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Handling Stress of Failure

Hello everyone,

Those who faced failure in their exams tend to be stressful. Facing people becomes more scary part in a day. We all have people who give free suggestions about giving up and very few encouraging you to study hard next time and never give up. Everybody is not lucky enough to be surrounded by such encouraging people, which makes it hard to handle the stress of failure.

Today I will tell you how to handle the stress. It is very easy. All you have to do is follow these ways.

  1. AVOID DISCOURAGING PEOPLE: I know it is not easy to avoid these people with whom you have to converse on daily basis, but you still can avoid these people. Avoiding means not letting them bring the topic about your failure. And don’t let them give their free advice to you.
  2. ACCEPT THE FAILURE: After you successfully avoid your interaction with such people, now you take your own time to accept the failure and get on with it. You failed, so what? You still have another chance. All you have to do is be calm and think about your next move.
  3. DISCUSS WITH POSITIVE PEOPLE: Always try to find positive people when you are in stress. Talking with them and discussing your problem can help you in understanding the next move. Positive people are generally those who faced lot more failures in their life but never decided to give up. Take them as your inspirations and move to your possible opportunities.
  4. BE OPEN TO OPPORTUNITIES: Once you get out of the accepting dilemma, you should consider all the opportunities to know your flaws and mistakes. You should start considering every single way you can get to know how to help yourselves in facing next chance better.
  5. ENSURE YOU KEEP AN EYE ON OTHERS: You must always keep an eye on the competition to ensure you are doing better, never just focus on yourself as then they will stab you in the back. You must keep any eye on them to ensure that you are safe.
  6. ANALYSING YOUR PREVIOUS MISTAKES: Now when you are open to new ideas, take their help and review your own last performance. Analyse each and every thing and mistake. Get familiar with your own mistakes. Once when you know your mistakes, you will tend to make same mistakes less than before.
  7. TAKE HELP IF REQUIRED: Don’t be shy to ask for help and guidance. People may know more than you and they can come and help you easily. If they cant help you, they might suggest you other ways to help. Remember, don’t ask from negative people unless you are strong enough to face criticism.
  8. WORK SMART AND HARD: This time you work hard but smart too. Since you already know your mistakes, this time it will be a little easy for you. Form a nice strategy to prepare and do follow it.

All the best!


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