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Guidelines to prepare ICWA Final exam

Guidelines to prepare ICWA Final Exam

Preparing for ICWA Final is not an easy task but it isn’t impossible either, with the right attitude and dedicated hard work anyone with an average intelligence can crack this exam.

All you need is the right guidance and ability to work hard and keep your consistency.

Below are few guidelines that you should follow to better your chances at cracking icwa.

  1. The Right mindset: A right mindset is required to excel at almost anything. Most students think ICWA as a tough competitive exam but in reality if prepared the right way it’s easy to crack. All you have to do is believe on your abilities and keep yourself motivated at all times.
  2. Planning well:Nothing big has ever been achieved without a good plan. To crack ICWA you have to have an elaborate plan encompassing your time schedules, syllabus completion and revisions. Creating a good and solid plan and consistently following it will keep things moving smooth and your course won’t pile up. You will save a lot of time as there would be no room for procrastination. First of all, jot down a complete list of syllabus that you have to prepare, rate different topics on the basis of your interest and prior knowledge and start finishing the higher rated topics first.
  1. Preparing thoroughly:A thorough preparation is required to crack ICWA Final. The paper covers eight subjects’ , As the course is wide, a strong preparation is required. To do that the first step would be to gather complete study material, notes etc. Try to get your hands on some sample papers so that you get an overall idea of what comes in paper and how to best answer it for maximum success.
  2. Gather your resources:Often, students are baffled regarding what to study and from where, for a lot of competitive exam including ICWA Final the course is very wide including topics from various subjects. Different students prefer different ways of preparation, while some take the aid of coaching institutes other prepare on their own. The same benefits of regular coaching can also be reaped by joining an online course, joining an online course provides you all the benefits of regular coaching with the added advantages of time saving, 24*7 access to teachers and counselors, digital notes are helpful too.
  1. Revision: Perhaps the second most important thing after preparation in the list, revision is must to ensure that you transform your knowledge into marks in exam. Revision is required after you have completed each topic to transfer all that you have learned to your permanent memory. Take out one day from your week, weekends serve better, for revision of all that you have learned so far. Attempt new problems by using the new knowledge that you have gained in the week to learn effective implementation because this is the only thing that will translate your knowledge into successful clearing of the exam. Learn to implement your knowledge, find ways to make it better!
  2. Preparing for the exam:Overlooked by most students, this crucial step is integral for successful execution of the exam, candidates prepare throughout the year but they don’t practice test papers.



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  1. Hitendra H. Shah says:

    I am 57 year old person. I left CA and ICWA due to my bad condition and also due to negativity. I completed Articleship for CA and I completed Inter ICWA. Now I want to complete both these course. Today I got mail from Directorate of Studies, The Institute of Cost Accountants of India that Practical Training is not required in my case. So now guide me how should I proceed for CA IPCC and Final ICWA. What I have to complete in Training? Kindly guide me in details.

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