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Best Preparation of Gulbarga University Bcom Study Tips

Best Preparation of Gulbarga University Bcom Study Tips

Gulbarga University Bcom Study Tips : Gulbarga University was established in 1980 by an Act of Karnataka State. Its jurisdiction extends to the five districts of Gulbarga, Bidar, Raichur, Bellary and Koppal of Hyderabad Karnataka. Earlier it was a post-graduate centre of Karnatak University, Dharwad since 1970. The main campus is situated on a 860 acres of land, 6 kilo meters east of Gulbarga city.

Best Preparation of Gulbarga University Bcom Study Tips

Gulbarga University Bcom Study Tips : Gulbarga University Bachelor of commerce are required to attend 6 semester during three years course of university program. B.Com qualification is one of the most economical, political,legal and global recognised and business developing process. It combined different skills like counting , Economics, Taxation, Business laws Auditing and Assurance, Cost Accounting and Financial Management.

Best Preparation of Gulbarga University Bcom Study Tips

Gulbarga University Bcom Study Tips : The Gulbarga University Bcom Study Tips would be the biggest and most important examination you face at this stage of your life. The result would decide how your future career and life would be. Whether you do well or badly in this examination would change your life permanently for the better or worse. It is better to act responsibly now and grab every opportunity to do well in the examination, rather than repenting the rest of your life for not doing so, as millions of people have been doing.

This article provides the candidates preparing for the Gulbarga University Bcom Examination, with the techniques of preparation, making comprehensive and efficient lists of suggestive important topics on all subjects, that are most relevant to their examination, to improve their performance and achieve Success in the examination.

Gulbarga University Bcom Study Tips

1. Keep up daily. Each assignment in accounting builds on previous assignments. If you do not understand Chapter 1, you will have difficulty in Chapter 2 and may be lost in Chapter 3. As you are reading, jot down points of confusion. Ask these questions in class if they are not clarified.

2. Focus on understanding “why”.

a. This is a technical subject with its own set of rules; however, once you learn the basic rules, accounting is internally logical.

b. Strive to understand why items are handled in a certain way. If you can understand why, there is very little to memorise.

c. Be critical. Ask me to explain the reasons for accounting methods that you do not understand.

3. Work problems to understand “how”

a. You may be able to understand “why”, but you must also be able to work problems to demonstrate your understanding.

b. Before beginning a problem, take a moment and determine how you will set-up the problem. Be neat and orderly and show all of your work. Developing an orderly methodology for solving problems will help you to organise your thoughts and make exam taking less stressful. Additionally, when partial credit is given, you are more likely to receive credit if your work is orderly and easy to follow.

c. I will often provide a list of “extra” problems. If you find that you are having trouble with a particular concept, work the related extra problems for additional practice.

d. Most accounting texts include demonstration problems, self tests and key terms at the end of each chapter. Insure that you are familiar with the key terms presented and use the other review material to help improve your understanding of the chapter contents.

Best Preparation of Gulbarga University Bcom Study Tips

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