions more fluidly.

How to Motivate Your Sales Staff



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