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Gulbarga University Bcom Syllabus And Subject Compete Details


Gulbarga University Bcom Syllabus And Subject  Compete Details

Gulbarga University Bcom Syllabus  : Gulbarga University Bcom is a public university located in Gulbarga, Karnataka, India. Its jurisdiction extends to the four districts of Gulbarga District, Bidar District, Raichur District, and Yadgir District of Karnataka.

Gulbarga University Bcom Syllabus And Subject  Compete Details

Gulbarga University Bcom Syllabus : Gulbarga University, Karnataka was incorporated in the year 1980. University furnished their students the faculty of Law, Education, Arts, Science & technology, Social science, Commerce & management etc. It is essential for the students to know about the topics about they are going to study. These topics are mentioned in the syllabus in this link click here.

To get all semester complete details of bcom syllabus and subjects visit bcom syllabus and subjects.

You can download complete B.Com Syllabus and subjects semester wise by clicking on the image below

Bcom all semester syllabus and subjects

Gulbarga University Bcom Syllabus And Subject  Compete Details

Gulbarga University Bcom Syllabus  :  Gulbarga University Bachelor of commerce are required to attend 6 semester during three years course of university program. B.Com qualification is one of the most economical, political,legal and global recognised and business developing process. It combined different skills like counting , Economics, Taxation, Business laws Auditing and Assurance, Cost Accounting and Financial Management. In Indian all colleges offers student B.Com degree course, based on their 10+2 marks category and by conducting various entrance all exams for three years syllabus and subject, those are;

Gulbarga University Bcom Syllabus – I

Gulbarga University Bcom First Semester Syllabus and Subjects




1.1English Basic-I—–
1.2Any Indian Language—–
1.3Extra curricular activities—–
1.4Financial Accounting – IIntroduction of Accounting , Accounting System and Principles, Financial Accounting, Accounting from incomplete records, Accounting for consignment transaction, and Joint Venture.
1.5Business EconomicsIntroduction of business economic, Demand function, Product function, Consumption, Theory of costs, Market structures.
1.6Principles of marketingConcept and functions of marketing, Marketing segmentation, Product, Price and Promotion, Marketing and definition of Service and Marketing Research.
1.7Compute Application -IComputer fundamental, Computer Software, Practical, Micro software and MS excel.

Gulbarga University Bcom Syllabus – II

Gulbarga University Bcom Second Semester Syllabus and Subjects




2.1English – II—–
2.2Any Indian Language—–
2.3Extra curricular activities—–
2.4Financial Accounting –  IIDissolution of firm, Sales of Partnership to a limited company, Amalgamation of firm, Departmental accounts and their need subsidiary records, Branch accounts and royalty accounting.
2.5Industrial EconomicsIntroduction of industrial economics, Industrial policy of India, Industrial finance, Industrial productivity, foreign capital, International and technological aspects of industry.
2.6Principles of InsuranceIntroduction of insurance, Types of insurance, Fire insurance, Marian insurance, miscellaneous insurance, Role of private company insurance.
2.7Computer Application –  IIPresentation graphics, Data processing, MS access and Practicals.

Gulbarga University Bcom Syllabus – III

Gulbarga University Third  Semester Syllabus and Subjects

SI/NO Subjects Syllabus

3.1Communication Skills in English . —–
3.2Extra curricular activities.—–
3.3Financial Accounting –  III. Preparation of trading and profit and loss accounts. Profit and loss appropriate accounts. Amalgamation, Absorption, Reconstruction and Purchase consideration of balance sheet. Holding company accounts, Liquidation of company accounts, Human resource accounting and Profit prior to incorporate accounting.
3.4 Business Correspondence and Reporting. Introduction of business, Trade enquiries and Quotation, Complaints and their judgements. Information about  circular letters, Advertisement copy and Market report.
3.5 Banking Theory and Practice. Banker and Consumer, Banker as a borrower, Specials type of customers, Negotiation of cheques, Paying and Collecting banker.
3.6 Small Business ManagementIntroduction of entrepreneurship, Emergence of entrepreneurship, Government policy and measure to words promotion of entrepreneurship. Introduction about project management starting a new venture. Introduction and definition about small scale industry ans Sickens in small scale unit.
3.7 Quantitative Techniques – I Presentation of data, Measures of central tendency, Measures of dispersion, Correlation and regression. Profitability, Random variable and Introduction to SPSS package.

Gulbarga University Bcom Syllabus – IV

                     Gulbarga University Fourth Semester Syllabus and Subjects

SI/NO Subjects


4.1Communication Skills in English  II                                                         —–
4.2Indian Constitution                                                         —–
4.3Environment Studies                                                         —–
4.4Financial Accounting –  IVBanking and company accounts, Insolvency accounts, Insurance Claim accounts, Self balancing ledger, Valuation of good will, shares and assets.
4.5Secretarial PracticeConcepts and definition of company, Company secretory, Documentation of company, Issues of shares and Complete information about meeting.
4.6Indian BankingBanks and economic developments, Structures of commercial bank in India. Nationalisation of banks. Reserve banks of India. State Bank of India. Information about create and debit card.
4.7Quantitative techniques – IITime series analysis, Index number, Demand analysis, Linear programming and Project scheduling.

Gulbarga University Bcom Syllabus – V

                     Gulbarga University Fifth  Semester Syllabus and Subjects

SI/NO Subjects



Taxation Law.

Introduction about Income Tax, Introduction about Income from Salaries, Profits and Gains from Business or Profession,  Income from other sources, clubbing of incomes and Aggregation of incomes. Set off and carry forward of Losses and Deductions to be made in computing total income.

Cost Accounting.

Introduction about Cost Accounting , Costing, cost accountancy and cost centres and profit centres. Difference and similarities of cost accounting system with financial accounting system. Cost, Material Control and fixation of inventory levels, reorder level, Minimum level, Maximum level and  Danger level. EOQ analysis, Methods of Valuing Material Issues and Wastage of material. Labour Cost Control and  Individual plans and group plans. Overheads, Apportionment and Absorption of Overheads . Unit and output costing .

Accounting for Management.

Management Accounting, The Controller, The Treasurer, Management Accounting Principles. Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements. Ratio Analysis, Cash Flow Statement and  Financial planning. Capital Budgeting , appraisal methods and  capital rationing.

Financial Market Operations.

Money Market and National Stock Exchange and over the Counter exchanges. Investors Protection, Functionaries on stock exchanges,Brokers, Sub brokers, Market makers, Jobbers, Portfolio Consultants, Institutional Investors, Depository. Financial Services, Role, Policy measures relating to Development Financial Institution in India.
5.5Entrepreneurship and Small Scale Business.Entrepreneur,Entrepreneurship,Enterprise and Entrepreneurship. Opportunity scouting and The process of setting up a small business. Managerial roles and functions in a small business. Basic awareness of the issues impinging on quality, productivity and environment. Managing business growth and Issues in small business marketing. The idea of consortium marketing and The contemporary perspectives on Infrastructure Development, National, state level and grass-root level financial
5.6Secretarial Practices.Secretary,qualifications and disqualifications and  position and removal of secretary.  Promotion of Company and Secretary transfer and transmission of shares. Company Meeting & Secretary ( Duties of Secretary regarding meetings.Company Secretary and motion and Resolution, voting and proxy.
5.7Statistical Analysis.Data collection and Data preparation process, missing values and outlives. Descriptive statistics and Mean, Median, mode, range, Standard deviation, skewness, kurtosis. Sampling and statistical inference and Testing of Hypothesis with the help of MS Excel. Procedure for hypothesis testing for mean, proportion and variance, limitations of the test of hypothesis. Chi-square test and analysis of variance.
5.8Investment Management.Investment,Investment avenues and alternations, Efficient Market theory or Hypothesis. Technical Analysis, Dow theory, Charting techniques, volume indicators. Fundamental Analysis,Secondary Market ,Stock Exchanges, Online Trading. Trading mechanism in Bombay Stock Exchange. Derivatives, Derivatives in Indian capital market and  Option Contracts.

Gulbarga University Bcom Syllabus – VI

                 Gulbarga University Fifth  Semester Syllabus and Subjects

    SI/NO Subjects


6.1Taxation Law.Rebate & Relief of Tax and Filling and Filing of return. Assessment of Hindu Undivided Families and Assessment of Firms & Association of Persons. Income Tax authorities & their powers , procedure for assessment and  Deduction of Tax at Source , advance payment of tax. Recovery & refund of tax and  appeals & revision, Penalties, offences & prosecutions.
6.2 Cost Accounting.Process Costing  and Treatment of Normal Wastage, Abnormal Wastage. Joint Product and Buy and  Main methods of apportionment of Joint cost. Inter process profits and Contract Costing. Escalation clause and Budgetary control  and Standard Costing . Marginal Costing and Profit planning and  concept of decision. determination of sales mix and  make or buy Decisions.
6.3 Financial Management.Profit maximisation Vs Wealth maximisation. Finance and related disciples. Financial planning and Working Capital Management. Permanent and variable Working Capital. Balanced working position and determinate of working Capital. Issues of working Capital Management. Cost of capital, capitalisation, leverage analysis. Operating, financial and composite leverage. Capital structure theory and policy, Dividend Theory and Policy .
6.4Auditing.Auditing  and  Audit Process and  audit programmer. Audit Procedure and Audit of Public Company. Divisible profits & dividends, Audit Report and Investigation Audit Report. Investigation and Suggested Readings
6.5 Indirect Taxes .Central Excise Act nineteen forty four and Central Excise Duty. Excitability and Manufacture and Classification of excusable goods. General procedure of Central Excise, Central Excise Authorities and their powers. Registration Procedure, Appeals and Settlement, Penalties and Offences and Punishments. Valuation of Goods, Inclusion and Exclusion from excusable.
6.6International Trade.Introduction of  Trade Issues .The Ricardian Theory of Comparative Advantage & The Pure Exchange Model of Trade. The Heckscher-Ohlin Model & Economies of Scale. International Trade: India, Developing and developed countries. Trade Policy Effects with Perfectly Competitive Market.
6.7International Marketing.International Marketing, Domestic Vs International Marketing,Opportunities and Challenges for marketing in International Environment and  Foreign market selection and entry modes. International Distribution and  Basic export procedure and documentation. Product Promotion, challenges in International advertising and media strategy, Web marketing and  Organising trade fairs and exhibitions.
6.8Fundamentals of Operations Research. Introduction bout  Terminology  and  methodology. Leaner program, Transportation problem, Integer programming and solving IP.

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Gulbarga University Bcom Syllabus And Subject Compete Details

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