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FRM Result Analysis- November 2016 Details

FRM Result Analysis- November 2016 Details

FRM Result Analysis- November 2016 Details:- The FRM is easily the best known and most respected designation for financial risk (in recent years, it has emerged as the gold standard in risk). Certified FRMs are employed by almost every major global bank, government regulator, consulting firm, insurance and financial services institution around the world.



GARP’s platform (anchored in the FRM) expands professional opportunities with a network of some of the most prominent finance and risk professionals. Completing many hours of self-study and mastering the very tough FRM exam signals a visible commitment to the risk management profession.

Certified FRMs demonstrate fluency in core quantitative domains including statistics, valuation, time series, and risk modeling. Certified FRMs have studied the emergent approach to risk as a holistic, interdisciplinary approach that is the forward-looking goal of many organisations. As the art and science of financial risk evolves, the FRM designation indicates proficiency in dynamic evolution and interplay of market, credit and operational risk.

Because all Certified FRMs are expected to adhere to articulated ethical principles, the FRM designation signals an additional commitment to professional integrity. In the wake of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), many financial services firms have elevated non-compliance risk management as an essential competency that needs to be formalizes and prioritised.

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FRM Result Analysis

Passing scores are determined by the FRM Committee and exam results are sent by email around six weeks after the exam. It is important to know that:

• There are no penalties for wrong answers.

• Candidate can take Part I &II the same day, however their Part II Exam will not be graded unless they first pass Part I.

Exam results are pass/fail. In 2016, the FRM Exam was conducted on May 21, 2016 and November 19, 2016.


The grading system for FRM exam is based on percentiles.

If you are in the top 25% of students, you get grade 1.

If you are in top 25% to 50% students, you get Grade 2, and so on.

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FRM Result Analysis

The following table provides the historical pass rates for FRM exam.

YearFRM Part I ExamFRM Part II Exam

Looking at the past 5 years (2010-2014) and 10 exams, the FRM Part I Exam had the pass percentage in the range of 39% to 54%, with an average passing rate of 47%. Average passing rate for the May examination was 48%.Average passing rate for the November examination was 46%.

Again considering the performance of past 5 years (2010-2014) and 10 exams the FRM Part II Exam had the pass percentage in the range of 54% to 59%, with an average passing rate of 58%. Average passing rate for the May examination was 58%. Average passing rate for the November examination was 57%.

Career changers–e. g., those previously working in non-risk roles–often become FRM candidates in order to broaden their opportunities as the FRM continues to grow rapidly in recognition. This increasingly includes opportunities outside financial services. Students with an academic background may appreciate that the FRM exam is informed by a realistic orientation. The FRM exam is practitioner-driven and aims to demonstrate an ability to master complex and real-world challenges.

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